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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Hot Straight Guys

    Hot Straight Guys

    Sometimes you just have good luck which is exactly what happened with Broke Straight Boys when two of their hottest, most popular guys happened to show up at the office at the same time needing some cash. Anthony had just gotten a job, but he had only been there a week and needed some extra cash to hold him over until his first paycheck. Jason was just relaxing and enjoying the easy life so he needed some money to keep him from having to get a job. Lucky for them both the guys had a perfect idea how to get them that cash.

    They hung out on the couch, stripping off their clothes and cracking some jokes when Jason decided to get things started. He leaned in and took Anthony’s cock in his mouth and started to suck. He worked that dick with some serious skill. He might be a straight guy, but he is getting very good at sucking cock. When it was Anthony’s turn to return the favor he showed that he wasn’t as experienced and Jason, but he was still working hard and doing a good job. Jason moaned with pleasure and tried to get Anthony to deep throat, but he just choked on it.

    Straight Guy Blowjob

    Straight Guy Blowjob

    Jason told Anthony he had a gift for him for sucking such good dick. He put Anthony on all fours on the futon, spread his ass open and drove his tongue into it. He licked his ass, giving him a wet, gay rimjob and getting him so turned on that Anthony actually told him to “pound that ass.”

    Jason wasn’t about to turn him down so he slammed his cock into Anthony’s tight ass and worked him over. He drilled him hard and deep, fucking him for all he was worth and making Anthony moan with pleasure as that thick dick slid in and out of him. The guys worked into a few different positions, but Anthony’s ass was so tight and felt so good on Jason’s dick he couldn’t hold out long so he pulled out and showered Anthony with a hot load.

    Straight Guys Have Gay Sex

    Straight Guys Have Gay Sex


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