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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Ian and Romeo are the Bogie and Bacall of BSB. If they are near a bed, expect sparks to fly. Today’s update begins with what these two cuties do best: making out! After some kissing, shirts are lost. Then comes pants. Notice how both sport wood? Especially Ian. Being only in their underwear doesn’t stop the kissing. After they get nude, Romeo gets on top. This allows his meat to get oral loving from Ian. Romeo does the same. Both slurp those engorged tools, getting them slick with pre-cum. The boys turn on their sides for a more traditional 69.

    The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the studio. There’s another round of romantic smooching. Ian even has a taste of Romeo’s neck.  It’s time for an ass to get a pounding. Ian lubes up and Romeo gets on his stomach, that hairy ass in the air. Ian fills that booty up and Romeo immediately curses. “Oh, fuck,” he moans. Ian goes slow at first, letting his partner get used to the anal invasion.

    It must not be too bad because Romeo offers a hand when that tool pops out. Soon Ian picks up the pace, making each stroke balls deep. He plants a sweet kiss between Romeo’s shoulder blades.  The duo switch it up with Romeo taking a ride. He grits his teeth as he goes up and down on Ian’s rod.

    Romeo’s acorn sticks straight out from all the stimulation. As for Ian, he lets his bottom boy do all the work. Romeo gets on his side, and Ian enters for one final round. The boys kiss as Ian rams like there is no tomorrow. He reaches around and strokes Romeo’s bloated pole. “Fuck me,” Romeo whispers. Ian pulls out and jerks a load that lands right under Romeo’s hairy hole.

    He puts his tool back in and Romeo’s man milk shoots out, splattering the black sheets. Some lip lock ends this hot episode!

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    Ian Dempsey & Romeo James

  • Sergio Valen & Tate ThompsonDecember 29th, 2013

    When today’s update starts, Sergio Valen and Tate Thompson are saying something about mucus. The cameraman insists Tate is very good when it comes to the oral arts of pole love. “That’s what I’ve heard,” Sergio notes. “He’s been bragging about it.” Tate laughs this off. Don’t worry Tate. We’ll still love you even if you have a little ego about the sweetness of your mouth. LOL! The cameraman wonders what type of exercise Sergio was doing before the shoot. The muscled stud maintains it was only stretching after a run. Tate notes that all he did was “sit on his ass.” The cameraman points to the leather bracelet Sergio is wearing. It was made by someone Sergio met at Palm Springs Pride. “He’s got some pretty decent gear,” Sergio adds. “You’re digging that, huh,” the cameraman asks.”I am digging that actually,” Sergio responds with his trademark “come here and suck my dick” grin. LOL! Tate hasn’t been introduced to the pleasures of leather, but Sergio admits that only when he tried it did he learn how much he liked it. “That’s what I say,” the cameraman observes. “Try it and see if you like it.”

    Please pay attention to Sergio’s story about walking through airport security after Pride. He had to remove his harness and some other objects before walking through the metal detector. How many of you wish you were the TSA agent that day?! The cameraman then turns his attention to how Tate is doing in the BSB orbit. He’s having a good time hanging with the other models, and isn’t freaked out by the gay sex.  When asked what dick tastes like, he gives the perfect answer. “There isn’t much of a taste,” he chuckles.

    The cameraman wonders if the savor would change if someone came in Tate’s mouth. The blonde cutie has never considered this before. “That would be a different thing,” he says, with a pause then a laugh. “Maybe accidentally it will happen,” the cameraman notes. Tate wasn’t born yesterday and can see the machinations behind the cameraman’s comments. There’s a conversation about sexual terms and Sergio wins the prize with a moment called “the pink sock.” He learned the appellation from Denver and it’s best if let Sergio describes it. The resident BSB hack can’t do it justice! LOL! Tate let’s it be known he does not want such a move done to him. Finally the shirts are removed. Then the pants are pulled down to the mid-thigh. The cameraman loves to have BSB models turn around and compare backsides. Sergio and  Tate do, with Sergio reaching over and grabbing a handful of Tate cheek. “That’s a shaking booty right there,” Sergio observes.

    “I saw that coming,” Tate says. The pants are tossed aside and Tate takes a seat on the bed. The veteran Sergio will suck first. He deep throats Tate’s tool and gets it harder and harder and harder. Tate is enjoying the work because all he is doing is contentedly sighing. “Making my eyes water again,” Sergio says.”Sorry about that,” Tate replies.The blonde stands up, so Sergio can have a seat. Don’t worry. Sergio is still slurping the pole. “He ain’t bad at sucking a dick I’ll give him that,” Tate explains.”I’m not that bad,” Sergio responds. Sergio leans back because he wants to see about these newbie skills “At this point now I have to show you up,” Tate wonders.

    “Now you have to show me up,” Sergio responds. After a few licks, Sergio knows there is really no competition.”You beat me. I’ll give you the cock medal,” Sergio exclaims. Sergio: it’s folly to try to outdo a cock champ! LOL! Tate works his tongue magic on that rod, until it’s time for the fucking. Tate puts a condom on Sergio’s acorn. The blonde bottom gets on the floor, on his back. Sergio enters and both are in bliss land. Tate even bounces his ass on the meat.”That does feel different,” Sergio says. Tate controls the stroking until it’s “Sergio’s turn.” The top goes balls deep on each down stroke. The boys get on the bed, with Tate on his side. “I’m sticking my dick right in this ass,” Sergio announces. He does and Tate grabs on for dear life. He’s being impaled, made to feel the length of Sergio’s shaft. Tate rolls on his back, but this doesn’t keep Sergio from going in as far as he can. He’s marking Tate’s booty like it’s his personal stash. Tate strokes his meat as he get split in two. His load shoots out, hitting the bottom of his chest first. Sergio pulls out and strokes for his own nut. His jizz explodes out, first landing on the top of Tate’s chest.”That was some fucking hard work,” Sergio notes. “I need a shower and a beer,” Tate notes.What do you need after watching that scene? LOL!

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    Sergio Valen & Tate Thompson

  • Bukake for the Holidays!December 25th, 2013

    A BSB Christmas video for the ages. Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford walk into the studio with slips of paper. Seems like the lads have been promised a gift of some sort.Tristan Stiles joins the group, all excited. “What you all get,” he wonders.”Blow jobs,” everyone exclaims in unison.”I got loads of presents,” Tristan announces as he holds up his slip. Poor lad.

    Do you think he doesn’t understand the meaning of load? LOL! Tristan seems confused, but Cage says it perfectly. “Don’t act brand new,” he notes.Tristan gets on his knees and the lads surround him, their dicks pulled out for servicing. “I don’t think I like all these surprises,” Tristan moans. His lament doesn’t last long because he opens wide and swallows all of Duncan’s sword. A Christmas miracle considering the size of Duncan’s wang!Next he moves on to Cage. Ian is next, but Tristan jerks off Kaden as he takes care of Ian.”Suck that chocolate stick,” Kaden demands as Ian goes down on him. Paul is next.

    Finally newbie Dakota Ford gets some lips on his impressive tool.”Get this white chocolate,” Dakota chuckles. Tristan starts the circle all over again, his gullet filled with Duncan’s meat. He moves on to Cage, who whispers encouragement. Then it’s Ian’s and Kaden’s turns. Paul’s johnson gets slick with Ian’s spit. Same with Dakota.

    Tristan leans back on his haunches, and opens wide. Everyone begins to jerk over his face. The newbie is first, his load shooting past Tristan’s face. Paul leaves his seed right below Ian’s eye. Kaden’s jizz coats Tristan’s cheek. Duncan’s man milk hits the forehead and eyes. As for Ian, he leaves a deposit on the cheek. Then there’s Cage, whose cum shots are always copious. He shoots in the eyes, soaking both!

    Thank goodness Tristan kept those eyelids closed! Tristan’s face drips with man goo, the type Santa drinks after he’s done delivering presents. LOL! “That’s what you call loads of gifts,” Dakota announces.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, & newbie Dakota Ford

  • In this update Vinnie Steel will get to know what a tight male ass feels like. Ian Dempsey’s delicious booty will be the place where this test happens. “It’s only gay if you make it gay,” Vinnie says the cameraman. “That’s my catch phrase for the day.” As to be expected, Vinnie is nervous, but he has no need to worry. Ian will be his “shepherd.” How many of us would love to have Ian as a guide? LOL! When the two strip, Vinnie insists he and Ian didn’t plan to wear similar underwear. Sure, Vinnie. If you say so! LOL! Vinnie sucks first, opening his mouth for Ian’s piece. For a  newbie, Vinnie has the deep throat down. He should offer lessons. Doesn’t even choke or gag! LOL! “Not bad for a first time, huh,” Vinnie says to Ian.

    “Not at all,” Ian answers back. It’s time for Ian to return the favor. “Yeah, suck that,” Vinnie murmurs. Ian likes to do what he’s told, especially if it involves some pole love. He slobbers all over it, like an ice cream cone. “All the way down,” Vinnie commands. Ian does so, his nose getting tickled by pube hair. Vinnie gives Ian a reach around for his efforts. It’s eating ass time, but Ian is doing the feasting.

    He puts his face between those two pale cheeks and slobbers all over the hairy hole. “Yeah, that’s it,” Vinnie moans. He grabs Ian’s head so his scene partner won’t take his tongue away.  After getting his ass rimmed, Vinnie lubes up to fuck. Ian gets all on fours and Vinnie parts those ass globes. He slow strokes Ian, making sure everything is felt. This might be his first time fucking a guy, but Ian knows how to pleasure a bottom. He smacks those cheeks as he stuffs that booty. Ian gets on his back and Vinnie gets back home. The fucking is balls deep and deliberate.

    “Oh, fuck,” Ian moans.”Take that dick,” Vinnie orders. Ian jerks himself as he gets filled. The two boys are moaning and groaning, more than ready to pop. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Ian announces. His jizz explodes all over his side, making it wet and juicy. Vinnie doesn’t pull out at first. He keeps fucking that ass. He does eventually remove his dick from that boy cunt, and strokes until his cum coats the top of Ian’s smooth stomach.

    When given props for his screwing skills, Vinnie gives an answer that might make a T-shirt: “It’s only gay if you make it gay.”

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Vinnie Steel & Ian Dempsey

  • BSB introduces Dakota Ford, our newest model and a star in the making. As he strips down, discover what makes this sexy stud get emotional and hear him talk about his family life, his tour in the military, and hooking up with a guy.

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    Bonus: Behind The Scenes
    Dakota Ford

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