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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • At the start of today’s video there seems to be a little confusion of where people should sit. Damien Kyle takes the middle. That is an appropriate spot for the cute model
    because he’s getting fucked today. Next to him are Paul Canon and Cage Kafig, the dudes who will get a piece of that ass. “So I asked if you have ever done a train,” the cameraman says. None of the lads have had the pleasure. The cameraman and Paul get into a debate about Florida and its football teams (southern lads love them some pig skin). Cage just looks like he’s ready to go. The attention is returned to Damien, who looks slightly scared. “These guys go rough, dude. Seriously,” he complains to the cameraman. There’s a request for a little gentleness, but Cage and Paul laugh. “We”ll be friends later on tonight,” Paul notes. While Cage isn’t in the mood for chitchat, he does offer a bold prediction. “This is going to be the number one video of the year,” he assures.

    After Paul does a little dance move, the three studs take off their shirts. There’s some banter about who has the better body. Damien is proud of his abs and tells his scene
    partners they need to catch up. LOL! Soon everyone is naked, on the bed, shaking their backsides to the camera. Paul’s booty has the most juice, jiggling as he shakes it. The boys finally decide on how to start. Paul sucks Damien’s meat and Cage has a go at Paul’s. The joking stops because now everybody is about the business of nut busting. Paul swallows everything Damien has, treating it like the meat candy it is. Cage’s mouth is stretched out by Paul’s pud, but Cage is a unhappy camper. “I’m missing out,” he whines. LOL! That’s soon fixed. Paul gets on his back and takes care of Cage’s cock. As for Damien, he goes down on Paul. Paul deep throats Cage’s monster, getting it shiny with spit and pre-cum.

    “Shit,” Cage exclaims. Damien’s oral work is getting Paul all excited, but we all know the main course is being prepared. Damien gets on his hands and knees. The others lube up and put condoms on. Paul has Damien move his sweet ass back a bit. In one slow motion, Damien’s man cave is filled to the brim. He moans as Paul slowly fucks him. Next thing you know Cage is behind Paul. Those perky cheeks get spread by Cage’s pole. “Hold on for a second,” Paul asks as Cage starts to slow stroke him. “Don’t you pull out,” Damien commands. Soon Cage is fucking Paul, and Paul is giving it to Damien. Paul doesn’t even have to move because the force of Cage’s strokes push him into Damien. Beads of sweat form on Paul’s booty. After a few more strokes, Cage pulls out.

    “Suck this dick,” he demands of Damien. Damien is on his back, his mouth open for the pole. As for Paul, he gets back in that tighter hole. Damien is getting royally stuffed today. His moans are muffled by the length of Cage’s rod. Paul is balls deep on each stroke, making Damien yell out. “Hell, yeah,” Cage says. He wants some of that Damien butt. Who wouldn’t? LOL! Damien is turned around, his hole corned by Cage. Damien slobbers on Paul’s sausage. Cage fucks fast and furious, going in as far as he can. “Oh, fuck,” Damien whimpers. He can’t talk for long because Paul wants that tongue on his meat.

    “Keep going. I’m going to cum,” Damien moans.His load coats his hand as he jerks it. Cage stays in for a few more hits before pulling out. Paul puts his tool down Damien’s warm throat. Cage’s jizz makes Damien’s pubes all wet and slick. Paul is next. His cum first lands on Damien’s tongue. The rest coats his cheeks and lips. After everyone calms down, Cage comes up with a perfect title for this scene: “Spin the bottom,” he says. What do you think?

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage

  • JJ Masters Shows OffNovember 28th, 2013

    Newbie stud JJ Masters is taking it easy in our studio chair today. Does anyone think JJ looks a little bit like Gene Kelly (Google his name)? The
    dude with the cute smile, and big arms, is here because there never seems to be enough money. “You gotta do something,” JJ says to the cameraman. “Bills to pay.”
    The 20-year-old likes anything that gets him out the house.

    He used to wrestle in high school and has an eclectic taste in music. Don’t be making fun of his country tunes! He has a girlfriend, but she doesn’t know where he is. She thinks he’s hanging out with a friend. Which he is, technically. When JJ loses the shirt, he flexes and those muscles look tasty. He is a fan of his chest and shoulders. His booty is compact, and those thighs need to be nibbled. JJ sits on the chair, naked, and strokes his tool. After awhile it plumps, and that fat thing looks even tastier than his thighs. Cut with nice set of balls.

    When he stands up, we get a great view of JJ’s bod, from his chiseled chest to broad shoulders. The boy isn’t paying us any attention though. He’s too busy taking care of his needs. And earning that money! LOL! The boy’s breathing gets a bit shallow, and his rod gets even bigger. He gets on the bed, spreading those fine legs apart. JJ doesn’t believe in fancy stroking techniques.

    Keeps it simple. He grabs his head as the pleasure increases. “Getting close,” the cameraman asks. “Yep,” JJ whispers.His stroking speed picks up. JJ’s mouth stays partly open. He licks his lips and soon cum shoots straight up. It lands all over his thigh. Even coats his balls.
    So? Should JJ bring his tool back?

    Click to see the entire scene with
    JJ Masters


  • Interview with Alan NorthNovember 26th, 2013

    Sexy newbie Alan North has beat all the odds and come out on top….literally! In this interview, Alan reveals just how rough life was for him growing up, how the military has made him the man he is today, and what the future may hold for this up and coming Broke Straight Boy.

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    Bonus: Behind The Scenes
    Alan North

  • Romeo Fucks CageNovember 25th, 2013

    Poor Cage. He looks so forlorn when this update starts. We soon learn the reason for his upset.
    “I’m excited about this scene Cage because you’re going to get fucked,” the cameraman says to the stud. “I’ve been looking to it for a quite awhile,” the cameraman continues. “I bet you have,” Cage replies. “He’s excited,” Romeo, the dude who will own Cage’s ass virginity, says. Easy for him to say,no? The cameraman asks Cage what he thinks he’ll feel. “It will probably hurt,” Cage replies. Come on Cage! It won’t be that bad! LOL!

    “I’ll break him in nice,” Romeo promises. That seems to make Cage more uncomfortable, but after some silence he gets revved up. “Stick that dick in my butt, baby,” Cage announces. Hell yeah.”That brings a laugh from Romeo and the two studs strip. Cage isn’t pleased with the speed of his scene partner’s undress. Should Cage really be giving grief to the guy who is about to break in his booty. “I was going to fuck you nice, but now whatever,” Romeo warns. “Just remember pay back is a bitch,” Cage answers.

    With that Romeo opens his mouth and swallows Cage’s cock. His nose scratches against pube hair. “Fuck, yeah,” Cage whispers.
    Romeo knows how to make Cage happy. At least for now. LOL! Spit slicks up that hard shaft. Romeo comes up air, but gets a passionate kiss for his efforts. Cage goes down on Romeo. His toes curl as he slobbers all over Romeo’s rod. “Suck that cock,” Romeo orders. Cage can only get so far. No deep throating for him, but his tongue does the trick. Romeo keeps his hand on the back of Cage’s neck. It’s like he’s worried the stud will go somewhere. “That good,” Cage asks.
    “Yeah. Good job,” Romeo replies. There’s another round of passionate lip lock before Cage gets on top of Romeo. This allows for some sweet 69. Cage’s mouth overflows with the sausage that is about to bust him open. Both boys moan and groan as they orally take care of each other. Cage even takes a swipe at Romeo’s nuts. The boys kiss before Cage gets his back. It’s time, baby! Romeo lubes up and slowly puts his meat in that hot boy pussy.”How does that feel,” Romeo wonders. “Fuck,” Cage replies.

    But this is Cage we’re talking about. His seal is broken, but he’s going to take charge. “Yeah, fuck that ass,” Cage demands. “Nice tight hole,” Romeo notes. “Oh, my God,” Cage cries as Romeo starts to go balls deep. The pounding picks up and Cage moves away. However, Romeo brings him back on his tool. “How does that feel,” Romeo asks. “Not going to lie,” Cage responds. “It hurts.”Bite that pillow Cage!Romeo is filling that ass up. He leans in and plants a kiss on Cage’s lips. Cage gets in the doggie position. “Back it up for me,” Romeo orders.

    Cage does back that sweet ass up, working it like a pro. Romeo grabs his ankles as Cage pushes his cheeks back on that pole. Romeo takes over and Cage’s moans get louder. He throws his head back as he gets pummeled. Before Cage gets on his side, the two studs make out. Romeo gets his dick back where it belongs.”Fuck that ass,” Cage commands. Romeo pumps away. Slow stuffing that virgin hole. Cage busts a nut that covers his chest. Romeo pulls out, stroking a load that covers Cage’s hole, nuts, and dick.”Thank you for being my first,” Cage says after the studs kiss. How can you not find this dude hot? Love him and Romeo! LOL!

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Romeo & Cage

  • Don’t worry. You don’t need glasses! That is Spencer “Red Rocket” Todd kissing Ian Dempsey. As the studs smooch, they take off their shirts and pants. Spencer continues to be a muscle stud with red freckles. The boys stand in their underwear, pulling johnsons and sucking face.
    “Get on your knees and suck my dick,” Spencer commands. He hasn’t lost his straight boy edge, huh? The boys slip out of their underwear, their dicks nice and plump. Ian opens up and swallows RR. Looks up in the stud’s face. Man! Isn’t Ian a sexy dude?! He gets a taste of ginger pubes, as Spencer guides him to his prize “Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans.

    He starts to gently face fuck Ian. Nothing brutal. Doesn’t gag him with meat. Ian slobbers all over the shaft, getting it slick. “You want me to suck your dick,” Spencer asks. Such a silly question! Ian gets on the bed and Spencer opens up. He might not have been in our studio for awhile, but Spencer remembers a few oral tricks. “Oh, God yes,” Ian whispers as he wipes an effort tear from his face. Sucking the Red Rocket takes some work.
    Spencer goes up and down on Ian’s dong, choking on it. His mouth overflows with spit.

    Keep it juicy, Spencer! Keep it juicy. His tongue swirls around Ian’s second head, making his scene partner throw his head back. There’s a brief kiss before Spencer tells Ian to get on his knees. Spencer’s pole is ready to play. He puts some lube on and once that big thing is in, Spencer goes full stroke.

    He makes Ian grab the side of the bed as he pile drives that ass. “Oh, fuck,” Ian whispers.
    The pounding makes Ian’s butt cheeks wiggle from the impact. Spencer’s eyes are closed, so he’s not paying too much attention to his partner’s grunts. Just making sure that Ian remembers who busted that booty a week from now.”Get on your back,” Spencer demands. Ian does so, and Ian gets a chance to go deeper than before. He holds Ian by the thigh and calf as he stuffs that man hole.”Oh, fuck me,” Ian begs.

    Spencer begins to mumble “oh, yeah” on each down stroke. “You like that don’t you,” Spencer asks. Can’t fuck like this without someone blowing a load. Ian is first. His juice lands all over his abs. Spencer takes a few more jabs before pulling out. He starts stroking his meat over Ian’s open mouth. When he nuts, the first spurt hits Ian’s tongue. The rest coats Ian’s entire face, from his hair, cheeks, and chin. “Good job,” Spencer says.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Spencer Todd & Ian Dempsey

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