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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Poor Broke Straight Boy Paul Canon. His friend’s car conked out on his way to BSB studios, and he had to be picked up by our cameraman. What would you do have this handsome hunk in your vehicle? 🙂 He just turned 21, which means he can walk into any bar in the country. “I can drink legally now,” he notes with a grin. Paul insists he’s a good boy, and refuses to give any details about his sexual conquests. A young gentleman? What’s not to love? 🙂 He does share a story of when he jerked off in the back seat when his parents were driving the family mini-van. The horny broke straight boy was in the back seat and covered up with blankets! LOL

    There are all the standard reasons for going gaga over Paul, but let’s focus on two. When asked to describe his favorite body part, he says thumbs! That has to be a Broke Straight Boy first. There is also a cute story about a tattoo on his well rounded ass. We promised him we wouldn’t give it away, but Paul’s laughter makes the tale much harder to keep to ourselves. As soon as the camera is on, Paul gets on the bed and begins stroking. He gets hard rather quickly, and even gets more lube. He gives us a great show by slowing stroking himself. The tool is long and we get a closeup of the bloated head as he tries to coaxout some pre-cum. Let us know what you think of this Broke Straight Boy!

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  • “Broke Straight Boy” model to be featured in episodes of  “DTLA” Premiering on Logo Wednesday, October 24th at 11 PM ET/PT.

    DENVER, CO (October 24, 2012) – A popular heterosexual model from the gay erotic site will be featured in a multiple-episode story arc on Logo’s and OUTtv’s new series “DTLA”.  This represents one of the first times that an amateur porn actor will be featured in a dramatic series.

    From the executive producer of the “The L Word”, “DTLA” depicts the relationships and sex lives of eight friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations that work and live in the vibrant community of Downtown Los Angeles.  The series stars Darryl Stephens (“Noah’s Arc”) and a cavalcade of notable supporting cast including Golden Globe winning, and Academy Award nominated Melanie Griffith, Sandra Bernhard and Leslie Jordan.  “DTLA” is created, directed and executive produced by Larry Kennar (“The L Word,” 50 First Dates, Barbershop), Darryl Stephens, Michael Andres Palmieri, Mark Erickson, and Helene Shaw.

    “This is a great example of how mainstream television and the world of adult entertainment can come together to produce spectacular results,” said “DTLA” Producer and creator Mark Erickson.  My team has a great deal of experience with branding.  As a media company, you have to create a unique brand for all your products and teaming up with DTLA was a natural fit for our brand.”

    Mark Erickson has extensive experience working in filmed entertainment. His company BluMedia, a production company specializing in adult entertainment, is responsible for many of the web’s most popular erotic sites including,,, and

    Erickson has long been exploring ways to take his roster of erotic brands mainstream, but it was only until recently that he found the right fit with “DTLA”.

    “I first wanted to explore venturing into mainstream television after a model forgot to remove a temporary tattoo after an event. His girlfriend saw it later and he had to make up a story about how he got it. I thought to myself, now this would make great television. “

    As part of a broader campaign, the collaboration also includes a new series of Broke Straight Boys commercials to air throughout the season starring many of the sites most popular models.

    “We’re focused on expanding the footprint of products that BluMedia offers its customers along with breaking down many of the stigmas and stereotypes associated with adult entertainment”, said Erickson.  “We wanted something BIG to open up our amazing brands to the rest of the world and now we’re in the process of now developing our own television show.”

    Be on the lookout for more news and announcements regarding both shows in the near future.


    Broke Straight Boy to Appear in DTLA

  • “Broke Straight Boy” Paul has returned! The newbie sensation broke a lot of hearts with his solo. Today he shares the BSB couch with site favorite Carter Blane. Today’s start has no fuss. The boys strip to their undies; Paul decided to go with spandex. He turns around and gives those hefty cheeks a squeeze. Wonder what Carter was thinking. 🙂 They get on the couch and feel each other up. Paul suggests it’s time to get naked and they get rid of the underwear. The mutual feeling up continues.

    “You have any pre-cum,” the cameraman asks Paul. “Yes,” he replies. Carter plays with the juice with his thumb. “It’s natural lube,” Paul says, with a chuckle. Carter leans back as his big nasty thing gets stroked by Paul. He might be a novice, but knows how to jerk a hefty slice of sausage. Paul’s hand work keeps Carter’s tool standing straight up. The newbie’s own tool is looking at the ceiling. As the expert, Carter hits his knees and puts Paul’s piece on his mouth. Check it out!

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  • Meet our newest Broke Straight Boy Kyle Harley, a hot young lad from the Bluegrass State. When asked how things were growing up in Kentucky, Kyle had nothing but positive things to say about his home. “I attained a pretty good accent. Nice mountains up there. I love to go hiking.” Kyle first discovered jerking off when he was 11 years old. Unfortunately, he was discovered by his father because, even at that age, he didn’t quite get the power of silence. “I tend to make a lot of noise”.  🙂

    When it comes to self stroking, Kyle only does it about twice a week. Seems like he gets a lot of sex, which is easy to believe. From personality to body hair, Kyle is the type who can make gals (and guys) go wild with lust. Unlike a majority of BSB newbies, Kyle wasn’t nervous about being in front of the camera –at all! Could be because his girlfriend once videotaped them having sex. 🙂 As soon as the camera started rolling, Kyle sat on the couch and started stroking, and he was right! He is a loud moaner! LOL! Better turn down the volume on your computer.

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