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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • A Dish Served ColdMay 31st, 2017
    Romeo's Hard Prick In Ryan's Ass

    Romeo’s Hard Prick In Ryan’s Ass

    Romeo James is finally back after a three year break. He won’t say where he’s been, only that he’s been working. What’s clear though is that he still remembers the pounding Ryan gave him years ago and he wouldn’t mind a little revenge! Ryan does seem to mind to much as the boys loose their clothes and Romeo goes down on him. He sucks his dick for a while before benign him over and licking his ass and sucking him from the back. Ryan gives him some oral too, filling his mouth with Romeo’s sweet dick as these guys take turns sucking each other off until those big cocks are erect.

    Ryan gets on all fours and spreads that ass, letting Romeo give him another rimjob before taking Romeo sticks his thick meat in his tight hole.  Ryan’s juicy asses wobbles as Romeo begins to plow into him. Rome’s bareback member slings in and out of Ryan’s hole as he fucks him hard, forcing Ryan to moan for more of that amazing dick.  Romeo flips Ryan onto his back and continues his deep pounding. I’ve missed the way Romeo passionately destroys rectums! He pounds Ryan hard and in multiple positions until he finally cums all over Ryan.

    Romeo’s Hard Prick In Ryan’s Ass

  • PregamingMay 30th, 2017
    Dillon Fucks Preston's Little Ass

    Dillon Fucks Preston’s Little Ass

    Dillon Anderson has a very hot body, something that Preston has taken notice of. After Preston teases that he’s going to dominate at laser tag tonight, Dillon’s ears perk up. I’m sure he’s wondering what else Dillon can dominate! Ready to find out, Preston leans in for a kiss and is met halfway by Dillon. The boys make out before Preston bends down into Dillon’s lap. Dillon frees his hard on from his pants and Preston damn near swallows the entire thing whole, almost choking on it. The boys loose their clothes and briefly 69 before Dillon pulls Preston’s ass to his face in order to rim him while Preston continues to suck Dillon’s dick.

    Preston bends over the bed and offers Dillon his ass and Dillon doesn’t hesitate to push his bareback cock inside of it. Dillon fucks him deep, showing Preston that he can indeed dominate whatever he wants. Preston takes each thrust like a pro before taking over and riding Dillon’s cock. Preston’s cock drums freely on Dillon’s abs as his hips rock back and forth on Preston’s crotch. These boys go at it for a while before they both finally unleashes large loads!

    Dillon Fucks Preston’s Little Ass

  • Polishing SteelMay 29th, 2017
    Brenden Steel Fucks John Henry Doggy Style

    Brenden Steel Fucks John Henry Doggy Style

    Brenden Steel is making his early rounds at BSB and is next stop is with John Henry. John isn’t going to let him off the hook easily today. He wants Brenden to fill him up and he knows exactly what to do in order to get him excited. The boys make out before John begins to run his tongue across Brenden’s chest and muscular arms. His hand cradles Brenden’s crotch as his mouth works on his nipples.  John pulls Brenden’s boxers away to reveal his fat cock and goes in for a blowjob. He does a great job of inhaling Brenden fat dick and getting it nice and wet. The boys soon switch places and Brenden takes his turn sucking John’s prick. He has a little guidance from John but he takes as much of it as he can.

    Ready to see what the newbie can do, John lies back onto the bed and spreads his legs, a clear invite for Brenden to penetrate him. Brenden lubes up and slides right inside. He fucks John missionary for a while, battering John’s tight little hole and making him moan in pleasure. Brenden flips him over and continues to dig deeper and deeper into his guts. Brenden fucks him hard before finally pulling out and cumming all over his sweet little ass! I thought he shot a huge load until John fires his off, unleashing a major cumshot!

    Brenden Fucks John Doggy Style

  • Choke JobMay 23rd, 2017
    Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams

    Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams

    Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams make out as they begin to undress, revealing their hot bodies. Once Rowan unleashes his cock, Cage bends down to suck it, working that dick with his mouth until Rowan is good and hard.  Rowan returns the favor taking Cage’s cock down his throat. He uses his tongue with expert precision and drives Cage crazy with his skills. As much as Cage loves the head he’s getting, he’s ready for more. He’s ready for some ass.

    Rowan lies back on the bed and allows Cage to enter his tight ass. Cage wraps his hand around Rowan’s neck as he fucks him raw and rough. Cage pulls Rowan on top of him. Rowan takes control and begins to ride that thick cock while Cage plays with Rowan’s dick. But almost as soon as Rowan begins to hit his stride, Rowan puts him back on his back and continues to ram his cock in and out of his ass. He fucks him so good that Rowan ends up halfway off of the bed. Rowan is the first to cum, getting his sticky load all over his stomach. Cage soon pulls out and adds his load to the mix.

    Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams

  • The Second Day is Always the Hardest

    The Second Day is Always the Hardest

    It’s only Preston Scott’s second day with BSB but he’s ready for what’s to come. And what’s to come? Some steamy sex with John Henry who’s certainly ready to play the role of teacher. The boys get started by making out and necking. John Henry uses his tongue to explore Preston before helping him out of his clothes. He teases the growing bulge in Preston’s boxers before finally releasing Preston’s cock he fills his mouth with it and begins to suck it. That kind of attention gets Preston hard as a brick! But now its his turn to give a blow job. He tries to take as much as he can but struggles as it grows in his mouth. Perhaps it will be a better fit for his ass.
    John bends Preston over the bed and tongue fucks that big juicy ass before fingering that tight hole before putting his prick in it next, gently pushing his bareback cock into Preston’s virgin ass. Preston takes it as John slides in and out of his raw pussy. Once Preston’s ass has gotten used the feeling, John starts to fuck him harder and faster. John dicks him down properly until he finally pulls out and shoots a milky load all over Preston! Preston soon follows suit as he milks his cock and releases a hot load.

    Preston Scott gets Plowed by John Henry

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