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Anal Sex

  • Hello Doc!April 25th, 2015
    Cage Kafig and Ronan Kennedy Raw

    Cage Kafig and Ronan Kennedy Raw

    So Ronan wants to be a gynecologist? Anything to look at pussy all day LOL!  I guess he’s using BSB to pay for med school. He’s going to have to really earn that tuition as he’ll have to have Cage’s big cock up his ass. Let’s get started.

    Cage, bends down into Ronan’s lap and begins to suck on his dick. Once Ronan’s cock is hard and wet with saliva he returns the favor, putting every inch of Cage’s big dick into his mouth. Cage moans loudly as Ronan works on his cock with his mouth. Once his wood is nice and stiff, Cage bends Ronan over the bed and inserts his cock right into that hairy hole. Cage starts off slow as Ronan’s hole is tight, he’s not used to being the “bottom bitch”. But once he’s loosened up, Cage pounds away. Ronan turns bright red and he braces himself for each of Cage’s thrusts.

    Ronan lies on his stomach, giving Cage and better angle to get every inch of his meat inside his warm hole. Man, I love the way Cage fucks ass likes its pussy; there aren’t many tops on this site that do it better. Cage lays into that hole, hitting every bit of Ronan’s insides. Once Ronan is on his back, Cage man handles him, lifting Ronan’s leg into the air and having his way with him until he pulls out and squirts his man milk on his ass. Ronan quickly follows suit and cums; sending a thick load all over his chest.

    Cage Kafig and Ronan Kennedy Raw

  • Plowing FieldsApril 24th, 2015
    Ronan Kennedy and Ryan Fields Raw

    Ronan Kennedy and Ryan Fields Raw

    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Ryan and Ronan. They’re back and prepared to give us exactly what we’ve been missing.

    The boys start off by discussing their celebrity crushes…Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Love Hewitt. I’m…I’m going to leave that there. Sha feels just like I do and decides to just have the boys undress instead of investigating any further. Ronan rips his shirt off which certainly impresses Ryan. Both boys get into the 69 position and begin to suck each other’s hardening cocks. Once Ronan’s meat is on brick he lifts Ryan’s leg and pushes it right in his tight little hole. Either the dick is too big and is hurting Ryan or Ryan is loving every inch of that sausage packed in his ass; either way, the kid’s moaning is to die for.

    Ronan flips Ryan over and begins to bang that boy booty from the back. Ryan’s face gets redder and redder with every raw stroke that Ronan delivers to his backside. Ryan hasn’t had dick in him in a while but Ronan doesn’t seem to care. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he moans while battering Ryan’s hole. He gets Ryan onto his back and pounds him until Ryan is squirting cum all over his chest. Ronan scoops it up and makes Ryan eat it before continuing to fuck his ass. Ronan has no regard for poor Ryan’s feelings, he just continues to stroke away until he finally pulls out and blasts a creamy load onto Ryan’s hole. He sticks his prick back in and fucks the load into him. How hot.

    Ronan Kennedy and Ryan Fields Raw

  • Breaking BarriersApril 20th, 2015


    Brice Jones And Drake Tyler

    Brice Jones And Drake Tyler

    Drake Tyler has been with dudes before, so he’s a little more experienced than his partner Brice Jones, who has barely done an oral scene…but as they say, practice makes perfect!  Brice won’t take the bait to have a cock up his ass this scene, but we promises to do something else instead, and they get started with some cock-sucking.  Drake gets down on his knees and sucks Brice’s dick, massaging his balls gently as he tugs on that thick cock with his mouth, they lose their clothes at some point then end up on the bed, Drake struggling to deepthroat Brice’s monster cock.

    He gives his mouth a break and works Brice’s dick with his hands, then mouth again until he’s hard and ready to fuck…and Drake takes his place at the end of the bed, ass up and ready to receive Brice’s prick.  Brice takes it slow, entering Drake cautiously, unsure of the new experience, but when he feels that tight grip on his cock he can’t help but up the tempo and start fucking like he means it!

    He makes Drake’s ass bounce as he rams into him, and Drake’s face clenches in pain as he relaxes himself to make it easier to take that dick.  These two studs try a couple more positions, but Drake’s ass can’t take much more so Brice pulls out and strokes one out right above Drake’s ass, then he cums next…we can bet he’s not going to be able to sit down for a couple days!

    Watch Brice Jones and Drake Tyler here!

  • Cage Kafig And Tyler White Flip Fuck Raw

    Cage Kafig And Tyler White Flip Fuck Raw

    It’s no secret that Tyler White hates bottoming, but it’s only fair that he takes it sometimes instead of always giving, so he and Cage Kafig have worked out a solution to the problem: do a flip scene.  With Tyler resigned to his fate, they get started with some oral and Cage tackles Tyler’s massive cock first, struggling to suck that dick as it gets bigger and harder.

    Then Tyler goes down on Cage, slurping and sucking that cock until he’s ready to fuck, then he pulls that cock out of his mouth and puts his dick into Cage’s ass.  He takes it nice and slow, letting Cage’s hole stretch a little before he starts thrusting into him harder and faster, but when Cage’s ass can’t take anymore, he sucks him off a little before bending over and preparing to bottom.

    Cage dives right into that ass, fucking Tyler raw and hard enough to make his ass bounce with each thrust and Tyler takes that dick like a champ while Cage slams into him.  The flip again and Tyler tops Cage, holding one hand around his neck and his legs in place with the other hand as he rams him then pulls out and shoots his load all over Tyler’s sore ass and makes Tyler cum on himself!

    Check Out Cage Kafig and Tyler White barebacking here!

  • Cage Kafig And David Hardy

    Cage Kafig And David Hardy

    Cage Kafig has clearly been working out, and we get to admire his buff new body as David Hardy strips him down, then Cage puts his dick right in David’s face and makes him suck it.  David pulls on that cock with his lips, working it until it’s erect and ready for fucking, and then David gets some oral from Cage, getting hard in a matter of seconds with Cage’s expert mouth on his dick.

    Cage gets head again from David and then they 69 before they finish with the foreplay and move on to the main event…some serious ass-pounding action! Cage gets David on the bed, doggy style, and slides his cock right into that tight ass, holding David down as he fucks him hard, slamming his hard dick so hard into David that his ass bounces with each pump.

    He dominates David’s ass, then decides to give him a break and let him take over and David climbs on top of Cage and rides that big cock while Cage enjoys the view from behind. David kisses Cage’s feet as he gets fucked, his own prick bouncing up and down until they change positions and David spreads his legs open for Cage.  While Cage is buried inside his ass, David pumps his dick until he cums, then Cage pulls out, holds David’s head down and shoots his load all over his face!

    Watch this kinky scene right here!

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