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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Too MuchOctober 31st, 2015
    Draven Caine Fucks Zander Floyd Bareback

    Draven Caine Fucks Zander Floyd Bareback

    The boys have an early start today but they’ve been up all night chatting. They seem a little tired but an erect dick is just as good as coffee (so I’ve heard). Because Draven isn’t ready to bottom, Zander will be giving up the goods. This is be Draven’s second time at bat so let’s see how much he’s improved.

    After some very passionate and light kissing they quickly loose their clothes. Draven kisses all over Zander’s neck and body. Once Zander spots Draven’s rock hard cock he goes right for it, like a cock sucking, heat seeking missile. They take turns blowing each other, testing to see who can take the most dick.

    Trading head has both guys’ blood pumping; its time to fuck. Zander gets on all fours, revealing his hole to Draven who pushes his cock in slowly. His raw dick glides in and out smoothly as he claims Zander’s hole. His strokes stretch Zander’s ass to the limit, forcing him to moan loudly. Draven’s thrusts push poor Zander half way off of the bed. Draven can tell that Zander is unable to take anymore of the pounding so he lays him back and milks his cock with his throat, forcing him to cum. Zander lays Draven back and begins to suck him off in exchange. The boy blows until Draven’s dick is squirting cum all over his chest.

    Draven Caine And Zander Floyd Raw

  • Lifting and SquattingOctober 30th, 2015
    Tanner Valentino Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw

    Tanner Valentino Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw

    Our boys here at BSB like to stay fit for you. They know you want them with tight abs, big chests, and bulking biceps. So its no surprise that the cameras find Zeno and Tanner in the gym pumping a little iron (mainly because it was in the script). But anyway, watching these studs bust out so chest presses has my pants shrinking already.

    Apparently Zeno is getting turned on as well. While Tanner is still lying on his back Zeno begins to rub himself. Tanner catches him and entices him into showing off. Once Zeno pulls it out Tanner gets in his mouth as soon as he can. Zeno tea bags him, allowing Tanner to taste every inch of it. Tanner doesn’t choke as the juicy cock gets down his throat. Zeno then squeezes under the bar so that he can 69 with his work out buddy. Zeno, to Tanner’s delight, deep throats his cock in between jacking him off.

    Zeno helps Tanner lube up before bending over the weight bench to invite him inside. Tanner eases his cock into Zeno’s tight hole. He knows that Zeno doesn’t bottom a lot so he’s goes easy on him by only going in head first in the beginning. But once that booty looses up Tanner unleashes. He barrels all the way into Zeno while slapping his ass. He has that ass at his complete mercy. He gets Zeno from every angle he wants, giving us multiple angles of Zeno’s near perfect ass. At one point the camera closes in nice and tight showing how the lining of Zeno’s hole grips Tanner’s fat pipe. When these two are done “working out”,  all the work out equipment has been greased with lube and cum. And by work out equipment, I mean Tanner’s cock and Zeno’s ass.

    Tanner Valentino And Zeno Kostas

  • Is the Grass Greener?October 29th, 2015
    John Henry and Chandler Scott

    John Henry and Chandler Scott

    Yessir! Chandler is once again getting on the bottom bunk. That ass of his makes me drool so I can’t wait to see John plow him. John has had his ass played in a lot lately so I’m sure he’s up for switching to the dom role.

    After some steamy kissing, Chandler is soon on his knees with a mouthful of John’s thick cock. Chandler sucks and swallows it whole. John rewards him with a kiss before turning him over and munching on his ass. His tongue slivers up and down Chandler’s rectum, tickling every wrinkle. Chandler is helpless as his fuzzy booty is eaten out from behind

    John takes full advantage of having Chandler bent over before him. He lubes up and slowly pushes his cock into the barely used ass. His raw dick moves in and out of Chandler; each stroke going deeper than the last. John feels Chandler’s hole ease around his dick and decides to pick up the pace. Chandler’s moans but he doesn’t object. He’s getting used to having cock in him again. John climbs onto Chandler’s back and really starts to plunge Chandlers hole. You can tell John has been wanting some ass. He fucks Chandler hard and deep until the boy is cumming all over himself! Chandler must have wanted dick as much as John wanted ass.

    John Henry and Chandler Scott

  • Eat This, Swallow ThatOctober 28th, 2015
    Devon Felix Fucks Zeno Kostas

    Devon Felix Fucks Zeno Kostas

    There’s been a lot of male bonding going on around BSB and Zeno and Devon are no exception. They like to work out together and have hung out a bit. They haven’t had sex yet, that will be remedied right now and for our viewing pleasure.

    They get right down to business. They begin to make out, the sound of their lips smacking fills the rome. Zeno pushes Devon back onto the bed and climbs on top of him to get and dry humps him. He kisses and licks Devon’s neck and then moves slowly down his torso, tasting his abs. He finally makes it down to his cock and immediately gets it in his mouth. Overly excited for what’s to come, Zeno sits on top of Devon and begins to dry ride Devon’s prick. After 69ing, Zeno decides that he wants to taste Devon’s sweet ass. He laps at Devon’s cork like a dog at a water bowl!

    Devon can’t wait any longer; he’s got to get some of Zeno’s hole. He flips Zeno over and after strapping up (Yay! Safe sex) he slowly pushes his large pecker inside. Zeno may be a pro around here but he still needs to get used to taking cock. Devon picks up the pace and fucks him harder and faster until Zeno makes him pump the brakes. They switch positions, allowing Zeno to get fucked on his back and Devon the chance to once again get at those lips. As Zeno’s ass gets used to being open, he allows Devon to put him in an assortment of different positions. Finally, Zeno ends up upside down getting plowed from above. When he cums, he gives himself a facial and even manages to get some into his own mouth! Having already tasted cum today, Zeno has no issue with swallowing Devon’s nut.

    Devon Felix and Zeno Kostas

  • No Practice NeededOctober 27th, 2015
    Tanner Valentino Fucks The Very Sexy Danny Cannon

    Tanner Valentino Fucks The Very Sexy Danny Cannon

    Tanner Valentino is back and fresh off his solo scene. He’s going to be paired up with Danny Cannon who is more than willing to show him the ropes and give up a little ass in the process.

    The boys begin with some deep kissing and groping. Danny’s hand explores Tanner’s body and the two stay lip locked. The two take of their shirts and soon Tanner’s shorts disappear with them. Danny is immediately turned on and quickly gets on his knees. He damn near swallows Tanner’s cock whole when he starts to blow him. As he sucks his hand gently massages Tanner’s ball sack. Before he knows it, it’s Tanner’s turn to suck cock for the first time. He’s not bad at it! He takes Danny’s cock all the way to the base, he’s not shy at all.

    They move over to the bed where Tanner lubes Danny ’s ass up before pushing his cock deep inside of him. He starts off slow, delivering long deep strokes. Danny’s juicy cakes absorbs the slow pounding. Danny takes over, and sits on Tanner’s dick and rides some before being dug out from below. This time Tanner picks up the pace. Danny’s fleshy bottoms jiggles as Tanner beats it up. He continues the pummeling after he gets Danny on his back. His cock slides in and out of Danny’s ass until Danny can’t take it anymore. He sprays thick wads of cum all over his stomach. Tanner pulls out and fires off his own load!

    Tanner Valentino And Danny Cannon

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