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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Kaden Alexander & ColbySeptember 29th, 2013

    Look who made a quick return?! Colby the newbie! We just saw him do a pretty hot solo. He’s back, sharing the couch with Kaden “Mr Energy” Alexander.
    Colby will be sucking his first dick today. He’s hella nervous. Eight on a scale of 10. Kaden tells him not to worry.

    “It tastes just like chocolate,” Kaden says.

    And with that the two get up and strip to their underwear. They sit back on the couch and offer each other a helping hand. Kaden’s knob gets hard first. Then Colby’s. After they get naked, Kaden puts his head in Colby’s crotch and sucks away. When asked about Kaden’s oral skills, Colby gives the seal of approval with a “pretty good.” Kaden gets Colby’s baby maker all slick with spit, even chokes a bit. Colby pushes his head down to make Kaden take more in his mouth. The time has arrived for Colby to apply what he’s learned.

    “Suck this chocolate stick, bitch,” Kaden jokes.

    Colby smiles and slowly starts. His tongue makes Kaden curse and moan. Colby doesn’t deep throat, but takes enough of that leaky hose that Kaden offers the newbie a reach around.  Colby swallows the spit and pre-cum as he sucks away. “Lick that shit,” Kaden commands.  Colby might be a newbie, but he’s learning today. He does have to come up for air because his jaw muscles aren’t used to this type of work. When the cameraman wonders how it feels, Colby offers a sly smile.

    “It’s not that bad,” he replies.

    Colby stands up so Kaden can have another round on that pole. The studio is filled with the sounds of the models moaning. Kaden breathes through his nose, and strokes his sausage, as he takes care of Colby. He’s working overtime to make Colby nut. His tongue swirls around Colby’s head, but soon the newbie’s hips start to move. He’s fucking Kaden’s mouth.

    “Getting close,” Colby whispers. “Going to cum.”

    Kaden keeps his mouth on that drum stick and when Colby nuts, all his juice coats Kaden’s soft tongue. He even keeps sucking after Colby’s chopper has shot out its man seed portion for today. Colby hits his knees and sucks away at Kaden.
    “Less teeth more lip,”Kaden advises.

    Colby deep throats that hog, his neck muscles contracting from all the effort.

    “Fuck,” Kaden yells.

    Colby is taking that tool to the root. Kaden curses and moans, as Colby looks up for approval.
    Kaden pulls out of the newbie’s mouth and starts to jerk his meat. Colby doesn’t look like he wants any of that cum near his face, but he’s game.
    “Open up that mouth, bitch,” Kaden commands. Colby does so, and Kaden’s cream lands on Colby’s upper lip and out stretched tongue. He laps up on Kaden’s dong, making sure the nectar stays in his mouth. Some will moan/complain/protest/whine Colby didn’t swallow Kaden’s tasty jizz, but no need to push the newbie too far. Yet! LOL!

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    Kaden Alexander & Colby

  • Romeo James Fucks Ian DempseySeptember 27th, 2013

    Romeo is such a romantic dude. Ian also! LOL. The two hotties start this video making out in the couch. There’s kissing, nibbling, and some licking. As they make out, they strip to the underwear. Romeo licks Ian’s armpit, and then they get naked. Both are ready for oral action, their tools sticking straight out. Romeo sucks first. He gets on his knees and swallows what  Ian is offering. As he takes care of Ian’s meat, Romeo makes sure to caress the heavy nuts.
    Ian whispers encouragement, enjoying the warmth of Romeo’s mouth. Can you blame him?

    Romeo comes up for a kiss, which Ian gladly returns. He then gets on his knees to take care of Romeo’s rod.

    “Fucking suck that cock,” Romeo whispers.

    Ian does so, taking it to the root. His nose is pressed against Romeo’s pubes. He looks up, those pretty eyes wondering if he’s doing a good job. LOL! Romeo’s moans of appreciation tell Ian all he needs to know.  Ian stands up and the two kiss some more, smacking sounds filling the studio. Their hard dicks bump into each other as they swap spit.  Romance is over. LOL! Ian gets on his hands and knees, and Romeo gets behind him. In one stroke he’s in that boy hole. Ian does ask for some more lube, and Romeo obliges. A kind top.

    Ian bites his lip and loudly moans. He even puts a hand on on Romeo’s stomach to keep him from going so deep. Romeo pummels that hole, making it anew.

    There might be some pain, but look at Ian’s cock. Straight out and hard. He gets on his side and Ian returns to that boy pussy. As he pounds , he nibbles on Ian’s chest and thigh. Kissing interrupts a few strokes.
    “Oh, fuck,” Ian whimpers.

    Romeo gives Ian a reach around as he fucks that butt. He puts Ian on his back so he can better access his prize. Ian cries out because this position allows Romeo to go even deeper. Don’t let the cries fool you. Ian is delirious for that dick. Romeo feels the same way about that ass.
    Ian busts a juicy load that coats all that smooth skin around his belly button. Romeo pulls out and his cum slathers Ian’s chest and stomach.
    Good fucking requires good kissing. Which is what we get at the end!

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    Romeo & Ian

  • Johnny, Paul & AbelSeptember 25th, 2013

    Abel Conrad, unfortunately, only did a solo for us. However, on the positive side the newbie has returned big time by sitting next to BSB stalwarts Paul Canon and Johnny Forza.”Throw him right into a threesome,” Johnny observes to the cameraman.”This is the best way to break some one in real quick,” Paul says as he snaps his fingers.
    “Sink or swim,” the cameraman says.
    “I can’t swim,” Abel counters.

    Abel isn’t sure what’s going to happen, but he did need some money. Paul says not to worry.
    “It’s not that hard,” Paul says. “The hardest thing is going to be our cocks.” And with that, all three studs strip. Paul has Abel stand up. Johnny gets between Paul’s thighs. Paul’s tongue action does the trick for Abel. As for Johnny, sucking off Paul gets his johnson nice and plump.
    Heavy breathing and lip smacking sounds fill the studio. Abel looks like he’s about to pop any minute from all the work Paul does on that tool.
    The lads cross it up, with Johnny in the middle. Paul goes to town on his meat, while Abel sits next to Johnny. Abel watches for a bit, taking notes. Then gets a chance to show off his skills. The newbie goes to town on that pole, focusing on the head.

    Paul takes over again, showing the newbie that the slow way is always best. He also demonstrates how to deep throat. Johnny grabs Paul’s locks as his dick is getting some royal treatment. Paul gets on his hands and knees. Johnny lubes up his pickle and enters that boy hole. As for Abel, his job is too keep Paul quiet as he gets plowed. Who wouldn’t want that gig?  Johnny grabs Paul’s back as he fucks. Paul is getting a goodly pounding today.
    “Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.
    “Why don’t you fuck me now, big boy.”

    Abel likes this idea. He also loves those cheeks, grabbing one as he gives Paul what he’s got.
    “You like that,” Abel asks.
    Paul can’t answer because his mouth is filled with Johnny’s dick.  Paul makes a tasty treat in an Abel and Johnny sandwich, no?
    Abel’s thrusts gets more powerful. Paul gets on his back so Abel can dig deeper in that ass. Johnny is over Paul watching the show.

    The show proves too good for Johnny. He shoots his load in Paul’s open mouth. Paul takes a taste, but spits it out. However, he does shoot a copious load as he gets fucked by Abel. Abel keeps pounding that Paul hole until he pulls out. His jizz lands all over Paul’s ass portal. Hopefully Abel comes back. Paul has to return the favor.

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    Johnny, Paul & Abel

  • Introducing ColbySeptember 23rd, 2013

    The best models are the honest ones. Meet cutie Colby. When asked to explain why he’s broke, he offers the only answer that matters.
    “I’m broke because I don’t have money,” Colby says to the cameraman.
    Hard not to love a straight forward response.
    He’s a student now but, when he was working, Colby was a waiter. A very good one to hear him tell it. 🙂 He’s skateboarder and snowboarder. Likes the mountains.

    Colby has no gal pal right now, but doesn’t seem too worried.
    “I still get what I want,” he says with a grin that would make the normal person wet.
    As he gets rid of clothes, Colby admits he’s only been nude in front of friends. He retells his first time jerking off. Colby and two friends were stroking it. He assures there was no touching.
    He did measure his dick once, but can’t remember what the measurements were. Colby jacks off twice a day, morning or night. He feels himself up as he shares his jacking routine. All of this gets him hard.

    When he starts his show, the stud strokes his chest. He breathes slowly and wags that big old dick to the camera.
    Colby keeps his attention on his bloated head. There’s no rush to his technique.
    When he gets the bed, Colby is on his stomach. That fine ass points to the ceiling. He looks at the camera, as if he knows what we want to do to him.:-) When he spreads his butt cheeks, there’s a peek of his virgin hole. Listen to the slight tremor in his breathing when he sticks a finger in that boy butt. Do you think Colby might like something bigger?

    On his knees, that hole winks at us. At least it looks like it does:-) Colby is ready to bust, so he sits down and strokes away. His toes curl and, with no warning, his pubes and inner thigh get covered in cum. Like a lot of it!
    So what do you think? Should he come back?

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  • Sergio Valen & Kaden AlexanderSeptember 21st, 2013

    Kaden Alexander has returned to the BSB fold. The dude with enough energy to power a mid-size city has been doing a little working and working out his tight bod. Standing next to him is Sergio Valen. These two have recently been gym buddies, getting toned just for us. “This man right here, we’ve been working out together,” Sergio says as he gives Kaden a playful tap. Kaden will be getting fucked today. While he acts like he would prefer not to, we all know Kaden’s hot backside is only happy when it’s getting tapped.The two strip to their undies. Sergio points out his skivvies have the BSB name on the top.The two models have been going to the gym two times a day.

    “After this we’ll probably work out,” Kaden says.
    A video of the two fuck buddies hitting the gym would be a classic, no?
    They lads have some chitchat as they work their tools. Sergio teases Kaden about how his ass will soon be stuffed.
    “Cowboy up,” Sergio says. “It only hurts for a minute.”
    This potential t-shirt saying cracks both models up, but doesn’t get Kaden hard. Sergio’s nasty ol’ thing is curved and ready to play. Kaden sits down and Sergio tugs at Kaden’s sausage. Soon enough Sergio swallows the tool. Whole. Kaden leans back and moans.
    “Oh, shit,” Kaden whispers.”

    Sergio laps away, the sounds of slurping filling the studio. Kaden hits his knees to return the favor. He laps at the tip of Sergio’s rod, getting it slick with spit.
    Sergio grabs Kaden’s head to make sure he get’s every inch. Kaden reaches up and strokes Sergio’s chiseled abs and chest. Sergio has had enough. He wants some of that ass. “Let me see that black booty,” he says as he throws Kaden on the bed.

    Kaden instinctively puts his legs in the air. Sergio’s sausage breaks that seal, and Kaden grits his teeth. “Work it slow,” Kaden begs.
    Sergio doesn’t listen. Once he’s in, he starts to bang Kaden pulling the bottom’s legs apart so he can get more access. Kaden holds on the bed and utters filth as he gets pounded. “Take that fucking dick,” Sergio commands. “Pound that shit,” Kaden yells back. Be careful what you wish for, Kaden. LOL
    “Pound that fucking hole,” Kaden demands. Sergio does, making Kaden cry out in in pain. And ecstasy.Sergio stops for a moment to leave wad of spit in that ass canal. He then puts Kaden on his side. When he gets back in, Sergio is balls deep. Each stroke makes Kaden curse. Kaden reaches back and holds on as he gets split open. Sergio doesn’t pay heed to Kaden’s cries. He knows what his bottom boy wants. Notice how Kaden has not put his hand on Sergio’s thigh to keep him from going in so deep. “Come on baby,” Sergio says. “Take this.”

    He pulls out and strokes his meat over Kaden’s open mouth. His load covers Kaden’s chin in cum. Kaden has to nut also. He beats his meat, with Sergio’s encouragement. Kaden’s man milk shoots out, first landing in the middle of his chest.
    The spent boys high-five and head off to the gym for a second work out.

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    Sergio Valen & Kaden Alexander

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