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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Turnback Tuesday: In this archive behind the scenes watch Bobby and Mark get all lubed up by Darren. They get down and dirty to get all oiled up and grabbing all the right places. Check out some cock throbbing man on man wrestle action now!

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    Bonus: Behind The Scenes w/
    Mark & Bobby

  • Kyle Johnson Shows OffJuly 29th, 2013

    Gentlemen, this is Kyle! He’s a college student, pre-med, and he needs to pay his tuition. Beyond his scholarly pursuits, this guy has a bit of an addiction to casinos. He’s blown a ton of cash gambling and some of that cash was for tuition. His addiction is so intense that his girlfriend decided she couldn’t take it. So he’s single and he’s ready to jack his cock for your viewing pleasure.

    He strips down and shows us his lean body. He has nice nipples and a sexy flat stomach. He snatches his underwear off revealing his fat cock and starts stroking it as he recounts the first time he jacked off. He shares that he was a freshman in high school watching porn with a friend and it just happened.

    Kyle jerks fast, he loves to feel that swift sensation of his hand on his cock. His cock is rock hard so he adds a few pumps of lube and begins to jack his cock slower. He plays with his nipples as he slow stroked his meat. He gets comfortable on the bed and shows us his hole while he jerks off.

    He slides one finger inside, then another. His dick gets harder from pleasure of his fingers inside his untouched virgin hole. He jerks slow then fast, adds some lube to his dick and then to his nipples. Soon enough he reaches his peak and busts a nut all over his chest and licks some of it off of his fingers.


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    Kyle Johnson

  • Denver Pride Fest 2013July 28th, 2013

    The Broke Straight Boys go to Denver Pride and its a great time. Check out Denver Pridefest and see the boys enjoy the festival and the parade, watch as Kaden gives a few hot lap dances, and hear from a few fans who came out to meet the boys–some as far away as China!

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    Bonus: Behind The Scenes
    Denver Pride Fest 2013

  • Reunited and it feels so good! Looks like our buddies Johnny Forza and Adam Baer are hitting the skins again! If you remember their last romp was poolside and Adam gave Johnny’s tight ass a good fucking. This time Johnny is getting his turn at bat.

    Our guys quickly strip down to their respective birthday suits and Johnny leans in on Adam’s dick to give it some much needed oral attention. Johnny licks and slurps on Adam’s hard dick. Johnny takes his time on Adam’s thick cock and jacks his own hard dick as well. They switch and Adam works on Johnny’s sausage. Adam is serious about sucking this cock, Johhny’s appreciation for Adam’s tireless attention to detail goes without saying but he gives him a kiss to show his gratitude.

    It’s time for some ass! Johnny lubes up with wet cock, Adam assumes the doggie position on the bed, and they’re off. Johnny slams his meat inside Adam and begins to fuck him slowly, but he quickly speeds up. The sensation of his raw cock inside Adam feels too good to go slow, he fucks Adam mercilessly.

    “Oh, fuck,” Johnny says.

    Adam breathes loudly and curses when the fucking speed picks up.

    “Oh, fuck,” he whimpers.

    Johnny is slamming Adam like he is trying to slit him in half. Adam closes his eyes. Either he’s wishing that Johhny’s dick will magically get smaller or he’s hoping that Johhny will fuck him just a little harder. Adam’s bubble butt jiggles as he wishes with his eyes closed.

    Johnny gets on his back, and Adam straddles him. The camera gives a closeup as Adam’s hole is re-stuffed. Those juicy cheeks ride Johnny slowly as Adam’s hole readjusts to Johnny’s monster dick.

    Johnny decided he wants to take control so they switch positions.

    “Oh, fuck,” Adam whimpers.

    “Oh, yeah,” Johnny says. “Nice and deep.”
    They kiss passionately, Adam gets on his back and Johnny slides in again. Adam’s dick is stiff as board and his hole is filled to capacity, he’s in heaven.
    “Oh, shit,” Adam says.

    Adam grabs the sheets as he strokes his meat. All that pounding has done the job.

    “Here it comes,” Adam groans.

    “And he’s right. The first stream of jizz lands right above his nipple. Johnny’s load is next and the first cum shot lands on Adam’s neck.

    He leans in for a kiss. When that is over, Adam notes how covered in man nectar he is.

    “It’s everywhere,” he says.


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    Johnny Forza & Adam Baer



  • Revenge is a dick best served hard. On this latest BSB update our favorite Texan, Skyler Daniels, will be fucking Ayden Troy. If you know anything about BSB, Skyler is typically taking cock and he’s had the pleasure of getting slammed by Ayden. Well, now it’s his turn to enjoy some tight hole. Ayden doesn’t look too excited. Skyler is pretty stoked about fucking one of his favorite BSB blokes.
    After a little chit chat our studs strip down. Skyler drops to his knees and sucks Ayden, waking his soft cock from its slumber. Thorough and experienced, Skyler knows exactly how Ayden likes his dick sucked. Ayden towers of Skyler enjoying his service and admiring his wet lips sliding down his rock hard dick.

    With one last slurp, Ayden and Skyler switch. Ayden gets down on the floor and begins to suck on the dick that will be fucking him in the not too distant future. Ayden’s slow and intentional head leaves Skyler speechless. Taking shallow breaths to enjoy to warmth of Ayden’s mouth, Skyler looks down on his soon to be bottom boy.

    Skyler is ready for some ass. He slips on a condom as Ayden bends over on the bed in the doggie position. Skyler eases his hard dick inside Ayden’s asshole and begins to fuck him. Ayden can only moan and balance himself on the bed as Skyler slams his dick into his tight ass.

    “Oh, my God,” Ayden moans.

    Ayden is turned on his back, his salami hard and juicy.

    “Oh, yeah. Fuck me,” he whispers.

    Skyler slows down his stroked but digs deeper inside Ayden. He grabs Ayden’s hard dick and strokes it as he fucks his hole. Ayden relaxes himself and takes the dick. Ayden is ready to bust his nut, he quickly strokes his dick while Skyler is still inside of him. Ayden erupts a huge load onto his stomach. Skyler pulls throbbing cock out of Ayden’s tight boy hole and shoots a load on top of Ayden’s load.

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    Skyler Daniels & Ayden Troy

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