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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Duncan Tyler, an old BSB favorite, has returned. Duncan found himself a regular job, so he hasn’t been a Broke Straight Boy officially for a while now.
    “A weekly paycheck is cool,” Duncan says. “The daily work sucks.”
    “I get paid to break stuff,” Duncan notes.
    Fortunately for us, he doesn’t manage money well.

    Our boy Johnny caught a glimpse of Duncan’s dick earlier and he’s really glad that he’s not getting fucked with what he called a “horse cock”. He also told Duncan to stay far away from his girlfriend.

    The pair find their way to the bed, whip out their beautiful cocks and get the party started. Duncan may have been missing in action for a while but he sure didn’t forget how to suck dick. In less then a minute Johnny’s meat is at full salute and Duncan isn’t done with it. He sucks it deep and strokes it softly, sometimes playing with the balls. Johnny just leans back and watches the show.

    Soon enough, Johhny shoves Duncan’s horse cock down his throat and begins sucking and licking like his life depended on it. Duncan strokes his dick while Johhny kisses, licks and sucks on the horse cock like he wants him to shoot a sticky load all over his sweet little mouth.

    “Let’s fuck” Johnny suggests and the two quickly get situated. Duncan bends over in the doggie style position. Johnny slides in and begins fucking feverishly. Duncan is completely flushed but he takes the pipe like a pro. Johnny grabs Duncan by the waist and pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper.

    These two studs switch positions and Duncan lays on his back while Johhny holds his legs and fucks him hard. Duncan nears his peak and starts to stroke his huge cock as Johnny wears into his hole. A few minutes later is horse dick is shooting a huge wad on his stomach. Johnny quickly pulls out and cums in the same spot.

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    Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler

  • Remember our handsome country boy from Montana, Brayden? Well he has returned to BSB and this time with veteran Ayden in tow. Since Brayden is the newbie and he has such a sweet little ass, it is decided that today Brayden is definitely getting fucked.

    With very little room for small talk our guys quickly disrobe and begin stroking their dicks on the bed. Brayden seems to be having the worst luck today. He lost the coin toss earlier so he has to suck dick first. He dives in lips first, sucking Ayden’s big dick from head to base. Apparently it looks as feels as it looks because Ayden has absolutely no suggestions or complaints.

    After a few more minutes of wet head Ayden decides to show this newbie how a professional does it. Paying special attention to Brayden’s huge head, he swallows his thick cock with ease. Brayden watches in awe and ecstasy. Soon Ayden readies his cock for Brayden’s hole. Brayden straddles him and slowly Ayden’s dick eases inside Brayden’s tight wet hole. Within a few seconds Brayden begins bouncing up and down on Ayden’s meat.

    After a bit Brayden gets on his stomach and Ayden mounts him. Ayden fucks balls deep and Brayden moans with pleasure. He holds on to the bed as his perky ass is filled with dick.

    Brayden gets on his back, and Ayden returns. The newly discovered bottom begins to stroke his dick. With no warning, Brayden shoots a huge load all over his stomach.

    Ayden pulls out and jacks his cock. After a few smooth strokes he shoots a thick load that covers Brayden’s pubes.

    “It was different. Very different,” Brayden says when asked how it felt to be fucked.

    “He has a tight ass,” Ayden offers.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Ayden Troy & Braden Brax

  • Mick Fucks Daniel RawMay 23rd, 2013

    Mick and Daniel are here to make some cash. Daniel is strictly here for the money. He’s a little concerned about Mick’s big fat dick in his ass. Mick is ready to roll! He can’t wait to bone Daniel and get his cash. He has to replace his cell phone and based his excitement he has quite a few people to call and text after this scene. As our bros disrobe, Mick gives Daniel’s ass a few hard slaps just to prepare him mentally for what’s to come.

    Daniel takes a moment to massage Mick’s dick with his warm wet mouth. He’s damn good at it too, because Mick had little to no advice on how he could improve the experience.  Stroking his own hard cock as he swallows Mick’s dick. Always generous and kind, Mick makes his way over to Daniel’s cock. Using his tongue and lips to tease the head and shaft, Daniel is almost rendered speechless.

    “Oh god, I love when you do that.” He moans.

    After a few minutes of mind-blowing head Daniel gets on his back and puts those succulent thighs in the air.  Mick enters and poor Daniel can only grit his teeth to endure the pain. Mick starts fucking balls deep, not even giving him a chance to get used to his thick dick.

    “Oh, god!” Daniel cries.

    “Cheer up sport.” Mick replies as he fucks him deep.

    Mick grabs Daniel’s ankles and goes in as far as possible. The cries of shock turn to moans of pleasure. Mick is looking to get off and Daniel just along for the ride. Daniel gets on his stomach, and Mick smacks that a few more times. He gets back in that warm tight hole, fucking balls deep again. Daniel’s legs are spread apart, at the mercy of everything Mick has. The sound of Mick pounding on Daniel’s fleshy ass echoes in the room.

    “You like it,” Mick asks.

    “Oh, my god yes,” Daniel says.

    Daniel’s ass gets the better of Mick. He pulls out and shoots a huge warm load that covers the top of Daniel’s ass cheeks. Daniel turns around and places a wet kiss on Mick’s mouth. Mick returns the passion and the video ends with these two studs making out.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Mick & Daniel

  • Brayden Shows OffMay 21st, 2013

    Brayden is brand new to BSB. He’s a nice guy, quiet and calm. He is a self-proclaimed country boy from the great state of Montana. He’s also broke. When he’s not fixing cars or hitting the town with friends, he’s listening to country music. This guys like to have a good time and enjoys finding fun ways to blow off some steam.

    “How often do you jerk off?” the cameraman asked  as Brayden gets undressed.

    “Everyday.” Brayden replies.

    Brayden admits to being a little nervous as he plays with his fat cock for the camera.  Once the blood gets pumping he’s not so camera shy. He quickly lubes up, kneels on the bed and starts jacking his thick cock.  For a guy who claimed to be so nervous, he certainly forgot about the cameras relatively quickly. As far as Brayden is concerned, he’s in his room back in Montana jerking off after a hot shower.

    Once he hits a nice rhythm, he lays flat on his stomach and strokes his dick from an angle, putting some pressure on the shaft and the head. You can’t help but notice his furry bubble butt especially when he spreads his cheeks revealing that tight pink hole. He takes a minute to tease it, fingering himself and moaning. It’s almost as if he wishes someone else would walk in and find him.

    Brayden lubes his cock up once more for the final round. Lying back in a comfortable position he rubs his balls, and strokes slow.  After quite a bit of squeezing, jacking, stroking and teasing he lets out a deep moan and blasts a huge load all over himself.

    “You feeling a lot better?” the cameraman asks.

    “Oh yeah, that was awesome.” Brayden replies.

    Click to see the entire scene with Brayden

  • Johnny Forza is massive. He’s tall with big arms, big hands, and huge feet. You know what they say about boys with big feet. Needless to say, his buddy Liam is a bit nervous. He’s not sure if his hole is ready. Johnny jokingly tells him that it isn’t but we’re not sure if he’s joking or serious.

    At the cameraman’s request, Liam and Johnny give us a slow striptease. After undressing, they settle into the couch, jacking their dicks side by side.

    Liam grabs Johnny’s rocket. He admires the girth, anticipating what’s to come. A few moments and moans later, Johnny leans in and gives Liam’s dick some one on one attention. He pays very close attention to the head, sucking and slurping with his warm wet mouth. Eager to return the favor, Liam explores Johnny’s shaft with his tongue before sucking and jacking it simultaneously. Liam’s jaw is unprepared for the workout it’s getting but he pushes on, sucking the head and pausing periodically to admire the beauty of Johnny’s huge cock. Johnny sits back and enjoys the show.

    “Bout ready to hop on that dick?” the cameraman asks.

    “Kind of scared.” Liam replies.

    Johnny lubes his big raw cock and Liam slowly sits on it, inch by inch.  Johnny sits, thrusting his dick into Liam. Unable to move, Liam takes Johnny’s stokes as best he can, moaning with each pump.
    Before you know it, Liam is flat on his back and Johnny is pile driving his tight hole. From the look on Johnny’s face, Liam’s wet little hole is tighter and feels better than he could have ever imagined. As he drives deeper inside, Liam strokes his own cock comfortably on his back while Johnny does all the hard work.

    Johnny can’t get enough of Liam’s raw, wet ass so he puts him in missionary position, holds his legs apart and fucks him deep. Liam, flushed by the fury of Johnny’s cock inside his hole, closes his eyes and jacks his dick in a state of euphoria until unleashes a thick load of cum. Not wanting to be left behind, Johnny slides out and blasts a huge load on Liam’s chest.

    Completely out of breath and drained, Johnny gives the cameraman the thumbs up, his personal seal of approval.  His work here is done.

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Johnny Forza & Liam Corolla

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