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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Paul Canon and Johnny ForzaDecember 30th, 2012

    Johnny Forza has a hole in his pants and Paul Cannon is out of work. Those mysteries start today’s update. For some reason Paul refuses to share the details of how he lost his job. He also disputes calling BSB multiple times. Not a problem for us. He’s here, sharing the couch with Johnny. What else matters? 🙂 “I don’t even have words for it,” Paul says when asked how he feels about this return session. The boys strip to their undies and we get a preview of the lipstick tattoo touch up on Paul’s backside. “It just looks a little bit more realistic,” Paul observes. Johnny isn’t ready to have a lipstick tat, but that makes sense. Why screw around with a body that’s perfect?

    WATCH Johnny suck Paul

  • The BSB community will howl in protest after watching this update. Oh, it’s more than hot. Has Johnny Forza or Brandon Beal ever given an uninspired performance? However, this is Brandon’s official cherry getting popped scene, NOT the one we posted, at the end of September (he was paired with Denver). Sorry for the confusion. Blame it all on the writer (that’s me). Now to more pressing matters. The vid starts with both models, on the bed, in their underwear. Brandon is pitching a tent and Johnny’s second head is peeking through the slit of his underwear.  “I’m taking your flower,” Johnny slyly says. “I’m very excited, actually.

    WATCH Johnny fucks Brandon

  • Carter Blane and KodiDecember 8th, 2012

    Whenever Kodi is in the BSB studio, an angel gets his wings (grin). The fan favorite shares today’s scene bed with horse hung Carter Blane. It’s been too long since Carter’s last appearance. He’s back due to never ending bills. “Bills suck,” Kodi observes. Who can argue with that, especially when the words come out of such a sexy mouth? Both of these dudes are pros, so they strip rather quickly. The performers jerk their individual slabs, getting hard with ease. Kodi blows first and Carter moans the moment his head is licked.

    “You like that,” Kodi asks. “You have such a big cock.” Kodi’s sweet mouth is stretched to the max. He can’t deep throat Carter’s monster, but licks it like an ice cone. Don’t miss the drool that slides out of Kodi’s mouth. He pulls up from his duties and jerks the meat. When he looks at Carter’s third arm, he’s mesmerized. Awed by its size, and possibly worried about the anal damage it will do?

    WATCH Kodi get fucked hard

  • John SilverDecember 5th, 2012

    Depending on your point of view, John Silver’s friends are either great or depraved (a little of both?). The newbie’s buddies talked him into entering the BSB den. The single lad jerks off twice a day, so maybe he should pay us for today’s session. 🙂 He’s a little nervous, but shouldn’t be. He’s got a cute face, a deep voice, and exudes straight boy hot mess. LOL! After some stroking his uncut tool gets large. As in rather! LOL! It’s understandable why its the favorite part of his body.

    “That’s a big dick,” the cameraman observes. “Yeah. They call me ‘Big John’ sometimes.” That’s easy to believe! Would love to hear from the gals who gave “Big John” a shot at their no-no places. Did they survive the experience? 🙂 John has a unique stroking method. He doesn’t go fully up to the tip, keeping his attention on the bottom half of themighty shaft. Makes sense really. His hand has to travel a long way between his balls and head tip! LOL!

    WATCH Long John Silver’s solo video

  • Who doesn’t love New Orleans? The “Big Easy” (we swear we didn’t make that up) birthed music legends Louis Armstrong AND Mahalia Jackson just to name a few. On a side note: If you don’t have any of their music be embarrassed. New Orleans gives you amazing cuisine, hordes of sexy, shirtless men  (we figure its because of the crazy humidity. Lord knows it was Blanche DuBois’ ultimate undoing) and sweet southern hospitality that can’t be found elsewhere. 

    Today’s newbie Jay Adams is a native son of the Big Easy. It’s not hard to imagine him sipping on a Hurricane as he strides down Bourbon Street searching for beads. 🙂

    WATCH this video

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