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Anal Sex

  • No matter how many times Damien Nichols comes back for Film Week, he looks nervous before every scene.  He admitted that he is actually-genuinely nervous, Every time!  Charlie Maddoxx is still in his First Timers Film Week, and nervous as well.

    These two gay for pay boys know that it’s all about the money though, so they give it their all for You.  Damien is trying Extra Hard for You!  If you follow us on twitter, you’ll see some hilarious behind the scenes footage of him.

    Damien gets to work on Charlie’s big man meat, and making sure to keep it extra slobbery for you.  After trading blowjobs like any good bro would, Damien puts his large jock bod legs in the air.  Once Damien loosens up, Charlie goes to pound town for one hot barebacking scene!  See the Video Here!!

  • Big Dick Ben (maybe an understatement) has really grown into quite the remarkable performer.  A genuine straight hunk who grew curious for cash thanks to his girlfriend using a strapon on him.  He’s all smiles each and every time as the camera starts rolling!  Your newb ginger Liam tried not to smile, because of his braces.. (Awww!) But Ben’s smile is TOO Infectious for anyone to resist, including us behind the scenes!

    Big Dick Ben Dover Bends Over Liam!

    If word hadn’t got out already, and being that Liam is one of our first timers, we made sure to give him ample warning that Ben has one of the biggest dicks he’ll ever see!  Let alone, TAKE!   Liam was was pro and ready for you to see him take on that Buck Dick Challenge!

  • Busting JordanMarch 12th, 2018
    Jordan Hart and Shawn Andrews

    Jordan Hart and Shawn Andrews

    We’ve got another guy making his way back to BSB after a short break, Shawn Andrews took a little break from BSB to work and travel but now he’s here and ready to break in newbie, Jordan Hart. Shawn eases Jordan into it with some gentle kissing as he eases Jordan out of his clothes. Once both boys are naked, Jordan gives Shawn a blowjob, getting a taste of Shawn’s thick meat. The boys switch places and Jordan gets to experience some cock sucking from one of our best before being bent over for rimming. He spits, licks, and tongues Jordan’s hole and then takes a minute to suck his dick before going back for seconds of that sweet ass.

    Now that Jordan’s ass is slippery wet, Shawn slides his throbbing dick inside. He takes it slow at first then picks up the pace as Jordan’s hole stretches. Shawn fucks that boy pussy him bareback, filling Jordan up with every inch of his hard dick as he fucks him harder and faster, making Jordan moan as Shawn’s balls slap against his ass. Jordan grabs his own cock and plays with it, stroking it hard as Shawn gives it to him and makes him cum then pulls out to bust his own nut all over Jordan!

    Jordan Hart and Shawn Andrews

  • Jason is baaaaack!  And still looking hunky with that beefy boy bod!  With this return, he gives up the cookies to newbie, and one of your new favorites, Landon Wells.

    Jason Sterling Landon Wells

    Landon is already still pretty shy, but he’s also a very laid back dude, and Jason is a vet, so he is in tune with that chill vibe.  But that’s not what we want, is it?!!  So they start with the kissing game.  Then Mr. Sterling makes his way to that big Landon slab of meat, working his magic.  Once they’re both rock hard, Jason assumes the position, doggy style, putting that beautiful beefy ass in the air.  A sight to behold in itself!

    It’s been a while, so we had to let Jason get use to taking a mans dick again.  But soon enough, he’s relaxed, and taking it like the pro he is. He even bounces that mound of an ass on Landon, riding him.  I’m sure you’ve missed that view!  Jason lets Landon have his way with him, like a good Broke Straight Boy, till both erupt with some Very hot cum shots!!  We’ll never get tired of watching those boys sweat from every crevice!  Check out the video for every cranny and nook of All Man Action!

    And be sure to follow us on twitter for EXCLUSIVE Filming Week Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peeks!  @BrokeStr8Boys

  • Ryan Fields ReturnsMarch 5th, 2018
    Ryan Fields and Liam Andrews

    Ryan Fields and Liam Andrews

    Heeeeeyyyy Ryan! Ryan Fields hasn’t been around for spell but he’s finally back and ready to put in some work. He’ll be working with newbie Liam Andrews who is eager to learn a thing or two from the very experienced Ryan!  When we set them loose on each other they get right to it, kissing and groping. Liam looses those pants and Ryan gets on knees, sucking that dick like he missed it.  He stands up and lets Liam give oral a try next as he licks and sucks Ryan’s shaft and then accepts Ryan’s invitation to rim his hole. Liam eats ass as like its pussy (note to all you gents out there, THAT’S HOW ITS DONE!) Liam gets into that ass, running his wet tongue across Ryan’s sensitive hole and damn near making out with it.

    They begin to fuck and Liam gets deep in Ryan’s ass. He starts with some shallow thrusts but soon begins to pound him harder and raw. Ryan moans as that bubbly ass of his bounces in response.  Liam turns Ryan onto his back and pounds him some more, dominating that hole as he slams into Ryan’s sore ass, pulling him to the edge of the bed to fuck him even harder.  As Liam gets deeper, wrapping his hand around Ryan’s throat, Ryan pulls on his own dick until he shoots his load and then helps Liam cum next!

    Ryan Fields and Liam Andrews

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