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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • No Tricks! Just Treats!October 31st, 2014
    Halloween Treats!

    Halloween Treats!

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  • Fucked on the nightstandOctober 22nd, 2014
    Conner Fucks Ian

    Conner Fucks Ian

    Conner is sticking around and today he is going to be rewarded for his loyalty with some of Ian’s ass. If Ian is anything like me, then his ass must be aching in anticipation of feeling Conner’s hot dick inside of him.

    Ian gets down on his knees and begins to suck Conner’s dick like a boy in heat. Anyone who has been a fan of BSB knows that Ian is definitely one of the best cock suckers around. So it should be no surprise that the way he blows Conner has my pants shrinking. Ian licks every vein on Conner’s shaft and consistently takes it deep. Once they switch places, Conner returns the favor; taking more than half of Ian’s large man bat.

    Conner bends Ian over the bed and pushes his big prick right inside of his hole. Conner does not waste any time pounding away. This is one boy that knows how to put his weight into a good fuck. Ian sounds like he’s definitely enjoying it, moaning and grunting in pleasure. Conner tosses the lamp on the night stand aside and replaces it with Ian. That right. Ian gets fucked deep and hard on the night stand! Conner is a good rough fuck and I love it! By the time the boys switch positions they’re ready to burst. They both bust thick wads of cum all over Ian’s body.

    Watch Conner Fuck Ian on the Nightstand here

  • Boys will be…October 21st, 2014
    Conner Chesney Returns To Bsb To Flip Fuck Ronan Kennedy

    Conner Chesney Returns To Bsb To Flip Fuck Ronan Kennedy

    Conner is back! He’s got some muscle on him now and I’m happy to see it. Today he’s been paired up with the residential grunge boy Ronan. The boys engage in some normal boy talk. You know, talking about getting and giving blow jobs and taking dick…the usual.

    Once inside the studio the boys undress and ho onto the bed. Conner digs into Ronan’s boxers and finds his thick hard dick. Ronan does the same. They begin to fondle each other’s cocks before Conner finally gets his mouth around Ronan’s boner. It’s been a while for Conner. He almost chokes on that monster before getting a handle on things. He is blonde head bobs up and down, barely able to get half of the dick in his mouth. Once its Ronan’s turn to suck cock, he grabs Conner’s balls and inhales in. This boy is really starting to like the taste of cock.

    Ronan is first to bottom and Conner can’t wait. Ronan braces himself against the wall as he gets pounded from behind. I love Conner’s thickness. He uses all of his weight to pummel Ronan’s hot hole. After working that ass over, Conner lubes up and prepares himself to take Ronan’s thick beast of a dick. Conner sits right on it and its clear from his face that he feels like he’s going to explode from the inside out. But nonetheless he bounces up ad down on the dick like a true pro. I can only imagine how good that big bubble ass must feel wrapped around Ronan’s cock.

    Once they’ve had their fill of fucking the boys lie side by side and jack off. They blow healthy and creamy loads all over themselves. It doesn’t end there. WE get to see these hunks shower off. Does it get any better?

    Check out Conner Chesney and Ronan Kennedy here

  • The beast withinOctober 16th, 2014
    Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

    Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

    A storm may have ruined their big plans for hiking today, but I’m sure these two can find something to do. Zeno was itching for a hike, there’s no doubt in my mind that fucking Blake’s nice juicy ass will more than make up for it.

    After losing their clothes the boys grab a handful of each other’s cocks and gently begin to stroke each other. Their dicks get stiffer and stiffer until Blake’s has outgrown Zeno’s hand. Zeno relieves his hand of duty and begins to use his mouth instead. Zeno lets Blake’s entire monster find its way down his throat. And being the tease that he is, Zeno props his ass up and shows off his hot man hole while swallowing Blake’s shaft. Zeno stands up on the bed and Blake sucks his dick. Blake has Zeno panting in pleasure in no time. They get down on to the bed and get into the 69 position-giving each other mind blowing blow jobs.

    Zeno lies back and Blake carefully slides on to his cock. Once he’s on, he begins to ride Zeno hard. Blake soon gets on his back and lets Zeno take over. He starts off with some slow strokes but once he gets his rhythm he begins to dig deeper and faster. Blake transitions and gets on his knees where Zeno spreads his cheeks and continues to fuck the shit out of him until he busts a nice creamy load on Blake’s ass. Blake flips over and fires hot cum all over his chest.

    Watch Zeno Kostas Fuck Blake Savage Raw

  • Pumping VadimOctober 13th, 2014
    Brandon Beal Fucks Vadim Black Tight Ass

    Brandon Beal Fucks Vadim Black Tight Ass

    Brandon walks in on Vadim pumping some iron. Vadim wants a real workout so he invites him into the bedroom. The boys begin kissing heavily while undressing. Vadim instructs Brandon to sit back before inserting his dick into his mouth. While Brandon gets to feast on Vadim’s cock we get to feast on the sight that is Vadim’s tight ass.

    The boys get into a 69 position and devour each other’s cocks. Vadim even begins to fuck Brandon’s mouth. They get each other’s cocks nice and sloppy wet. Ready to get fucked, Vadim bends over the chair and Brandon jumps right into his ass, beating it down with his cock. Brandon’s cock looks like it barely fits in the hole; Vadim is definitely packed tight. “Pound that ass, pound that ass!” Vadim yells and Brandon obliges. He holds Vadim by the hips and is drilling Vadim deep. Even when Vadim is on his back the battering doesn’t stop; not until Brandon blows a nice load on to Vadim, followed closely by a load of his own. What a hot fuck!

    Click here to see Vadim get plowed by Brandon

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