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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Who’s Top DogDecember 30th, 2015
    Vadim Black And Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck Bareback

    Vadim Black And Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck Bareback

    Vadim and Tanner are the two highest rated models on BSB. The time has come to see who is the best and we do competitions way better than anything you’ve seen on reality TV. Let’s see how these two stack up against each other.

    The boys get right to work, making out and fondling each other. Vadim helps Tanner out of his sexy briefs, finding a rock hard cock waiting for him. He jacks and sucks on Tanner’s large cock, he isn’t intimidated by its monstrous size. Tanner proves he’s up to the challenge when he pushes Vadim onto the bed and blows him in return. After briefly fucking Vadim’s mouth, the two decide to suck cock simultaneously by 69ing.

    Vadim begins to work on Tanner’s hole, prepping it for his dick. He lubes it up and fingers it before getting it extra wet with a rim job. Once its good and ready, Vadim inserts his prick in raw and initiates the pounding. Tanner’s mouth hangs open as he ass is massaged by Vadim’s cock. He has no complaints as Vadim delivers stroke after stroke. Vadim flips him on to his stomach and pounds from above, slamming his hips into Tanner’s backside.

    Tanner won’t be the only one getting fucked today. Vadim gets on all fours, leaving his ass open to attack by Tanner. At first, Vadim can’t take it as Tanner’s cock is much bigger than anything he’s has had to deal with in a while. Tanner gives him a couple of minutes to get used to it. He patiently waits as Vadim slowly rides it and uses it to his own delight. What does he get in return? Pounded again! Vadim talks him into taking more cock and he really goes to work on Tanner’s hot bubble butt! Each thrust makes Tanner’s hot ass jiggle and makes me leak (TMI?). You’ve got to visit to see how these two round out this steamy session.

    Vadim Black and Tanner Valentino

  • Going Both WaysDecember 29th, 2015
    Chandler Scott And Austin Andrews Flip Fuck Raw

    Chandler Scott And Austin Andrews Flip Fuck Raw

    No one can accuse Austin of being shy; and after the way he practically attacks Chandler lips, he won’t either. These two only waste a few seconds talking before they’re tongue deep in each other’s mouths. They quickly ditch their clothes as they continue to kiss and play. Austin finds his way down to Chandler boxer briefs. After licking on his balls through the soft fabric he pulls out the shaft and proceeds to eagerly suck on it. Chandler’s dick gets hard almost instantaneously, and boy is it a mouthful! Austin handles it with enthusiasm (as any hungry bottom boy would!). Chandler takes control by snatching Austin’s jeans off of him and devouring his hardened cock. He too can suck a big dick with ease. He fits every bit of Austin’s uncut porker down his throat. I’m surprised the thick cock didn’t choke him.

    Austin gets up and faces the headboard, offering his beautiful bubble booty to Chandler who eagerly accepts and pushes his wood inside. Watching that raw dick pop in and out of Austin’s sweet ass makes my pants shrink. Chandler goes to town on his ass, eventually flipping him around and letting him grind on it before taking over and resuming the pounding. After being fucked in a couple of positions, Austin takes over…giving as good as he got. He puts Chandler on his back and fucks him like he’s trying to saw him in half. Chandler can’t contain himself, he cums all over himself. Austin pulls out and fires off the load he’d been saving up since he was on the receiving end.

    Chandler Scott And Austin Andrews

  • Hungry HoleDecember 28th, 2015
    Zeno Kostas Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

    Zeno Kostas Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

    Zeno has been getting the twins confused but today he’ll get to know one inside and out. I have a feeling that Zeno has been looking forward to this because he quickly finds himself on top Kyle making out and giving him a nice lap dance. Kyle lies back while Zeno kisses on his chest and nipples. Zeno helps Kyle strip down to his boxers. He teases the boy’s growing cock by pulling on his underwear with his teeth. Stripping has really taught Zeno how to be a tantalize his partners!

    Zeno finally relieves him of his boxers and starts to slowing suck on his cock. It grows in Zeno’s warm mouth as he bobs up and down on it. They switch positions, allowing Kyle an opportunity to suck dick. I’m impressed with Kyle’s skills; he hasn’t been here long but he can already take Zeno’s lengthy pole all the way down to the balls. Turned on by Kyle’s oral talents, Zeno begins to ruthlessly fuck the lad’s mouth.

    Ready to fuck some ass, Zeno picks Kyle up and throws him down on the bed before sliding his raw cock inside. Kyle moans in pleasure as Zeno’s dick glides in and out. Eventually, Kyle ends up on top, riding Zeno hard. This boy really loves cock; he has no problem bouncing up and down on it while taking every inch. He’s lucked out with Zeno, who will fuck him in several positions before he finally blows his hot load all over his hungry hole.

    Zeno Kostas Tops Kyle Porter Raw

  • Same Model, Different EngineDecember 22nd, 2015
    Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

    Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

    Vadim has had his way with one twin, now he gets to have the other. Kaden will be a different challenge as he is all top and wants to plow Vadim’s tight little hole. They don’t waste much time talking; they instead let their lips and tongues do all the speaking. Vadim rubs on Kaden’s thick dick through his boxer briefs before laying him back and rescuing it from its confines. Vadim immediately wraps his lips around it and begins to suck. He swivels and bobs his head up and down as Kaden watches in delight. The boys slightly adjust their positions so that they can 69, allowing Kaden to get a taste of Vadim.

    Kaden puts Vadim on his knees and slowly inserts his juicy prick inside. It takes a second for Vadim’s hole to adjust, but once it does Kaden proceeds to go to town. He smacks Vadim’s ass and grabs his toned cheeks as he slams his cock in and out of his ass. Vadim moans as if he’s in heat with every stroke that Kaden delivers. The boys switch positions, with Vadim ending up on his side. Kaden quiets his moans with some kisses as he continues to destroy his hole. Cum on in to see just how far these two studs go.

    Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

  • Fuck talking, just FuckDecember 19th, 2015
    David Hardy And Jaxon Ryder Flip Fuck Raw

    David Hardy And Jaxon Ryder Flip Fuck Raw

    No need to speak. These two are so turned on by each other that the cameraman can’t press play quickly enough, David and Jaxon are already making out and groping each other. David begins kissing on Jaxon’s chest while his right hand works to release his cock from the confines of his jeans and boxers shorts.

    David is sucks on Jaxon’s cock and licks all over his juicy balls. Jaxon’s prick grows with all the wet attention David is giving it. Jaxon doesn’t let David’s cock stay dry, he plops it in his mouth and gets just as wet and hard as his own. They enjoy each others’ mouth so much that the decide to get in the 69 position! I can’t help but drool as they guys devour the cock of their scene partner.

    Jaxon, breaks up the 69 to finger and lube up David’s sweet hole. He plunges his finger in deep before replacing it with his big cock. And boy does it bury it deep!!! He opens David up nicely before really starting to batter his insides. David can take it and can give it just as good, a fact he proves when he puts Jaxon on his back and starts to fuck him raw! These boys switch a few times; including once when Jaxon gets David on his knees and practically destroys his bubble ass from behind before pulling out and cumming all over it! David blows his on load on Jaxon’s face.

    David Hardy And Jaxon Ryder Raw

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