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  • You know we’ve been waiting to release this hot update for you!  Benjamin Dover, Damien Nichols, and Chris Taylor!  Three of your member favorites, and big fat daddy dicks to boot!

    You will not want to waist time reading here for this Must See scene!  The boys definitely put on a show for you unlike any of their other videos.  They even give straight boy gone gay double penetration a shot for you!!  Be sure to also check out the twitter page for hot behind the scenes on this trio scene.

    And by the way, hands down the most Explosive finish filmed to date, as ALL THREE boys shoot humongous loads of jizz Everywhere!  HERE’S the MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

  • Buddy Wild Richie WestApril 30th, 2018

    The new ebony adonis, and the new redhead boy toy!  Opposites have been attracting at BSB lately!

    “Buddy rims Richie’s hole and sticks a finger up his ass, sucking Richie’s cock while he fingers that tight ring of muscle…Richie lowers his ass onto Buddy’s eager dick, sinking his taut hole over Buddy’s cock and taking him to the root before Buddy starts fucking him hard.”  Here’s the Video!

  • Brandon Evans gets his hole drilled by Jos Alvarez raw!

    After foreplay that leaves Jos’ cock throbbing, Brandon mounts his dick like the pro he is and the two put on a show for you!  Checkout the video here!

  • Only The BestFebruary 17th, 2018
    Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington

    Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington

    Jared Marzdon is back and is ready to get some ass from one of BSB’s best bottoms, Zach Covington. The boys get right to business, kissing hard before the cameras even start rolling. After making out and quickly ditching their clothes, Jared goes down on Zach before rimming his tight little hole and licking his taint as he works his way up to that cock.  They 69 so that each guy can suck and get sucked at the same time. Zach turns around to rub his cock on Jared and make out a little more before letting his tight ass slip onto Jared’s waiting dick.

    Zach rides him slow, at first. But once his hole has adjusted he picks up the pace, rocking his hips back and forward of that hard cock. Jared moves Zach forward, pushing his dick deeper into that little hole and fucking him some more as his balls slap against Zach’s ass.  After enduring a good pounding, Jared gives Zach a break and eats his ass a little before filling that hole up with his cock again and fucking him raw.  Zach yanks on his own meat, pulling on his cock hard while Jared drives his dick into him and wraps his hands around Zach’s neck until he makes him cum hard and busts a huge nut of his own!

    Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington

  • Hunter Lopez and Jos Alvarez

    Hunter Lopez and Jos Alvarez

    Today we have a couple of boys we haven’t seen in a while, Hunter Lopez and Jos Alvarez are back and ready to show us what they’ve got. They get going with a hot make out.  Jos loses his pants first and Hunter takes the hint, he goes down on him as he takes that sweet cock down to the hilt. He gets Jos nice and hard and before kneeling on the bed so that Jos can get a turn to deliver Hunter some oral. Jos deep throats Hunter’s dick. He abuses his tongue by slapping Hunter’s meat against his tongue and kissing Hunter’s abs as he goes back in for another taste of Hunter’s hard cock.

    Hunter forcefully bends Jos over and pushes his fat cock into his almost perfect ass. Jos takes it like a champ as Hunter gets deeper and deeper and begins to fuck harder and harder. If Jos’ moans are any indication, he’s enjoying the feeling of Hunter driving his hard shaft into Jos’s tight hole, holding his hands behind Jos’s back as he fucks him deeper.  Jos turns onto his back and lets Hunter continue to use his hot boy pussy! Jos bends over the bed and strokes his member while Hunter pounds him from behind until Jos cums all over and then Hunter pulls out and shoots his load onto Jos’s sweet ass!

    Hunter Lopez and Jos Alvarez

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