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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • The process of making our BSB scenes is a dynamic process. We capture some intense moments on camera for your viewing pleasure, but the moments we catch in between takes is just a great. Check out this Behind The Scenes footage featuring Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels. Someone had to stop production after 3 minutes of fucking. Find out why! Check it out.

    Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels


  • In this BSB Update Mick Torrence introduces the scene and his co-star, Damien Kyle. In a nutshell these sexy bros are going to flip fuck “the shit out of each other” as Mick so eloquently describes. The guys like a flip fuck more than a simple fuck session; balance is key. The gentlemen get a little more comfortable, take their shirts off and relax. They’ve spent a lot of time together this week and have become good friends, well, good “bros”. The cameraman asks them to prove their “bromance” and kiss on it. Damien his nonchalant but Mick is hesitant. They kiss for a moment and stop.

    “I think that’s worse than sucking a dick,” he states.

    With Mick’s slight discomfort in mind, they move on to the lesser of the two evils, dick sucking. Damien drops to his knees and Mick whips out his thick piece. Damien gently begins to excite Mick’s dick with his warm lips and wet mouth. Before you know it Mick is completely hard and Damien picks up the pace. He grabs it by the base to the make sure he has a good grip on the object of his attention. Mick’s big veiny cock throbs and pulsates from Damien’s five star skills. He moans as he towers over Damien, like a volcano waiting to erupt. Damien gently strokes Mick’s balls as he sucks. Mick looks extremely pleased.

    Before you know it Damien sits on the bed and Mick is slurping on his delicious dick, like a Popsicle during and a scorching day in July. Damien grabs his head and guides his cock deeper inside Mick’s wet mouth.

    “Go all the way down,” Damien commands.

    Mick obeys and deepthroats Damien’s dick effortlessly. Mick begins to stroke his dick as he tends to the needs of his good bro Damien.

    Moments later Mick gets on the bed and lubes himself up. Damien slathers his wet dick and slides inside Mick slowly. Mick’s tight hole isn’t used to visitors, especially guests Damien’s size, but it adjusts. Damien begins to dig inside Mick, his raw cock slamming deep inside Mick’s sweet hole. The intensity increasing slowly, Damien leans in to fuck him harder, then suddenly pulls Mick’s legs and ass closer so that he can fuck him deeper.

    They flip. Damien is ready to roll. From the moment Mick slides his dick inside Damien he moans nonstop, while he strokes his hard dick. Mick pumps inside Damien’s with long intentional stokes. Mick looks adoringly at his dick sliding inside Damien’s lubed hole. You can tell he like to top a lot more. He spreads Damien’s legs and fucks him faster and Damien continues to moan. Damien holds his feet in order to better receive Mick’s dick.

    “Fuck that,” Damien orders.
    “Faster!” He demands.

    Mitch obliges his bro. He fucks him hard, deep, and fast. Damien grabs his dick and jacks his until he erupts his load. Mitch slides out of Damien’s hole and jerks his cock and shoots a substantial load onto Damien’s six pack.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Damien Kyle & Mick Torrence

  • Ayden & RomeoJune 24th, 2013

    Fitness is essential! On this latest BSB update we stumble upon BSB newbie Romeo and BSB veteran Ayden pumping iron in the gym. These two lean muscular studs never miss a day! From the looks of things they might need some extra protein to make through this particular workout.

    Romeo hits the bars but his technique is flawed, so Ayden shows him how it’s supposed to be done. As Ayden prepares for another set, he notices his “bros” hard dick poking through his gym short. Romeo unleashes his dragon and the sexy pair start to 69 on the weight bench!

    Romeo makes sure Ayden’s dick is nice and hard before he wraps his lips around and begins to deep throat Aydens cocks. Romeo’s sexy tan line and hairy thighs are the icing on the cake.

    “How does that taste, bro,” Romeo wonders.

    “Delicious, bro,” Ayden says.

    The sucking is nonstop and from the looks of it both parties are giving just as good as they are getting. There is a change of positions. Ayden gets on his stomach, on the bench, and keeps up his blow job duties. Romeo takes the back of Ayden’s head and guides him to where it should be.

    “Suck that cock,” Romeo commands.

    Ayden is definitely in the moment, he slides his finger in his hole as he slurps and sucks on Romeo’s fat dick. He sucks hard imagining how it would feel is Romeo fucked him on the weight bench.

    They switch positions and Romeo serves Ayden while he stands. Ayden spits in Romeo’s mouth as thing heat up and Romeo loves every drop. His mouth is covered with pre-cum and Ayden’s spit.

    “I’m about to cum, bro,” Romeo announces.

    He does. The load makes his stomach sticky with man goo.

    Ayden starts jerking his own meat. Romeo’s face is close, but he doesn’t look like he wants a facial. LOL! Ayden’s initial stream of cum hits Romeo’s chest.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Ayden & Romeo

  • Adam & DuncanJune 24th, 2013

    They say size doesn’t matter. That’s debatable. In this latest update size is king (or queen, LOL). Duncan Tyler and Adam Baer are ready to put their mammoth cocks to work on each other. That’s right, these two hung studs are going to flip flop and we hope they don’t injure each other in the process.

    Lovable Duncan has spent quite of bit of time traveling around the country. At some point he decided to depend on the kindness of strangers and did a little hitchhiking to a few of his destinations. Unfortunately, he didn’t have had to suck any dicks in exchange for a ride, or so he reports.

    These guys are pretty familiar with the flow and quickly get undressed, revealing their dangling dicks. Adam get’s the party started by putting his warm wet lips around Duncan’s fat cock. Duncan’s meat get long and plump, Adam is giving him the head of his life.

    “Fuck,” Duncan moans.

    Adam kisses, slurps, sucks, and swallows Duncan’s dick like it’s the last popsicle in the freezer. Meanwhile, Duncan’s soft touch and gentle jacking wakes Adam’s cobra of a cock. It stands straight up, just waiting for its chance to relax inside Duncan’s deep throat.

    Adam’s jaw deserves a rest so Duncan deep throats his dick. Duncan likes it nice and wet. He sucks so well that we think he may have had some recent practice.

    “It looks like you might have had some practice while hitchhiking,” the cameraman says to Duncan.

    Duncan laughs no, but there’s no denying it. The dude has learned how to swallow a sword.

    Before you know it, it’s time to fuck. Duncan get’s into the doggy style position and we catch a glimpse of that sweet warm hole. Adam lubes his massive cock up and eases into Duncan’s tight butt. Adam is gentle at first, taking his time as he pushes his huge cock in as far as it can go. Duncan grunts, curses, and grabs on the sheets as he gets filled up. Adam puts Duncan on his back and slow strokes him until he just can’t take it anymore.

    It’s Duncan’s turn to do some damage. Duncan eases his mammoth monster inside of Adam’s asshole. Duncan digs deep but moves slow.

    “Fucking take that dick,” Duncan whispers.

    Adam obliges his request and jacks his own dick. Moments later Adam unleashes a hot creamy batch of man milk onto his torso. Shortly after Duncan shoots a huge load onto Adams body as well.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Adam & Duncan

  • Kaden & SkylerJune 20th, 2013

    Kaden has returned! It’s good to know that we didn’t scare him away. On today’s BSB adventure veteran, Skyler, joins our newbie Kaden. Not only does he have a charming smile, but Kaden also has a few important bills pending.

    “Cops like me a lot so they like to give me these tickets, invitations to court,” Kaden says to the cameraman. “So I’m going to pay my cover charge to court.”

    Kaden is understandably nervous. This is his very first taste of the delicacy known throughout the world. A meat so delicious that it’s flavor satiates the appetites of men and women alike; dick. Skyler reminisces about his first taste.

    “I felt like crying, but didn’t,” Skyler says.

    Kaden is optimistic when asked what he thinks cock will taste like.

    “It will probably taste like skin,” Kaden responds. “Cock doesn’t have a flavor. Unless it’s chocolate.”

    Skyler smiles and warns is new buddy.

    “It tastes a little different than you think,” he insists.

    The guys get things started, strip down to nothing and commence with getting those dicks nice and hard for each other. As their meat swells they give each other a hand, and slowly jack each other off. Skyler decides to show this new kid the true meaning of a blowjob. Kaden gives Skler a perfect ten!

    “He gives a better blow job than a chick,” Kaden explains.

    Skyler isn’t shy and he doesn’t hold back. He takes Kaden’s thick dick in his mouth, deep throats it, sucks the head, and licks the shaft. We hope Kaden was taking notes because soon it’s his turn at bat. Kaden grabs Skyler’s cock and begins to suck it like he’s been doing it for years. He slurps hard and sucks it like he’s trying to suck out the sweet nectar trapped inside. Skyler is pleased.

    “Oh fuck,” Skyler moans.

    Skyler decides he wants some more of Kaden’s cock and begins to slurp on it as he strokes his wet dick. Kaden reels from Skyler’s wet warm mouth all over his fat cock.

    The pleasure is written all over his handsome mug. Skyler continues to jerk and soon he reaches his peak.

    “I’m about to cum,” Skyler announces.

    Skyler’s seed shoots far beyond his torso and lands on Kaden’s side. Kaden starts to jack himself, he’s very eager to release the cream inside. Soon enough he shoots a thick load on his sexy stomach.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Kaden & Skyler

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