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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • 1135-pic-7

    “Another day in paradise.” Jason Matthews utters this phrase when the camera starts to roll for this recent update. As he stands next to Tate Thompson, Jason chronicles the shenanigans surrounding the birthday celebrations of one of Damien’s friends. “Me being the new guy, I got hazed and left out on my own,” Tate adds. Apparently Tate became part of a drag queen show. She rubbed her hands all over Tate, which shows her good taste. Too bad there were no photos. “It was one of the best times I’ve gone out with the crew,” Jason says.


    The cameraman finally gets to what everyone is waiting for. “Take off your clothes,” he says. “Just get naked.” That’s why you’re here, right? LOL! Tate shows off his BSB underwear. He’s asked if he can twerk. Alas he can’t, but admits to having lap dance skills. Jason gives Tate’s butt cheeks a few good slaps. “You left your mark,” the cameraman says about Jason’s hand prints. Underwear is lost and Jason jiggles that phat boot-ay. Shake it, baby. Shake it!! Tate will suck first. Being a veteran has its privileges. LOL! He opens wide and takes everything in. “He doesn’t play around when giving blow jobs,” the cameraman observes. “No, he doesn’t,” Jason says, with appreciation in his voice.


    Those soft lips work their magic. Soon Jason’s tool is at attention. And Tate looks so hot with his blue eyes looking up, that mouth filled with meat. Jason needs to return the favor. He pushes Tate on the bed and gets to town. The rod is stiff and fits perfectly down Jason’s throat. He holds his tongue out and slaps the pole on it. His spit makes it juicy and wet.  “He doesn’t play around with his blow jobs either,” Tate observes. “Well, if you’re going to do something might as well do it right,” Jason says. He shows off his deep throating skills, which are rather impressive.


    “I have an ex-girlfriend you can teach a few things to,” Tate notes. Fucking time has arrived. Jason puts a condom on Tate’s tool. Lube is placed where it will do the most good. Jason gets on his stomach, that juicy backside pointed toward the ceiling. He gives Tate some assistance, and the moment his hole is filled Jason moans into the sheets. The sob is muffled, but we all heard it before from happy bottom boys. Tate begins to long stroke Jason. Those cheeks jiggle from the pounding.  “Easy, killer,” Jason begs. He whimpers into the bed. Tate turns him on his side, and gets back to fucking. “Oh, fuck,” Jason groans. Tate makes sure each stroke is balls deep, hitting Jason’s sweet spot.  “It’s my turn,” he says.


    Tate falls on the bed, his booty over the edge. His moans are loud when Jason gets in that man hole. Jason long fucks from the start, but goes slow. He pushes Tate’s knees to his chest, making sure he can get as much ass as possible. All the stimulation pushes Tate over the edge. His juice covers the bottom half of his stomach. Jason pulls out and jerks his meat. His man milk shoots out in multiple spurts, soaking the bed and Tate. Jason falls on the bed, tired from it all. “I’m covered in cum,” Tate says. And you’ve never looked better, Tate! LOL!

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    Tate Thompson & Jason Matthews

  • 1103-pic-22

    Brandon and Damien waste no time with introductory talk in this most recent update. If either hottie were in your bedroom, how much time would you spend with conversating? LOL! The pair are kissing, sharing some tongues. Shirts are removed, then pants. OMG!! Look at the curve of Brandon’s sweet ass! LOL! Brandon stops, looks at Damien, and gives him a slap. Brandon’s pimp hand isn’t brutal, but forceful enough to show Damien who is in charge.


    He pushes Damien on the bed and straddles his face. That hard meat hovers for a moment before Damien opens wide. Brandon face fucks his partner, trying to have his balls touch chin. Damien gets some kisses for his his efforts. Brandon then pulls Damien to the side of the bed. He puts some lube on his finger, and starts to feel up that man pussy. Brandon then opens wide and sucks Damien’s rod. Damien loves his hole being teased and his dick getting sucked.


    Damien is turned on his stomach. Brandon places lube on his meat, and parts those two ass cheeks. From the start the fucking is balls deep and poor Damien can only whimper. Brandon slaps a butt cheek to remind Damien who owns that booty.  “Fuck me harder,” Damien groans. When Brandon does so, the resident bottom just holds on to the bed. It’s like he’s hoping there will be relief from the pain. Brandon doesn’t want him to have any respite. He just wants Damien to feel every inch of his rod.  There’s another round of smooching, then Damien decides it’s time he do some riding.


    Brandon gets on his back and Damien straddles the pole. He sits down and goes back up, his own cock bobbing all over the place. His cheeks are scratching Brandon’s pubes. “You like that,” Damien wonders. “Oh, yeah,” the top stud replies.  Moans and the sound of skin against skin fill the studio. “Ride that cock,” Brandon orders.


    Damien gets on his side and Brandon resumes control. “Fuck me,” Damien moans.  Brandon does. Fast and hard. His face is starting to get shiny from all the effort. Damien’s special spot can stand only so much pounding. His man milk jumps out, landing on his stomach, chest, and the sheets.  Brandon pulls out and jerks his tool over Damien’s open wide mouth. Jizz hits Damien’s tongue, and he licks up the rest from Brandon’s wick.  Brandon leaves some kisses on Damien’s shoulder and the scene ends.

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    Brandon Beal & Damien Kyle 

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.49.59 PM
    In his first candid interview, Ian Dempsey reveals what it’s like to be a model for BSB, how his friends and family found about his new career in porn, and what he likes to do for fun.

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    Bonus: Behind The Scenes
    Ian Dempsey

  • 1131-pic-22

    Has Cage ever looked anxious in any of his BSB outings? Even his first solo? The sexy stud isn’t looking very happy today, which is weird because he’s standing next Sergio. Wouldn’t you be happy if Sergio were at your side? “Cage is getting fucked in the ass today,” Sergio says to the soon to be bottom and cameraman. No wonder poor Cage looks so downcast! LOL! “Obviously everyone knows I’m top,” Cage notes. “Well today you’re a bottom, the cameraman replies. “It’s for the fans, right,” Sergio wonders. “We wore matching shirts. Same brand.”


    Oh, isn’t that sweet? The guys coordinated! Cage admits he’s getting on his stomach for his BSB fans, which will make his appreciation club increase in number. “You look scared as fuck,” the cameraman observes. Although he’s bottomed before, he’s not looking forward to doing it for Sergio. Even confesses he will probably never look at Sergio the same. Both the cameraman and Sergio suggest maybe they should begin with the plastic dildo, considering the curvature of Sergio’s wang. There’s some talk of selling it, but Cage has his doubts. Clearly he doesn’t understand how that thing would be gone if auctioned. Sergio says he’s selling his grey and lime-green underwear he’s wearing for the shoot.  “I’ll make sure they are well soiled,” Sergio jokes.


    The boys strip and stand in their underwear. Cage dons pink, which earns him some grief from the cameraman. There is a shot of Cage’s backside. “I’m ready to knock it out,” Sergio laughs. Because he’s going to give Cage a good stuffing, Sergio sucks dick first. Gets on his knees and works his tongue on Cage’s cock. That suction does the trick. TSTBB (the soon to be bottom) is sporting wood, which for Cage is a lot. He puts his hand on the back of Sergio’s neck. As for Sergio, every time he comes off that sausage, there’s nothing but smacking sounds! That meat is finger licking good. “Should we work that dildo,” Sergio asks.


    He uses his underwear to wipe Cage’s pale booty. Lube is put in the tight hole, and the dildo is slowly placed between those pale cheeks. “Perfect size,” Sergio says. At first Cage pushes it out, but he eventually submits. “Not so far,” he pleads. Poor Cage. That hole isn’t used to being opened like this. Give the boy credit. He grits and takes it. “We’ve opened you up a little bit,” the cameraman says. Cage is doubtful, especially seeing how Sergio swings to the side. Cage gets on his knees and does what Sergio did to him. Sergio’s curved rod wakes up to the oral attention. “Whoah, teeth,” Sergio warns. Come on cock suckers! Your molars do not belong on man meat! LOL! Cage wants to get his pounding over. He gets on his side, on the bed. Sergio puts on a condom, and puts more lube in that man hole. He gets behind Cage, and the moment the head works its way in Cage’s face contorts. “That’s a tight asshole,” Sergio says. “That’s a good thing,” Cage utters through clenched teeth. Cage’s pain is obvious. As for Sergio, it’s all pleasure for him.  “Oh, fuck,” Cage groans. Sergio slow fucks him, each stroke balls deep. Cage ends up on his back, and his grimace doesn’t go away. The only good thing is the fucking is slow. Or maybe that isn’t good? LOL! Cage jerks his meat as he gets split open like a summer peach. “Pull that ass back,” Sergio orders. He’s not a brutal top, though. When Cage asks him to slow down, Sergio does.


    “Oh, fuck,” Cage moans. Sergio starts to fuck a little bit faster. He pulls out, takes off the condom, and dumps his jizz all over Cage’s face, chest, and stomach. Cage even offers some help. Cage’s nut is next. His jizz shoots out in multiple parts, covering his chest. “This last part felt pretty good,” Cage said. The busted bottom is soaked with man milk. He wipes himself clean with the underwear and says he’s not going to be a power bottom. However, there is some discussion if “it felt all right.” “If something feels good, it feels good,” the cameraman opines. “It doesn’t make you gay.” Mmmmmmm. Let the choir soak in that “pearl of wisdom.” LOL!  Plans are made for Cage’s revenge, but he promises to be gentle. Do you want him to be?

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  • Introducing Dakota FordJanuary 8th, 2014


    Today we have the pervy pleasure of meeting Dakota Ford, from Georgia via San Diego. “Kind of a southern boy and a California boy mixed together,” the cameraman observes. The 24-year-old is married. Been with his wife for 5 years. “They say if you can make past the first seven you’re good,” Dakota says.


    He’s here because he’s broke, straight, and a boy. LOL! Dakota’s wife knows he’s with us, and seems cool with it all. “She’s warmed up to it,” Dakota explains. As for his day job, Dakota shakes his money maker. He’s made it with a dude before, but it wasn’t his thing. As a stripper, Dakota has no problem taking off his clothes. When asked about the size of his thang, he blushes. Which means he must be hung like a donkey!


    LOL! The stud plays with himself through his underwear. Eventually he gets rid of the fabric to show a large slab of beef. When he gets it hard, the cameraman is impressed. “That’s a big assed dick,” the cameraman says. “I like to say I was born a dick and grew a body,” Dakota quips. The monster curves to the side. The piss slit is so big it winks at the camera.


    This monster meat is a bottom’s boy’s wet dream. LOL! 
    Dakota takes a seat, using both hands to pleasure himself. He gets up for some lube and shakes his “hairy butt” for the camera. He gets more comfortable on the bed, and his sausage has gotten bigger. He jerks it and moans a bit. The stud needs lots of lube to cover all the skin on that thing. “I’m about to cum,” Dakota whispers. His load dribbles out, landing on his abs and hand. He strokes out one last drop for the camera. “I’m a little messy,” Dakota admits after he calms down.


    The cameraman wants to know how big his wang is, but the newbie confesses he’s never measured it. The cameraman thinks it might be 9 inches. “Your wife should be happy,” the cameraman says. There are some other people who would be glad if Dakota put that tool in some other tight places.


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    Dakota Ford


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