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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • logan-ricky28

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Pairing Logan and Ricky together I was mixing a newer model Ricky with an older one Logan. Both guys wanted the money for doing a shoot, so I explained to them that what I had planned was an oral shoot. I knew that Ricky was straight, but asked anyway if he had ever sucked cock before. His response was never, but for a certain dollar amount he would do it. Posing the question to the two of them, I asked how much they felt they should get paid for doing it. Logan yelled out that he wanted $1000 to do it, and I told him that’s the amount that guys usually get paid to do anal. Giving it some thought though, I came up with the idea of doing another contest. I was going to be the judge, but the guy who gave the best blow job was going to get $1200, while the other guy only walks away with $500. That was a huge difference, so it was my hope that maybe our senior model Logan would get a little more creative with his dick sucking. (MORE)


    Both guys stood up to get started and took off their shirts, and from there the rest of their clothes followed leaving them naked. As they took a seat I told them we would get some straight porn playing in the background for them to watch. Jerking off and getting their dicks hard, it was no surprise that Logan was rock hard in around a minute, while Ricky kind of struggled. I told Logan to go ahead and give Ricky head first in order to get him hard and going in the shoot. However, Logan argued that since he was already hard and ready to go, his cock should get sucked first. With this being Rickys first time sucking cock I didnt know how well he would do not even getting his dick sucked by a guy. However, he dropped to his knees on the floor in front of Logan. Putting the cock in his mouth he started sucking and at first it was just like a learning lesson. I coached him along in telling him to jerk the dick once in a while to give his mouth a break and to catch his breath. (MORE)


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  • grant-jimmy15

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    To help me do one of the shoots I brought in Tyler to handle taking some pictures and extra video with another camera. The guys that we had in the shoot room ready to start filming were Austin and Jimmy, and before we walked in I gave Tyler a heads up that I wanted the guys to fuck this way he could help me out. When we walked in the room we started recording and I pitched Tyler the question of what he wanted to see the two boys do. His quick response was that he wanted to see them fuck, and then I added to that having them flip-flop on each other. I told them that I would offer the two of them $1000 a piece, if they would do the flip-flop fucking, both of them said that they were fine with the money that I was offering. Standing up I had them start with taking off their shirts and as the clothes came off I brought up the fact that Jimmy had devirginized Diesel before in a shoot. That’s when we kind of went around the room on who knew Diesel. Since Austin has been here so many times he just got completely naked, while Jimmy was still standing in his shorts and underwear. (MORE)


    We talked about how Austin had met the writer to the movie Milk and all of the models in the room had seen it. Giving their comments and recommendations for everyone to go see it and offer their support. That’s when I told the two of them to kiss and Jimmy spun around locking lips with Austin. His hand came up, grabbing the back of Austin’s head keeping the passionate kiss going. Jimmy directed Austin back into taking a seat on the couch and worked his mouth down to Austin’s nipple. From there his mouth continued south until it stopped at Austin’s cock. Austin made a comment that Jimmy was good at giving head and that it was clear that he liked it. Sucking on Jimmy’s balls he kept going lower and licked the area between the asshole and balls. As Austin got turned on, he picked his leg up off the floor, a natural reaction to keep Jimmy going. That’s when Jimmy picked up the leg all the way up to Austin’s chest and using his tongue started to lick Austin’s asshole. It was hot watching Jimmy rim Austin for a while and when he went back to sucking cock I told the guys to get the couch into a bed. (MORE)


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  • torin-aiden-steve34

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Bringing back Torin and Steve I wanted to see if I could get them to do another shoot for us on camera and take things a little further. Since they started here with Broke Straight Boys we capped the work that they have done and both had interesting stories behind coming to us. Steve’s house burnt down in a fire, leaving him with no place to stay, no clothes, and no job. Torin and his girlfriend were kind enough to take Steve in while he got back onto his feet. Another issue that Steve had was that his car was in the garage during the fire so that has to be replaced as well, but he did have insurance so that will get him some money. Torin was the one that suggested that Steve do some porn to get back on his feet, and little did Torin know that he would be joining in as well. I asked the two of them if they knew why they were in the studio to do a shoot, and I came right out in telling them that I wanted oral to happen between them. Neither one gave me a direct yes, it was Torin that declined first. I brought up the fact that in the last shoot when the gay boy sucked his dick, he seemed to like it and he made an extra $100. Torin wouldn’t admit to it, and that’s when Steve spoke up saying that he wanted to know how much money they would make. (MORE)


    I came right out giving the boys how much I was going to pay them for oral to happen between the two of them of $1000 a piece. Torin wasn’t very satisfied with that amount and so I backed down and just said that he had to receive and that Steve would be giving. Right then there was a knock at the door, and in walked Aiden our blonde little gay boy ready to help out. Aiden jumped right in there and started talking to the straight boys about sucking cock. Torin didn’t like the idea of sucking a gay guy’s dick, and he wasn’t to fond of sucking on his straight buddy’s dick either. I think that Steve was just nervous about the whole thing. When I told Steve that it would be better than eating pussy, and he didn’t really jump on board with that idea. However, I gave Steve a little more money and he was ready to put his buddy’s cock in his mouth for the first time. The boys changed position on the couch and Steve reached over to feel Torin’s cock outside his pants to work on getting him hard. Aiden helped out in getting the porn on for them to watch. Torin peeled off his shirt and stood up to take his place in front of Steve. Next, Torin took off his pants and boxers, then Aiden moved in behind him to help guide the cock into Steve’s mouth. All was thought to be fine until Torin freaked out having a gay boy touch his ass. (MORE)


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  • austin-zack-jeremy12

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    The three boys that I brought in to do a shoot was Austin, Jeremy, and Blake, and I wanted them to put on one of the hottest shoots that we had ever done here on Broke Straight Boys. I started with introducing Austin as our bi-sexual boy gone bad, he was pumped to get to do another shoot. Sitting next to him on the couch was Jeremy who is straight, very broke, and desperate to the point that he was going to bottom for the chance to make $1500. The last guy sitting on the couch was Blake, our gay, anti-broke straight boy who has sex with girls. The group was mixed guys that I figured would give a little something to everyone. I was ready to have the boys get down to business. (MORE)


    The first thing I had them do was stand up for me and take off their shirts. Stripping them off, their bare chests were exposed and Blake seemed to have only a little bit of a tan. This made his skin color stand out from the color that was painted on the wall behind him. As for the other two, they had some darker skin tone to them and also some muscle definition as well. Stripping out of their pants and shorts, the guys were left in their underwear. All of which had on briefs of some color, and Austin was the first to take his off tossing them to the side. I asked Austin if he wouldn’t mind just taking control of the scene and being a little directive when he wanted the others to do something. He said he was fine with that, as he played and flopped around his dick. I pointed out to Jeremy as Austin’s dick became bigger, that it actually gets smaller, trying to make him not as nervous for what was coming his way. Knowing that Austin needed to be hard as a rock to push his way through Jeremy’s virgin asshole for the first time, I had him take a seat in the middle of the couch. The other two guys were then going to give him head and suck on his balls. (MORE)


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  • marlin-nu-dylan11

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought Dylan in for another shoot, and this time it was for him to try anal for the first time with a guy. His one requirement was that he wanted to be with someone different than Marlin and making some calls I was able to get a hold of Nu. When Nu arrived at the studio I had him wait outside the room, while I started talking with Dylan first. Dylan’s nerves were kind of high, and we talked about him being bi-sexual. All in high school, he had girlfriends and sexual experiences with girls, but it wasn’t until after that he started becoming curious with guys. Dylan also said that he is very much into sports and in HS he played soccer along with other sports. I explained that the other model that I had paired him up has been with us before, straight, a surfer, and was recently bitten by a shark. Calling out for Nu, he came into the room and took a seat on the couch next to Dylan. Right away, I talked to him about the bite and made him show me the marks on his legs. Nu explained that he spent a couple hours in the hospital getting stitched up, and making sure that he was okay. He was very lucky to be alive and walking around. I found out that Nu has been dating a very hot girl, and still been spending a bunch of his time out in the water rather than out looking for a job. (MORE)


    Introducing the two of them to one another, I gave Nu the back story behind Dylan and everything that he is into. Nu said that he was perfectly fine fucking Dylan and making some money doing it. I told the both of them that they would make $800 for doing the shoot, and to get started undressing for us. Before I knew it Nu was completely naked and Dylan had to catch up, and both took a seat on the couch next to each. I asked Nu if he wouldn’t mind giving the first blow job, he reached over and took the cock in his mouth. As Nu gave him head, he quickly found the Prince Albert piercing that Dylan had. While Nu was busy using his mouth, Dylan was watching everything that Nu was doing. After a while it was obvious that Dylan was completely turned on, so I interrupted them and told them that Marlin the guy that Dylan wasn’t so fond of was outside waiting to come in. I wanted Marlin to get his share at sucking Dylan’s dick and when he heard that, Dylan was okay with Marlin joining in. I called for Marlin to come into the shoot room and take a seat on the couch in between the middle of the boys. (MORE)


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