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Monthly Archives: November 2009

  • damien-marlin16

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought Damien and Marlin back for another shoot, because I wanted to see them do oral together. Both seemed fine with the amount I told them I would pay over the phone, and agreed to come into the studio later that day. When everything was in place to start filming I began with introducing them again to the camera. Damien is straight, has a girlfriend, and slowly he has been doing more and more on camera. As for Marlin he told me over the phone that he has been doing some experimenting on his own outside the studio with guys. He now pretty much considers himself bi-sexual, and made sure that I understood that he still wants sex with girls. I explained to both of them that if the oral shoot went well, that I would be interested in setting them back up to come in for another shoot and take things further. Neither one really had any reaction to my proposal, so I told them to go ahead and start getting out of their clothes. (MORE)


    Both guys got down to their underwear and the straight one was in some designer underwear and the bi boy was wearing some generic boxers. Putting on bi porn for them to watch, I had them stroke their cocks to get hard. It only took them about a minute to get hard and I had them stand up for me. Even in Damiens designer underwear I could see the outline of his cock, and I reached forward to see if it truly was that hard. Pulling their underwear down, both guys dicks were bouncing around and I handed them a ruler to measure. Damiens dick was close to 8 inches in length, while Marlins was at 7 and half inches. Turning and facing each other Marlin took both their cocks in his hand and jerked them off. (MORE)


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  • diesel-jimmy-mike12

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    The best shoots are the ones where the guys’ personalities click and they get into the action with one another. Those are the best and sometimes they’re easy to put together and other times it’s hard to match models up. I wanted to use Diesel for another shoot, but I had no idea what I could put him in, because he has worked with most of our models. That’s when I received a call from Jimmy who was looking for some more work, and I had been thinking to match him up with Mike. I spent a good portion of the day going back and forth with each of them to setup a time and day for a shoot that week. When everything was setup for two days later, I knew it was going to be a good shoot. That day when the guys showed up for the shoot, it was Jimmy who was first to arrive to the studio. I noticed with he came in and took off his sunglasses that he had a sunburn. (MORE)


    Seconds later both Mike and Diesel showed up at the studio, but better late than never. My assistant showed them to the shoot room and I had all three guys take a seat on the couch. I told Mike that he was going to bottom for us, because in the shoot before this one he tried it for the first time and did so well. His response to me was that it hurt too much to try it again, and he pointed to Diesel, who then directed we go straight to Jimmy. In addressing Jimmy, he seemed to be the one that was getting forced to take one for the team. He has been with both guys now, so he should be comfortable with each of them. The other guys were going to make less money for only topping. The plan was to start with oral first before the penetration started. Calling Jimmy’s sunburn out, I had him take off his shirt to show us his skin color. (MORE)


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  • shane-cj-damien11

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I had arranged for CJ and Shane to bring their girlfriends in to a big orgy scene, and on the morning of the shoot there were a couple people missing when it came time for the shoot. The only people that showed up for the shoot were the guys, and I asked them to explain. Both CJ and Shane took their girls out the night before to a strip club to have some fun. Afterwards they came back to Shane’s place and the girls started getting sick. From the sounds of things they all had a blast, and took things a little overboard. Shane even said that he had to wake CJ up, who had passed out in the bathtub, because there was nowhere to crash close enough to the toilet. Since my original plan for the shoot was thrown out the window, I had to think of what I was going to come up with for them to do. Both CJ and Shane had already been in a bunch of shoots together, and I needed something different. (MORE)


    Damien was sitting outside in the waiting room to be in a shoot after this one, and so since he was early I figured I would bring him in for an oral three-way. Calling out his name, Damien didn’t hear me, so I sent CJ to go get him. However, CJ was a little lazy in just healing out “hey bitch!” and leaving the door open. I had Damien come in and explained what we were going to do instead of just the jerking scene he was going to take part in later. All three guys were okay with doing oral, so the first thing they had to do was strip out of their clothes. The guys all got down to their underwear and I told them to stay in their underwear until they get hard. I could tell that CJ’s boner was bouncing around in his boxers. Damien was the first one to take off his boxers and the other two were quick to follow. (MORE)


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  • corey-aaron27

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I received a call from Aaron, a model who has worked with us before; in fact, it had been 3 years since he last appeared on Broke Straight Boys. He said that he was curious if there was any way he could make some money doing a shoot or two and if he could get his way onto Broke Straight Girls. I told him that I thought we could do that, but that I would need him to come into the studio. The plan was for Aaron to do a shoot for Broke Straight Boys and then we would talk about him getting to do a shoot with the girls. I needed to see him in action again before I would go any further. I got to work and decided to pair him up with Corey, another straight boy, who had done a bunch of shoots as well for us. On the day of the shoot Aaron arrived first and I took him back to the room so that we could get an introduction with him first before Corey came in. (MORE)


    Aaron explained that he graduated college but now had a bunch of school loans that he had to pay back. He said that a couple of weeks ago he found Broke Straight Girls on X-tube and was an instant fan. Aaron said that he was straight and has a girlfriend who doesn’t know about his past. I asked Aaron if he was up for bottoming in this shoot, if that would help him get on Broke Straight Girls. He said that it was fine if it got him with the girls, and we made a deal. That’s when Corey came in and I introduced him as the straight Republican who likes to shoot guns. Both the guys were ready to get started, and so I didn’t waste any more time talking. I asked them to take off their shirts first, and both stayed seated to do that. (MORE)


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  • kyler-zach-preston18

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I was getting ready to shoot my last scene in the old studio, before we completely get moved in and started at the new location. In preparing to do my last shoot, I wanted to go out with a bang, so in picking the guys that would give me some hot interaction that was going to make a shoot for the record books. I decided to put Kyler and Zakk together again, because so far their scenes have been very good that I wanted things to go to the next level. Adding to the duo team, I called in Preston who has been doing very well in the shoots and has been opening up to trying more and more with guys. All three of them were setup to come into the studio later on in the week. That day I had most everything packed up and ready to go, so really I was just waiting on the boys to show up. (MORE)


    When everyone was there I had them pack into the shoot room on the old futon, since I hadn’t had time to replace the one that Preston broke. All three boys knew to be prepared for anal and that I wanted the best show they could give me. The plan was that they each were going to make $1500 a piece, and I didn’t care what they did, and if they were straight, gay, or bi. Actually, I could tell that they were just as excited for this shoot as I was, but they like the idea of total control over what happens. The first thing I had them do was strip out of their clothes, and all the guys stood up in front of the couch and started with peeling off their shirts. After that their shorts came off, and all the guys had on some kind of boxers. Each of them was in very good shape, with nice abs, tone chests, and smooth skin. I didn’t have to tell them, the guys just went for their boxers and took a seat on the couch covering up their packages. (MORE)


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