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Anal Sex

  • Kaden’s FirstNovember 24th, 2015
    Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

    Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

    Kaden is ready to take the next step. He’s jacked his dick for all of us to see and know we’ve got him all set to get down and dirty with Gage Owens. There’s no need for discussion or instruction, he’s in very good hands.

    Gage kicks things off by locking lips with Kaden, who is a damn good kisser. Gage comments on his skills as the boys undress. Gage then finds his way down to Kaden’s cock and shows him what it’s like to get blown by a guy. Kaden obviously likes but he’s not quite ready for what comes next; Gage tells him that it’s his turn to taste dick. Kaden agrees, but only if Gage blows him more. Gage does so with enthusiasm, deep throating Kaden’s pink beast. When it’s Kaden’s turn he starts off timidly by licking the head and the shaft. Gage instructs him to cup the balls as he sucks cock. Kaden’s a good student. He not only follows his instructions but somehow takes the entire dick down his throat! The kid is a natural.

    Pleased with his student’s oral skills, Gage offers Kaden some wet ass. Kaden immediately forces his cock inside and ravage’s Gage’s hole. This boy doesn’t mess around and doesn’t care if Gage is ready or not. He wants to fuck. Even when Gage opts on ride it Kaden takes control by grabbing his hips and pounds him from below. Watch how Kaden fucks the cum right out of Gage.

    Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

  • Tied and Lubed UpNovember 23rd, 2015
    Devon Felix Fucks Jaxon Ryder Bareback

    Devon Felix Fucks Jaxon Ryder Bareback

    These two are secretly freaks and today we’ll have the pleasure of getting to see them in action. They waste no time. They quickly strip and Jaxon forces his cock into Devon’s mouth. Jaxon face fucks him until Devon takes over and feverishly sucks Jaxon’s dick like he’s been craving it. Jaxon doesn’t want Devon to feel cheated so he bends down and sucks Devon’s big wood as Devon continues to work on his.

    Devon pushes Jaxon on his side and inserts his raw cock in his ass. He doesn’t let Jaxon warm up to it, he just starts pounding away. Devon holds Jaxon leg in the air allowing his dick to dig deep down in Jaxon’s guts. The pummeling doesn’t stop until Devon has moment of inspiration. He jumps up, rips his shirt, and uses the strips to tie Jaxon to the head board. Devon delivers a hard smack on Jaxon’s tush, letting him know that he’s in full control before pushing his thick cock right back inside. Jaxon holds on the the headboard and braces himself against each thrust so his head doesn’t bang into the wall! You’ll have to just watch to see if Jaxon survives this kinky experience.

    Devon Felix Fucks Jaxon Ryder Raw

  • You’ve Been WarnedNovember 22nd, 2015
    Brice Jones Fucks Chandler Scott Bareback

    Brice Jones Fucks Chandler Scott Bareback

    Brice is a good top. He’s the kind of guy that will warn you about the weapon of mass destruction hiding in his pants before whipping it out and shoving it in your ass. Chandler doesn’t seem to fazed by the warning, in fact he grins in excited anticipation. Brice admits to him that he hasn’t kissed a guy but is willing. Chandler lends in to fulfill his request and the two enjoy a passionate make out session.

    The boys remove their clothes, revealing their beautiful bodies: Brice is nicely ripped while Chandler is toned and slightly hairy (woof). Chandler gets on his knees and takes Brice’s cock into his mouth. As it hardens it stretches Chandler’s mouth further and further. Chandler looks up to Brice with his baby blue eyes to make sure that Brice is enjoying himself. With Brice dick fully erect, he has to use both his hand and his mouth to handle it.

    Back on the bed, Brice gets Chandler on his side where he slowly pushes his stiff wood into his tight little hole. Chandler breathes deeply as his ass is stretched. Brice plunges in deeply. He wants every bit of his raw uncut dick in Chandler’s guts. Chandler takes it with no complaints, he’s a real bottom and embraces the challenge of a fat cock. He continues to take it once Brice has him on his back with his legs spread wide. Brice makes him take it in a few different positions, my favorite is from the back it allows me to see Chandler’s ass just bounce with every thrust. Watch and get your rocks off with these two studs!

    Brice Jones And Chandler Scott Raw

  • Shy Guys?November 20th, 2015

    We’ve got two of the hottest guys in the BSB crew and they’re finally going to hook up. I”m shocked to discover that off camera Gage is far less “reserved”. Now I’ve never though of Gage as shy at all, but I’d love to see how outlandish he can get. Tanner, who has been gotten broken in quite nicely, will be his screen partner. He is admittedly a bit nervous in front of the camera. Maybe these two can help bring each other’s true selves out.

    There’s instant chemistry. These two cannot contain their attraction to each other. They kiss passionately as there clothes come off. Gage kisses all over Tanner’s neck and chest before being rolled onto his back. Tanner distracts Gage with some gentle kisses of his own as his hand sneaks into his shorts. Once Gage’s thick meat is out Tanner gets right to sucking it. Gage doesn’t let him have it for long though; he’s too hungry for cock himself. Tanner has a lot of cock to feast on as Gage soon finds out. He stuffs every bit of the shaft in his mouth and even allows Tanner to face fuck him for a while.

    When they’re done sucking each other off, Gage lubes up Tanner’s dick. He slowly backs up on it and by the look of his face he’s surprised by how far his ass has to stretch to accommodate all of it. Tanner begins to bang his man box out mercilessly. Gage has to bend over completely to brace himself for the blows. Gage then talks Tanner into taking some dick himself and has him sit on top of him and ride it. Tanner slides on it slowly, trying to allow his tight hole to adjust. Gage can’t help himself though, he starts to fuck him from below. The ass must be good because Gage doesn’t last long. He quickly pulls out and cuts all over his chest. There’s only one problem, Tanner hasn’t nutted yet. He takes advantage and squeezes his cock back into Gage’s booty and pummels his insides until he’s squirting cum all over the boy’s gaping hole!

    Tanner Valentino and Gage Owens

  • Vadim Black Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

    Vadim Black Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

    There’s no such thing as a stranger at BSB. One minute you could be shaking someone’s hand for the first time and then sucking their dick the next. This is a phenomenon that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. Vadim and Jason just met and are all set to get to know each other, biblically.

    After pecking away at each other’s lips and necks, the boys begin to peel off their clothes. Jason strips down to his boxer briefs and stands in front of Vadim. Vadim licks at Jason’s dick print through the briefs before sliding them down and getting a taste of the real thing. He swivels his head as he takes Jason’s shaft deep into his mouth. Jason veiny cock gets rock hard as Vadim works on it. Jason goes down on Vadim but doesn’t get to stay there long as Vadim instructs him to get into the 69 position where they feast on each other’s member.

    Vadim preps Jason ass for fucking by gently fingering before sliding his cock in deep. He gets right to pounding. Vadim talks shit and smacks Jason’s boy cunt as fucks him, he’s in complete control. Jason’s face is bright red from the discomfort of having his hole filled and bullied. He gets some relief when Vadim allows him to get on top. There’s only one problem, Vadim had no intention of relinquishing total control. He batters Jason’s sweet man hole from below as Jason holds on for dear life. Vadim abuses Jason until he’s covered from head to toe in their cum.

    Vadim Black and Jason Sterling Raw

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