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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Males know what males want!February 27th, 2014
    Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

    Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

    Enter Dakota and Damien. Having shown off his body and thick cock in his solo performance, Dakota is back but this time he has a playmate, Damien. This won’t be the first blowjob that Dakota has had from a guy. In regards to a past oral encounter with a man, Dakota states that “it’s normal, it’s alright”. One can’t help but think that Damien took this as a challenge because when given the green light he dives right in and starts bobbing on Dakota’s cock like a pro. He may never go broke again if he keeps sucking dick like that. Not one to miss a moment of his mouth’s hard work, Damien keeps his eyes wide open as he slobbers up and down Dakota’s shaft. “You like that?” He asks Dakota. Dakota’s moans out “yeah” as his eyes continue to roll into the back of his head. He begins to relax even more as Damien continues to deliver mind blowing head. Damien moves down further between Dakota’s toned legs and starts to service his balls, gently sucking on them. That’s what you call full service! After having Dakota force his dick towards the back of his throat, Damien admits that he can “barely breathe”! But he can take a deep breath as his impressive oral skills have brought Dakota to his climax. Dakota holds tightly onto his seat as cum explodes from the head of his dick.

    Being the newbie that he is, Dakota thinks that he is done. But this straight boy needs to learn the number 1 rule about head and that’s suck, cum, give! He admits that he isn’t very good at it, but practice makes perfect. He begins to suck Damien’s cock and while the taste doesn’t agree with him at first he begins to get into the rhythm; forcing Damien’s dick to grow into the back of his throat. Damien lies back on the bed and Dakota continues to blow him into ecstasy. Damien’s dick slides in and out of Dakotas’ mouth with ease. Dakota seems to get use to the taste as he slurps Damien’s cock repeatedly and even slaps it against his tongue. The married newbie even attempts to deep throat! How quickly cocksuckers progress these days! Damien, lost in pleasure, forgets that this is Dakota’s first time sucking on man sausage and begins to fuck his mouth.

    After having his mouth worked over good, Dakota begins to expertly jack Damien off. Damien cums hard within moments of having his junk in hands of Dakota. With both boys relieved they decide to go get some food. And who can blame them; straight cock is always a good appetizer.

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  • Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

    Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

    As any fan of BSB knows, “a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do.” And lucky for us Spencer, the Red Rocket, has found himself in the position of being “pretty broke” and that will put him in the position of bottoming for Vinnie Steel.

    Vinnie helps get Spencer in the mood with a blowjob. He starts deep on Spencer’s rocket, planting his face in Spencer’s blazing red crotch. Spencer’s face indicates that the pleasure of Vinnie’s warm mouth may be almost too much to handle. Spencer sits back and enjoys Vinnie’s mouth until it’s his turn to taste Vinnie’s dick. Vinnie gently forces Spencer’s mouth on his shaft while handling his playmate’s cock. Spencer needs very little coaxing as he easily gives a blow job that only a hungry boy could. He seemed to be enjoying himself until Vinnie commands “let me see that ass”.

    Needing the money, Spencer has no choice but to get on his knees and watch Vinnie lube up. After prepping, Spencer arches his back and slides back onto Vinnie’s dick. “Ohhh, my God!” he exclaims as Vinnie’s hard shaft breaks through his tight, barely used hole. Spencer begins to open up, pushing his ass back into Vinnie’s pelvis. It doesn’t take long before both of them are breathing heavily with pleasure. Things escalate when Vinnie lies on his back and Spencer sits on his rod like a king takes to his throne. By the way Spencer rides cock one would be surprised to learn that it’s only his second time doing so. He bounces up and down on Vinnie’s dick. How Vinnie’s keeps from busting is anyone’s guess.

    Soon it’s Spencer’s turn to lay on his back while Vinnie put in his work. Spreading Spencer’s legs as far as they’ll go, Vinnie begins to rhythmically pump his meat in and out of Spencer’s ass. From this angle it’s easy to see Spencer’s ass gripping Vinnie’s eager cock. Unable to hold it any longer, Spencer fires a nice load all over his rock hard abs. Vinnie soon follows, shooting a warm, creamy load on Spencer’s chest and arm. After relieving themselves, both Spencer and Vinnie burst out into laughter. Vinnie ends the scene with a quote that is sure to become my new motto, “it’s only gay if you make it gay, bitch.”

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