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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

    Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

    Chandler is back and ready to get his cock sucked by a guy for the first time. But because Ryan never had the chance to have a legit oral scene, he’s going to have experience his first time giving a blow job as well. Let see just how Chandler deals with the pressure.

    Before they get to inhaling each other’s meat poles, Sha asks them to kiss, even though that’s a bit out of Chandler’s comfort zone. Ryan moves in and delivers some strong lip action. Chandler recoils at first but he quickly gets into it. Soon Chandler finds himself against the wall with Ryan’s body pressed against him. He certainly looks like he’s starting to enjoy the kissing.

    He gets on his knees and allows Ryan to stick his cock in his mouth. I know this kid is new to giving blow jobs but damn! He takes Ryan’s dick all the way down to the balls. Impressed, Ryan decides to return the favor. He gets on his knees and explores Chandler’s meat stick with his mouth and tongue. The boys go on to suck cock all over the place; they even get a ladder involved. Satiated by each other’s meat, the boys sit back to back and jerk off. Ryan bursts first, sending ropes of cum onto the ground. He then sits behind Chandler and helps him rub his nut out by playing with his nipples and kissing his neck. The load Chandler shoots off was well worth it, jizz explodes from his cock.

    Ryan Fields and Chandler Scott

  • We just got out of the studio with Zeno Kostas, Vadim Black and David Hardy who just filmed the most amazing 3-way today.  We can’t wait to share it with you!

    Zeno Kostas, Vadim Black, David Hardy 3-Way

    Zeno Kostas, Vadim Black, David Hardy 3-Way

  • Believe it or notMay 28th, 2015
    Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

    Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

    Yeah, Drake is the undisputed King of Bottom here at BSB. But today he’s going to get fucked by a guy that’s going to enjoy every bit of the experience, Trevor Laster. Trevor is a little astonished to meet a straight guy that can not only take dick but like them big. Let’s see how this pans out.

    The boys practically attack each other’s lips. They quickly undress and kiss all over each other’s body. Trevor eagerly finds Drakes dick and puts it in his mouth. Drake moans as he watches his gay partner inhale his cock. Yes Drake, this is how it feels to get blown by a guy that enjoys the taste of a salty dick. Trevor lays back on the bed and allows Drake to return the favor. Even though Drake is straight, he’s still able to fit more that half of Tyler’s hulking cock down his throat.

    With Trevor’s dick nice and wet, Drake wastes no time and bending over. Trevor pushes right inside of Drake’s walls and lets him have it. He shows no mercy, gives no quarter, he just fucks the eager bottom. And Drake takes the pounding. That juicy ass of his can take anything a top can throw at it. Drake sits on it and uses it like his personal toy. Drake takes every inch, allowing his ass to drop down to Trevor’s balls. There’s only so much that Trevor can take, he pulls out and cums, HARD. For Drake’s benefit, he puts it back until Drake’s dick is spitting cum all over the place. 

    Trevor Laster and Drake Tyler

  • No, you first!May 26th, 2015
    Abram Hoffer and Brady Bennett Raw

    Abram Hoffer and Brady Bennett Raw

    Brady and Abram, two relatively new guys to BSB, have to decide who’s going to bottom. It doesn’t take long to decide as Brady has chosen to take one for the team (and for his wallet since it pays more). Hopefully, Abram will go gently on him!

    They kiss, softly. Their hands wander and explore each others bodies. They take of their shirts and continue to taste each other’s lips. Abram helps Brady out of his shorts and briefs and finds a hardening dick waiting for him. Brady helps Abram do the same and is happy to find a fully erect cock. Brady takes it as an invite and goes down on it. Brady lays back on the bed and enjoys the attention he’s receiving from Abram.

    Abram lubes up before pulling Brady to the edge of the bed. Brady holds his legs apart as Abram pushes his thick cock into his virgin abs. Feeling the pain, Brady begs Abram to go slow. Abram obliges, but that doesn’t stop him from getting every inch of his dick in that tight ass. Brady moans loudly with each deep but gentle thrust from Abram. Soon he calms down and is able to just enjoy the feeling of having his boy pussy stroked for the first time. Abram puts him on all fours and starts to treat him like a cock hungry slut. I’m happy to see Brady hot ass fucked from the back! The boys switch positions so that Brady is sitting right on the dick. It must feel good because he busts a load in no time. He bends over and allows Abram to cum on his ass.

    Abram Hoffer and Brady Bennett Raw

  • Veteran’s DelightMay 25th, 2015
    Ryan Fields Fucks Vadim Black Raw

    Ryan Fields Fucks Vadim Black Raw

    Vadim and Ryan have been paired together and for the first time in while, Vadim is going to bottom! He’s planning to take a bit of a mental vacation to help him get through having that hole opened up once more.

    The boys start of with some kissing and fondling. Vadim helps Ryan’s take out of their confines before wrapping his lips around it. He gets is slippery wet with saliva before allowing Ryan to go down on him. And down he goes! Ryan gets every inch of it down his throat. Vadim enjoys every second of having his cock in Ryan’s mouth.

    Ready to get fucked, Vadim hands Ryan the lube while he preps his ass. Then, Vadim slides right onto it, bouncing up and down. Ryan breathes heavily as his dick is gripped tightly by Ryan tight hole. Vadim lays on his side and lifts his leg to the ceiling, allowing Ryan to really plunge his guts. Vadim takes every stroke like a pro. This is the kind of chemistry that develops when you get two veterans together. Ryan continues to shove his cock into Vadim’s boy pussy until Vadim cums, spilling globs of jizz on his torso. Ryan soon follows suit, firing off ropes of cum on Vadim. Hot!

    Ryan Fields And Vadim Black

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