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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Locks of LoveMarch 31st, 2016
    Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

    Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

    Zeno Kostas is back and may I say he is sexier than ever. He’s gotten a haircut and has decided to put that face on full display. He’s in the studio along with Ryan Fields, and they are ready to get things started immediately. With the way Zeno looks, I’m sure Ryan wants to skip the talk as well! That’s exactly what they do. Zeno is already on top of Ryan when the scene starts. They’re kissing deeply as Zeno gently dry humps Ryan well straddling him. Zeno pulls Ryan’s pants off and takes his cock in his mouth, deep throating Ryan’s cock and getting it hard as he slobbers all over that it. The best blow jobs are the sloppy ones.

    But it’s Ryan’s turn to make Zeno feel good and he gives some awesome head in return. He licks and sucks on Zeno’s balls and cock, washing them with his saliva.  He then bends over and Zeno uses his tongue and finger to fill his hole. That tongue works over Ryan’s hole, making him moan. Zeno replaces his tongue with his cock and then makes Ryan moan louder as Zeno thrusts deep into him. He fills Ryan up with raw dick and shows no mercy as he pounds and fucks him hard. Zeno smacks Ryan’s ass while he fucks it, switching positions to let Ryan straddle Zeno while Zeno pumps that cock into him until he unleashes his load between Ryan’s ass, giving him a creampie before sucking Ryan off. Despite biblical assertions, Loss of hair doesn’t equate to a loss of passion and stamina!

    Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

  • Chris Taylor Jerks Off

    Chris Taylor Jerks Off

    Tall, dark, and handsome is usually on the Christmas list for most of us single gents and Chris Taylor certainly answers the bill. He has never done porn before so we’re lucky he chose BSB to as his first. The convenience of porn (and the money) lured him to us and we couldn’t be more grateful. He’s a little nervous but ready to show us what has got. He gets rid of his clothes and shows off his moderately hairy body for the camera.

    Chris gets on the bed and allows us to watch as he jacks his hardening cock. He strokes until it’s stiff and keeps stroking for our pleasure. As he work on his dick I begin to imagine the possible pairings. I’d love to see someone much shorter than him on the receiving end of his prick; perhaps Zeno or Tyler. I don’t know what Chris imagines as he jerks his cock but it does the trick as he speeds up his motion and unleashes a healthy load of jizz onto his chest.

    Chris Taylor Jerks Off

  • 1572-video

    The guys undergo boot camp and a lie detector test. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Sabrina, Jimmy and Cage get into it.

    Someone’s gotta go – Watch episode 5 

  • Warm Me UpMarch 24th, 2016
    Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

    Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

    The boys have come to the BSB house to escape some crazy ass, cold weather. These two could definitely use some warmth and they’ve got something in store for us today. Tyler is eager to show off his topping skills and Danny is more than happy to let him use his ass to that end.

    They begin by kissing before slowly removing their clothes. With their garments completely removed, Danny opts to get on his knees and replaces Tyler’s tongue with cock. He makes sure to get all of that meaty stick into his mouth. When it’s hard and ready, Danny bends over on the bed and offers his juicy ass to Tyler. Tyler spits directly into his hole before pushing his cock  deep into his guts. If Danny’s moans are any indication, Tyler certainly knows what he doing! Danny’s fat ass absorbs each stroke Tyler delivers. He shows no mercy to that hole. He uses every inch of his impressive cock to punish Danny’s ass.

    He then puts Danny on his back, hoists his legs into the air and continues to slides his throbbing cock in and out of that sweet hole. It’s no mystery to me why Danny never tops as BSB; whit quality dick like this around every corner, why would you? Tyler goes in and proves that he’s more than just a bottom. They fuck until they’re both covered in cum.

    Tyler Griffin and Danny Cannon

  • 1561-pic-12

    Jason is warm and Jesse is cold…perfect mix, right? Jason, being the good friend he is is more than willing to warm Jesse up; especially his cock using his mouth and ass. So let’s let this two get into it.

    The boys kiss some before Jason coaxes Jesse out of his clothes and lays him on the bed. Jason doesn’t even flinch we he see Jesse’s huge cock. He goes for it, making it grow and harden in his warm mouth. I can’t believe he’s not intimidated by it, my hole throbs just looking at Jesse’s prick. Jesse returns the favor and begins to blow Jason. Jesse takes his time, sucking on the shaft and licking his balls.

    Jason lubes Jesse’s ass and practically impales himself by sitting on it. He doesn’t waste anytime letting his ass get used to Jesse’s cock, he immediately begins to bounce on it and then lets Jesse fuck him nice and hard from below. The boys transition and get Jason on his back so that he can look into Jesse’s eyes as he plows right through his guts. The cock fills him up nicely as Jason fills the air with his moans. Jesse gets him on his side where Jason jerks his cock while getting fucked. He jacks fast and hard until he milks his creamy load out. Jesse lick the cum right off of his stomach before continuing to pummel his hole. He fucks him hard until he’s ready to pull out and dump his own load right onto Jesse’s cock.

    Jesse Avalon Fucks Jason Sterling Raw

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