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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • 2 of our hot straight guys: Chad and Jimmy

    For this update, we have two of the hottest boys on the site together; Chad and Jimmy. Right away, it was easy to see that the two of them were really relaxed and in tune with each other. Chad and Jimmy were chatting about bromances before they started in on the nitty gritty such as what sort of new things the boys were going to bring into the shoot. As they talked together, Chad and Jimmy started discussing what it was like to get their asses licked, Jimmy likening it being as if a lizard was getting his tongue right around his behind. Suffice to say, one of these boys was going to get their asses licked. It was enough of the small talk and now it was time to get down to work so the two boys stripped down to their boxers. Jimmy and Chad stood next to each other, rubbing their cocks through the soft material until their dicks stiffened up. Like always, Jimmy won the race hands down.

    Straight boy Chad's first time sucking a cock

    Plonking down next to one another, Jimmy held his dick straight as Chad leaned over and slid the hard cock between his straight boy lips. Slowly but surely, Chad bobbed up and down on the thick cock even as he fisted his own dick. Despite not going down as far as he normally did, Chad made sure to lick and nibble the tip of the dick, all the while, Jimmy gasped and panted in pleasure.

    Chad eating Jimmy's ass

    Jimmy pins down Chad and fucks him hard


  • 2 hot boys on Broke Straight Boys

    Rex and Aaron are in the studio today and are here to try something new; one of them is getting fucked up the ass. As it turns out, Aaron is the one who is going to take it for the team even though Rex’s dick size is somewhat intimidating. However, it helps that the boys had great chemistry in their last scene and as such, they feel pretty comfortable around one another.

    [jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”″ image=”” html5_file=”″]

    The two boys were raring to go and as such, we got them to stand up and strip down to their underwear before hopping back onto the bed. Dicks in hand, Aaron and Rex wanked themselves into a respectable hardness, Aaron unable to stop staring at the length of Rex’s cock. Rex got hard so quickly!

    Aaron sucking on Rex's long cock

    As Rex was as hard as he was going to get, wetold him to let Aaron have his way with his dick. Taking off his underwear, Rex relaxed back against the headboard as Aaron leaned over and took the long cock in his straight boy mouth.

    Aaron taking it like a champ.


  • Hot straight boy Jacob

    The new young hottie with dark hair and eyes is Jacob. We knew of him a few years ago via another model we were filming at the time but Jacob wasn’t too interested in being in front of a camera back then. While his buddy has had the misfortune to end up in prison, Jacob has his head screwed on straight as he is looking to make extra money in order to get out of a bad living arrangement, thus, his solo appearance on Broke Straight Boys.

    Jacob waiting for someone to sit on it 🙂

    As Jacob is single, without children, he is looking to get his own place which means he could be appearing on BSB a few times in the future. Blushing, Jacob admitted that because he was single, it had been while since he had last had sex that wasn’t a one night stand. Click here to watch this videos at Broke Straight Boys

    Showing off his asshole.


  • Ross and Bobby from Broke Straight Boys

    Ross and Bobby are in bed together today and Ross is going to be practicing some anal with Bobby. Although Ross is a little nervous about what he is going to be doing, the lure of easy money is too hard to deny. The boys quickly shucked off their clothes, then, sitting side by side on the bed, Bobby and Ross wanked themselves off. A few minutes of playing with their dicks and Bobby suggested that they jerk each other off. Each boy wrapped a hand around the other’s cock and started putting in some hard wrist action. It didn’t take long for Bobby and Ross to get their cocks standing to attention and as Ross was still a newbie, Bobby offered to go down on him first.

    Oh yeah straight boy! Suck on that cock!

    Ross, with a huge grin on his face, held his dick straight as Bobby leaned over and slid the cock into his straight boy mouth. Bobby enthusiastically bobbed up and down, going deep every now and again. Choking once or twice, Bobby went right back to work, all the while, Ross panted with pleasure. Unable to help himself, Ross stared down as Bobby showed off his oral skills, Ross obviously liking what he saw.

    Spread those cheeks and enjoy the ride.


  • Great chemistry between our 2 Broke Straight Boys

    The always popular Colin and Connor are in the studio today. Although Connor wasn’t too keen on coming back into the studio, we were able to work out an arrangement. As it went, they had a really fun time so that means the members at Broke Straight Boys will be having a fun time as well while they watch Connor and Colin perform together. Connor had previously stated that while he liked the money he made at the studio, the issue of hairy butts sometimes made it difficult for him to perform at his best. Luckily for him, Colin isn’t really hairy. The two boys stood up and took off their t-shirts, their shorts and undies quickly following. As Connor and Colin watched some straight porn, they worked on their cocks but it wasn’t long before Connor offered to help Colin out.

    Colin sucking Conner's cock

    Leaning over, Connor swallowed down Colin’s thick dick, his head bobbing up and down even as he jerked himself off. Right away, it was easy to see that Colin was in 7th heaven from the feel of a hot, wet mouth surrounding his cock. Experimenting a little, Connor licked up and down the long cock while Colin just sat back and relaxed into it. Connor was getting better at sucking cock, even taking some gentle face fucking in stride. Colin was too turned on for the blowjob to last much longer so he told Connor it was time for the favor to be returned. Connor just grinned and let Colin work his magic. Colin, no stranger to the taste of cock, went deep right from the start, much to Connor’s pleasure. However, when Connor challenged him to go all the way down, Colin didn’t hesitate, making Connor groan out loud. Despite choking, Colin went right back to work, pulling off only for the time it took for Connor to manoeuvre him onto his knees on the floor. Holding Colin’s head still, Connor took control and did a little face fucking of his own. ‘Slap it on my tongue!‘ demanded Colin and Connor instantly complied, thwacking his dick against Colin’s tongue, cheek and mouth.

    Conner fucks Colin!


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