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Anal Sex

  • Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

    Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

    Brody is about to get his ass broken in, for real. Dakota gotten to really fuck anyone in a while so he’s in for a treat because this is only Brody’s second time bottoming. Dakota, as you all know, is the resident bottom so I hope he takes some time to teach Brody and thing or two.

    Brody finds Dakota sunbathing with nothing on but some shorts. Hungry for cock, he quickly pulls Dakota’s shorts down making his dick flop out. Brody pops it in his mouth and starts to blow him like a meat obsessed whore. He licks the shaft up and down getting it nice and moist. Dakota tells him to take his clothes off and he obeys. Once Dakota’s cock is nice and slick he switches places with Brody and lubes his dick up. Dakota shows no mercy; he busts through Brody’s barely uses ass with his huge prick showing no hesitation. “Oh fuck”, Brody yells in pain as Dakota begins to pound away. Brody’s legs are held straight up in the air, giving Dakota the ability to get every inch of his boy bat into Brody’s body.

    He flips Brody over and bangs him out form the back. The look on Brody’s face is one of pain and sheer delight. It’s a face all good tops are familiar with. Dakota sits on a rock and Brody slides right back on his pole. Dakota jacks Brody’s cock form behind as Brody continues to grind and swerve all over his cock. He’s doing such a good job that even Dakota has to admit that he’s “all over that dick”. Dakota bends him over once more and tastes his sweet hole before shoving his cock back inside. Brody holds onto a gate, bracing himself against Dakota’s rough thrusts. Unable to hold out any longer; Brody cums while Dakota is still inside of him. Dakota pulls out and dumps his load right on Brody’s ass.

    Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

  • Trade OffDecember 11th, 2014
    Zak Parker and Tyler Whit

    Zak Parker and Tyler White

    The time has come for Zak to bottom, finally! We’ve seen that hole up on the air while fucking other boys, but today we’ll finally get to see him get violated. Tyler White will be doing the honors and also offering up his own ass in return.

    As soon as they get on the couch, Tyler practically attacks Zak, kissing him and snatching his clothes of. Once all those pesky clothes are out of the way Tyler wraps his lips around Zak’s thick cock. Zak’s eyes roll deep into the back of his head as Tyler gets his dick dripping wet with saliva. Once he’s satisfied, Zak bends down into Tyler’s lap and puts his mouth to good use. “Oh shit!” Tyler moans while Zak munches on his cock lustfully. Tyler takes over and begins to gently fuck his mouth.

    They quickly make their way over to the bed. Zak pushes his prick right inside with very little hesitation. Zak takes it like a pro, showing barely any pain! He calmly jacks his dick while Tyler set about pummeling his man pussy. Tyler moans loudly as his balls slap against Zak’s freshly de-virginized ass. Soon, Zak is flipped over and fucked hard from the back. I know it’s his first time but Zak takes dick like a veteran.

    Speaking of taking dick like a veteran: Tyler pulls out of Zak’s ass and bends over to offer his hole. Zak accepts and squeezes his cock inside. He grips Tyler by the hips and continuously bangs into him, battering his insides. After a nice hard fuck the boys sit down on the couch to release their thick hot loads.

     Zak Parker and Tyler White

  • Fuck Them, Get MoneyDecember 10th, 2014
    Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

    Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

    Our new boy, Zak Parker will be taking on SB;s resident bottom, Dakota Ford. Dakota is looking forward to being in a scene with someone that hasn’t been in the industry that long. I guess he likes that new car smell. Don’t we all?

    The studs start off on the couch just shooting the breeze. Dakota finds out that Zak is a little shy so he decides to take the initiative and lays some lip action on Dakota. The boys quickly lose their clothes and Dakota stuffs his gums with Zak’s hot prick. Zak is fully aroused within seconds. He caresses Dakota’s head, encouraging him to keep going. Dakota needs little encouragement, even as a straight boy he’s gotten used to sucking dick. Dakota lies back on the couch where Zak fucks his mouth and throat. Dakota jacks off fervently while getting face pounded. They get into the 69 position; allowing us to not only get to see their head skills but a peek at Zak’s tight hole. Just the sight of that hot hole has me drooling.

    Zak pops up and quickly packs his beef into Dakota’s waiting ass. He has Dakota moaning form pleasure almost instantaneously. Zak lifts Dakota’s legs so that he can get every inch of his dick inside. Dakota tries to cover his mouth to muffle his moans, but the pleasure is just too much and they come through regardless. Dakota, takes control by riding Zak’s wood. He reaches back and spreads his cheeks apart while bouncing up and down. He twists around, into reverse cowboy to better grind that rod into dust! When it’s all said and done Dakota spews cum all over the floor and Zak aims his load perfectly onto Dakota’s scruffy ass.

    Zak Parker and Dakota Ford Raw

  • Simply ManhandledDecember 8th, 2014
    Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

    Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

    How is it that Vadim and Ian haven’t been paired together before? These two are so fucking hot that I can’t afford to waste any time on an intro. Let’s do this.

    The boys embrace and begin kissing softly while peeling each other’s shirts off. While continuing to kiss, Ian’s hand explores Vadim’s chiseled body. The boys get completely naked and assume the 69 position in order to taste each other’s hardening cocks. They swivel and bob their heads on each other’s dicks, until they are both fully erect.

    Ian pulls Vadim to the edge of the bed and slowly pushes his dick inside. He gets every inch inside and gives Vadim a moment to get used to it before really puts his cock to work. Ian hold Vadim’s’ legs apart while plunging his ass with that thick dick of his. He stops momentarily to kiss Vadim more. Unable to decide between slowing down and kissing those luscious lips or continuing to fuck that tight ass; Ian pulls Vadim even closer so that he can do both. He then picks Vadim completely off of the bed and fucks him while Vadim holds on tightly. Vadim moans and groans while being manhandled by Ian. Ina gets his fuck boy back on the bed and continues to stroke his hole deeply. Once on all fours, Vadim opens up nicely and allows Ian to really batter that booty. Ian does a very good job of walking the line between love making and fucking; that takes skill folds. His skill and ability as a top are written all over Vadim’s lusty face, and evident in his sultry panting. Ian shuts him up briefly by tying up his tongue with his own. These two are so into each other that when the cum there’s boy batter everywhere; all over Vadim’s back, ass, and abs.

    Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

  • Three course mealDecember 7th, 2014
    Tyler, Brody, Vadim 3 Way

    Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 Way

    Yum! Tyler White, Brody Lasko, and Vadim Black, altogether in one room?! These are arguable the three hottest guys BSB has to offer and they’re set to give each other the business.

    The boys, sides by side on the bed, begin kissing and fondling one another. Vadim attacks Tyler and pulls his pants off while Tyler and Vadim suck face. Soon, Vadim and Brody are taking turns sucking Tyler’s thick cock. Tyler has the pleasure of having one hot guy devour his dick while another toys with his nipples. Tyler can’t help but to moan loudly as these two boys compete for his affection with their tongues and lips. Ready to return the favor, Tyler bends over and sucks on Brody’s cock while Vadim continues to play with his. Tyler switches and begins to gobble on Vadim’s meat.

    After some steamy foreplay, Brody gets bent over the bed and Tyler all but shoves his cock in his as. If Brody has an objection we won’t’ be able to hear it because Vadim already has his meat rod in his mouth. Tyler fucks Brody hard but not hard enough to distract him from giving Vadim some awesome head action. Eager to feel Brody’s insides, Vadim drags him to the edge of the bed and takes over fucking. Tyler stands on top of the bed and stuffs his cock in Vadim’s mouth before tea bagging Brody.

    Brody won’t be the only one getting fucked. Vadim lays Tyler down and sits right on his cock and begins to use it as his personal toy. He rides hard while Brody sucks Tyler’s dick. After taking as much wood as he can, Vadim lays down and lets his two partners rain cum down on him. HOT!

     Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 way

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