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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • After he’s finished with BSB, Damien Kyle should be a spokesperson for Wendy’s. When asked what he spends his money on, Damien gives a pedestrian answer about the gym, gas, and food. However, he perks up when describing the fast food joint.

    “Oh my god. The chicken sandwich. Oh, my god.”

    Do you need a better endorsement? ” 🙂

    As for Graham Brady, he will now be able to buy a cell phone with his BSB paycheck. He’ll be able to get a top of the line cellie (is that the term the kids use nowadays) because in today’s update he will be fucked for the first time. The cameraman asks how he’s is dealing with the prospect of a meat injection.

    “Still debatable. I’m sweaty if that helps.”

    Clothes are removed. Damien’s gym allowance is being well spent. The dude is nice and cut. Especially his abs and chest. He sucks first, deep throating Graham’s pole from the start.

    “You’re getting better at this, Damien,” the cameraman notes. “You been practicing at home?”

    Damien pulls up with a grin.

    “Good one,” he replies.

    When he gets back to work, Graham’s mouth stays open in the “Oh, shit this is feeling real good” mode. He puts his hand on Damien’s scalp as if to make Damien suck more. No need to. Damien is doing everything a good cock sucker should.

    “You really are good at that,” Graham says.

    “All for the Benjamins, baby,”Damien responds.

    Soon it’s Graham turn. He puts his curly head in Damien’s lap.

    “You suck dick better than my girlfriend, shit,” Damien observes. “Or should I say ex-girlfriend.”

    Who are these women letting guys like Damien walk away? 🙂

    Graham tries to deep throat, but Damien’s tool is too big for him. His pretty mouth can barely reach the base. But Damien isn’t whining that much. Especially with the effort tears streaming down Graham’s face.

    “Take that dick,” Damien orders.

    It’s stuffing time! Lube is placed in Graham’s hole. He gets on his hands and knees. Damien enters, in one raw stroke, and his bottom cries out. The fucking starts quick and hard.

    “Damn,” Graham groans.

    The slapping of ass skin is all that is heard.

    “Make that booty clap,” Damien says.

    Balls deep is this fuck session!

    “Pound my ass,” Graham whispers.

    Damien does. Brutal stroking that makes sweat beads appear on Graham’s ass. The boys switch positions, with Graham on his back. His face contorts when Damien refills that man hole. Damien is fucking with reckless abandon.

    “I’m about to cum,” Graham announces.

    He does, his juice splattering his pubes.

    Graham pumps away, but eventually pulls out. He strokes out a copious load, showering Graham’s smooth chest in nectar.

    Has BSB finally discovered its Bogart and Bacall?



  • DUNCAN, ADAM, & CONNERMarch 28th, 2013

    Oh, the pizza boy!! Shouldn’t all these delivery lads get legal counsel? They are always deflowered in gay porn. BSB continues the fine tradition in today’s update with Conner Matthews, Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler. Mr. Matthews plays the role of an overworked delivery guy, while Messrs. Baer and Tyler are customers too lazy to get their own pizza pie. LOL!

    Adam and Duncan want to offer a tip, but expect Conner to earn it. We all know where this is going! LOL! The foodstuff is put aside and the newbie nervously feels Adam up. After a few strokes, he hits his knees and puts Adam’s sausage in his mouth.

    Duncan wants some oral loving too and saddles up next to Adam. Conner opens wide and gets filled with Duncan’s meat. He goes back to Adam’s tool and the blond stud turns all demanding.

    “Lick it. Lick it,” Adam orders.

    Conner is good at following orders. But he can’t just suck Adam. Duncan wants that warm mouth also.

    “Lick my balls,” Duncan commands.

    Conner does and he goes back and forth between the two dudes. They have removed their shirts and their rods stand straight out. The boys decide it’s time to get rid of all their clothes and use the couch. Duncan has a seat, Conner gets on his knees, in front of Mr. “Donkey Dick,” and Adam proffers his cob to Duncan.

    “Look at him,” Adam barks to Conner. “Look at him.”

    Conner is submissive, doing what he’s told. As Adam makes commands, Duncan slurps on his partner’s organ. Adam is liking the attention. Who wouldn’t? But he’s also grooving to Conner’s show. The delivery boy is working hard to make his customers happy. LOL!

    He gets a chance to sit on the couch, but still has to service both studs. They tell him to lick balls and suck dick. Despite all this, Conner’s mouth isn’t juicy enough.

    “Do you need to spit in his mouth,” Duncan asks Adam.

    Conner looks up and opens wide. Adam spits in the lad’s mouth and the extra juice is used to suck Duncan off. Nasty boys! Conner goes back and forth, trying to keep everyone contented. It’s not easy. Those tools are demanding and thick. But the delivery boy does want his tip(s) 🙂

    Conner goes from jerking to sucking, doing everything to make the dongs shoot. Finally, all three start jerking. Conner pops first, his load landing all over his chest. Adam is next. His jizz mixes in with Conner’s. When Duncan gets ready to pop, he makes a final command.

    “Let me see your face,” Duncan whispers.

    Conner turns to Duncan and soon enough the delivery boy’s face is glazed with Duncan’s nectar. He looks so cute, and sexy, drenched in cum. Too bad no one gave him a passionate kiss. He deserves one for all that work!



  • Skyler Daniels introduction to BSB life has been pretty good. Did a solo, and got head from pretty boy Liam. Today he’s going to take a few more steps by sucking off Ayden Troy. Unlike many of you out there, he’s not excited about the prospect. However, cash is always a good inducement.

    “So I decided to jump on the game,” Skyler said.

    Clothes are removed and both get on the bed. After giving their nervous ranking (Skyler is at 9, while Ayden is at 10), Skyler sucks first. For an anxious pup he takes to sucking rather well. Gets Ayden hard, deep throats with ease, no melodramatic gagging, and keeps everything juicy.

    Something must be making Skyler happy because his own dick is hard. He gets a well deserved break as Ayden goes to town. Ayden is no newbie, sucking and slurping the pink shaft. All of the oral ministrations cause Skyler’s toes to curl.

    The boys do a 69. Probably the best gift God gave to men. LOL! Ayden continues taking care of Skyler’s knob. The newbie returns the favor, allowing the hard sausage to smack against Ayden’s stomach. We even get a peek of Ayden’s hole. Alas, no one plays with it. At least on camera. :-)”Spit on it,” Ayden orders.

    Skyler lets some mouth juice soak Ayden’s small head. Ayden jerks his meat as Skyler wraps his tongue around the tip.

    “That’s good,” Ayden whispers.

    Skyler kisses the tip, waiting for a jizz surprise for his lips. His tongue is so sexy flicking and licking, trying to coax something sweet out of Ayden. His own root is rock hard during this. All of the stimulation proves too much for Ayden. His own jerking and Skyler’s licking cause him to pop. Some of the jizz ends on Skyler’s chin, the rest on his cheek. To make sure there is no nectar left, Skyler sucks Ayden’s pole one last time.

    Ayden works to get Skyler off. He strokes and sucks the newbie’s pole, causing the boy to moan. He shoots streams of cum that cover Ayden’s fingers.



  • A flip-flop between Tyler Blaze and New Jersey’s finest Johnny Forza.

    The two quickly get out of their clothes. They give each other a smack on the butt. Tyler’s rump looks so sexy in his red undies. And does anything need to be said about Johnny’s round mound? It’s been breaking hearts ever since the stud’s first video!

    He sits on the edge of bed and Tyler sucks pole first. Tyler takes his time, slowly deep throating all of Johnny’s pole. He licks and laps it, like a last meal. Doing his best to get some man cream. Tyler’s sucking skills have improved since his last round in our studios, and Johnny appreciates his partner’s progress. 🙂 Tyler puts his hand on Johnny’s muscled chest and takes a peek as he sucks. Wants to make certain he’s making his man happy.

    “Oh, yeah,” Johnny groans.

    Tyler pulls up and gives his Johnny a kiss. The Jersey boy kisses back. Such good manners.

    Tyler gets on the bed so his tool can get oral attention. Johnny puts his head down and blows away. He’s pushing all of the right buttons because Tyler caresses Johnny’s scalp.

    Johnny will be filled first. He gets on his back and Tyler enters. Some adjustments are required, but Tyler returns where he wants to be. When he starts stroking, Johnny moans. The fucking is slow at first, but Tyler picks up the pace. The boy from the Garden State grits his teeth and takes it. He also accepts a second kiss Tyler offers. Is there a more sexy picture than these two studs swapping spit?

    Time for payback. Tyler puts his phat booty on the bed’s edge. Those hairy cheeks are separated in one stroke. Tyler grabs the sheets and clenches his teeth. As for Johnny, it’s balls deep. He makes that ass jiggle and wiggle the way it’s supposed to. Both boys are grunting and moaning.

    “Like that fucking dick,” Johnny asks.

    “Oh, fuck yeah,” Tyler responds.

    Johnny smacks the rump like it’s his personal property. Which it sort of is. The overhead view of the dick going in and out will make your weekend. Tyler gets on his back, and Johnny gets back home.

    “Oh, fuck me,” Tyler demands. “Oh, shit.”

    Johnny stops the fucking for one last kiss. It probably means nothing that after touching lips, Tyler shoots.As in he really shoots. His load covers his chest and makes the chest hair all sticky and wet.

    Johnny pulls out and strokes his nut. His jizz coats Tyler’s hole. After everyone calms down, Tyler utters the perfect description.

    “Oh, shit. I’m just a fucking cum bucket right now.”



  • Graham Brady Sucks FlintMarch 21st, 2013

    The world is always a better place when BSB newbies get together to learn a few things. In this update we have Graham Brady and Flint Harris. Both lads have done solos, but Graham has a smidgen more experience after being nibbled all over by Jason Matthews.

    We learn Flint needs as much cash as possible due to a shopping addiction. LOL! Watch Graham’s eyes widen as Flint talks about buying $160 pants.

    “Basically you’re having sex with guys to supplement your clothing allowance,”the cameraman asks.

    Flint agrees with that assessment 🙂

    Graham is still cell phone-less. He’s not having a fit of nerves, but isn’t sure how the scene will go.

    “Wild. Kind of crazy,” he offers.

    Both studs strip and sit back on the coach jerking. Graham opens his mouth wide and sucks first. Someone took to his lessons. 🙂 The curly cutie goes up and down the shaft, even fondles Flint’s balls. Graham doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex. Flint is quiet, but his toes are curling. We know what that means. Someone is happy with what’s going on. LOL!

    Now call me old fashioned, but a good blow job deserves a kiss. Maybe one day Flint will learn that lesson. Plus, it is Graham. How would anyone not want to kiss that face? 🙂

    Graham gets on his knees. Flint grabs a few curls to guide that wet mouth. Doesn’t really need to. Graham knows what to do. Slurps up and down the shaft, with the occasional sucking sound. Even looks up in Flint’s face. It’s been said some dudes get cuter with dick in their mouths. Graham is a member of that group.

    Graham pulls off and jerks the rod. Alternates between sucking and stroking. Even makes sure to give those cum heavy nuts a tongue bath. Flint’s frankfurter is covered in spit and pre-cum. Graham jerks his gadget and Flint’s at the same time. You can tell Graham is ready to nut by the look on his face. His jizz covers his hand.

    It’s time for Flint to bust one. Graham strokes his scene partner’s crank, giving it the occasional deep throat. He looks at Flint while pleasuring him. Flint is blissed out, toes curling on themselves. His hand hits the couch, those meaty thighs twitch and a load plops out.



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