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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Nope, you didn’t read the title wrong. Jason Matthews and Johnny Forza!

    “We’re going to teach Johnny Forza how to have a good time,” Jason says to the camera.

    Who can disagree with that? LOL! The good time starts immediately with full lip locking. Jason even licks Johnny’s neck.

    After the romantic kissing, the two pros get naked. Johnny sucks bone first.

    “Lick my cock,” Jason whispers.

    Johnny sucks that tool. Tries to deep throat, but only can get so far. He does know the power of the tongue, so he licks Jason’s head and shaft.

    Jason puts some sweet kisses on Johnny’s lips. Then he has a go at that johnson. As Jason licks up and down that New Jersey meat, he looks in Johnny’s face. Jason even makes sure to tongue those cum heavy balls, which we can tell Johnny appreciates. LOL!

    “Oh, fuck,” Johnny whispers.

    All BSB newbies should be required to view Jason’s sword swallowing skills. Dude is a champ! He’s getting that sausage slick with spit.

    Jason then pushes Johnny’s delectable thighs to his chest. That gives Jason better access to that sweet man hole. Jason rims that booty like it’s his last meal. There’s lots of tongue and spit. Poor Johnny is almost in tears over the sensations. Jason’s tongue explores the crevices of that booty, getting it ready for something a little bigger than a tongue.

    It’s fucking time. Jason dons a condom, and gets on his back. Johnny straddles him and lowers his hole on the hard piece of meat. Johnny sounds so virginal riding Jason, like his chiseled ass has never been busted before.

    Jason starts to punned away, taking control away from Johnny. The Garden State stud might be be cursing, but look at his dick. Hard. His joy button likes what Jason is doing. Wouldn’t you?

    Johnny gets on his back, and Jason gets back home. He’s dicking Johnny so he’ll walk funny the next day. One of Johnny’s legs is on on Jason’s shoulder, the other to the side. Has Johnny ever looked better? LOL!

    The fucking gets faster, Johnny grimacing with each stroke. But you can only pound a man so long until he pops. Johnny’s load explodes all over his hand.

    Jason, a considerate top, pulls out and strokes his own nut. His man mils shoots out in multiple spurts.

    He leans in for a kiss before everything goes black. The cameraman probably passed out. LOL!

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Johnny Forza Jason Matthews

  • There’s something special about two cornfed country boys sitting on a bed together. In this latest BSB Update Griffin’s ass is getting severely pounded and Brandon Beal’s big thick cock will be doing said pounding! Griffin is a bit nervous about sitting on Brandon’s cock, he’s a little intimidated by the sheer girth of Brandon’s monster.

    Brandon offers the best advice about getting busted.

    “It sucks at first. Relax, and it happens. Then you get it over with,” Brandon offers.

    Another motto in the making! LOL!

    The two strip. When the clothes are gone, Griffin sucks first. He tugs at Brandon’s bone, getting it hard and stiff.

    “Oh, yeah,” Brandon encourages.

    Griffin gets into it, stroking his own tool. He laps Brandon’s nuts and deep throats. Sure he gags, but he doesn’t let that keep him away from his duty. Want to know how sexed up Griffin is? His toes are curling as he’s sucking.

    “All right. My turn,” Brandon says.

    He puts his head in Griffin’s lap and blows away. Griffin’s shaft gets all shiny with spit.

    “Oh, shit dude,” Griffin moans.

    Soon enough, it’s time for the main event. Griffin gets on his hands and knees. Brandon puts lube on his tube steak. When he his head gets in the hole, Griffin’s body shakes from the shock. Soon it’s ball deep stroking, with Griffin holding on. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio.

    “Oh, my God,” Griffin whimpers.

    He might be feeling some pain, but his dick tells the story. It is sticking straight out.

    Griffin gets on his back, those fine hairy legs in the air. Brandon gets his johnson back in. He even jerks Griffin’s big ol’ cock. Brandon pulls Griffin’s thighs apart so he can get more booty.

    “Take that dick,” Brandon commands.

    Griffin’s joy button can take only so much pounding. The sexy lad shoots so hard he almost gets a self facial.

    Brandon stands over Griffin, whose soft tongue is sticking out. When the top stud nuts, his load lands on Griffin’s tongue and mouth.

    “Now swallow for me,” Brandon says.

    The bottom boy gulps all the man nectar down. Delicious!

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Brandon Beal & Griffin Matthews

  • Cage Shows OffAugust 26th, 2013

    Cage is a 20-year-old Kentucky boy. Like most southern lads, his mother raised him right because
    he answers questions with “yes, sir.”

    He has no hardship tale. Cage just likes to spend money.

    “Just for extra spending money,” he says when asked why he’s jerking it in the BSB studio. “Just to
    have fun.”

    When it comes to where his cash goes for this fun, Cage is pretty basic.

    “Cars. Trucks. Toys. All sorts of things,” he says. “Shoes.”

    The slim stud is sporting some rocky green sneakers to match that green shirt. LOL!

    He has a girlfriend, but she isn’t fully up on the details of his trip. He told her he was “out here
    modeling,” which is all true.

    “As long as I bring home money,” Cage adds with a laugh.

    Smart girl, no.

    He’s never been with a guy, but has gay friends. You’ll fall for him when he tells the story of
    catching two of his friends in bed. He thought they were doing a girl, but another guy was involved.

    “Turned the light on. Turned the light off and walked right out. Kind of petrified me,” Cage retells.

    They didn’t notice him.

    Give Cage props for having eclectic musical taste. It ranges from Brad Paisley and Lil Wayne fan.

    When asked about his sexual fantasies, Cage offers nothing in particular. However, he does give a
    perfect BSB t-shirt slogan.

    “You got try everything at least once,” Cage says.

    Lovers of tats will drool over Cage. He has them on his chest, arm and back. Although he’s a
    newbie, Cage lacks any nerves.

    “Just another day at work,” Cage notes.

    He gets naked and starts jerking. His meat is one of those that curves to the side. It resembles the
    owner. Long, thin and sturdy. No wonder his girl can’t keep up with Cage’s needs. LOL!

    The stud plays to the camera, looks at us like he knows we want it. Which is true. LOL!

    We get a shot of his extremely hairy butt hole.

    Cage isn’t an eager stroker. Takes his time. Doesn’t rush things. A man with the slow hand is the
    best kind. Soon though, Cage has to bust. And does he! Five spurts of cum explode from his
    monster. One even hits his shoulder.

    “Told ya,” Cage smiles. “It was saved up.”

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  • “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.” In this latest BSB update we’ve got Romeo James and Damien Kyle, in what can only be described as an epic love scene. The boys chit chat for a moment with the camera man but then they dive into the scene. The kissing is intensely passionate, their bodies grind and writhe in pleasure as their lips and tongues stay almost permanently connected. Something about this pair is special. Chemistry this magnetic cannot be denied!

    They practically rip each other’s clothes off and continue to make out in the nude. Always the gentlemen, Romeo sucks his partner first. He’s teases Damien’s cock with his tongue and lips but is sure to deep throat it as often as possible. Damien’s blood is boiling and he can barely contain himself.

    After ensuring that Damien’s dick was pleasured thoroughly, Romeo suggests something new.

    “Here, suck this,” Romeo commands as he gets on his back.

    Damien sucks Romeo’s dick like his life depends on it. It was already hard as rock but know Romeo cock could cut diamonds. Damien maintains eye contact the entire time. Romeo looks him in his eyes and he stuffs his cock deep down his throat. They’re taking intimacy to another level in this scene!

    “Ride me,” he says to his “Juliet.” LOL!!

    Damien lubes up the sausage, and his hole, and has a bare seat. Romeo starts to immediately pound balls deep. No need for Damien to get used to sensation. LOL!

    Damien groans, but his tool is ready to pop. His spot is getting jammed to the max by Romeo’s spear.

    “Get on your side,” Romeo suggests.

    Damien does so, and Romeo gets back in.

    “Pound me,” Damien orders.

    “You like that,” Romeo asks.

    “Fuck, yeah,” Damien replies.

    They pick up the pace and hit a full on hardcore ass fucking. Damien can’t control himself.

    “You like that,” Romeo inquires.

    “I fucking love it,” Damien answers.
    Romeo is pounding Damien like a piece of veal.  Romeo’s cock plunges inside him harder and faster with each stroke. Romeo is getting close to his nut.

    “Come, on. Oh my, God,” Damien cries.

    “Cum for me,” Romeo orders.

    Damien cums. It’s a nice thick load. Romeo stays inside Damien and continues to fuck him hard until he cums.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Romeo James & Damien Kyle

  • We’ve seen the dreamy side of Johnny in Venus As A Boy, but now we get to see this down home country boy in all his glory. Fall in love with Johnny all over again as we go behind the scenes with Broke Straight Boys favorite Johnny Forza. Watch Johnny preparing for his scenes, filming one of his toughest scenes to date (underwater), and goofing off!

    Click to see more
    Bonus: Behind The Scenes w/
    Johnny Forza


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