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Monthly Archives: October 2009

  • cj-jc-mike27

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I decided to do another threesome scene, and so the three guys that I picked to work with one another were JC, CJ, and the fairly new Michael. On the day of the shoot they all knew that they were going to be doing anal, so there weren’t any complete surprises getting thrown at them. Starting with Michael who was on the right side of the couch, he is 19 years old, straight, has a girlfriend, and the shoot that he did before this one was an oral scene which he did great in. CJ was stuck in the middle, and he is always members favorite. I found out that he was on a break from school, and at night he spends his time serving tables at a local restaurant. The last one on the couch was JC, who was our lucky bi boy, who is down for whatever work I can throw his way. When it came to bottoming the only one who was going to do it was CJ, the other two boys were only interested in topping. I had the guys stand up in order to take off their shirts for the camera. (MORE)


    Peeling their shirts off over their heads they were left showing off their chests and all of them were in good shape. Especially, Michael who proved that he spends a lot of time in the gym. As the guys just took a seat back down on the couch, I asked them to go ahead and get down to their underwear for us as well. Returning to their feet, we soon saw that the straight boys were wearing white briefs while the bi boy was showing off some color. We went over the plan, so that they knew what to expect and the kind of show that I wanted. From there, I asked if they had any more questions before we got started, and they wanted to know how much money they were going to make. I asked them what they wanted, and CJ was the first to speak up with a grand a piece. I was fine with that, and so were the other boys. My only request was to give me a good show, and all of them had to get off at the end. Pulling their cocks out the boys leaned to the camera’s right and started sucking the guy next to them. Both JC, and CJ were the first to come out of their underwear. (MORE)


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  • blake-damien11

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    The two new boys that I paired up with each other are Blake and Damien, and it just so happened that they called me the same day looking for work. I arranged for them both to come into the studio at the same time figuring that I could run through the paperwork together and possibly look at doing a casting couch shoot. Blake was the 21 year old, gay boy that had the outspoken personality, while Damien was the 19 year old, straight boy motivated by money. After the paperwork was finished I moved them into the shoot room and decided that I would put them in front of the camera to see how they would react. I started with Blake, who seemed a little more open to the camera. He explained that has had sex with girls, and does so just for the fun of it. When I asked if he was seeing anyone he said no, that he was available. As for Damien, he said that he was open to new experiences, and very broke which was what lead him to this kind of work. He does have a girlfriend, who has no idea what he was about to jump into. This was going to be both of their first time on camera. (MORE)


    I explained to both of them, that due to time it would be much easier if I could put them in a jerk off scene where they just sit next to each couch. When I told them I would give them some money for doing the shoot, they seemed okay with getting started. Both guys stood up to get undressed and stripped off their shirts. From there they took off their pants leaving them in their underwear. While Damien was standing, I found out that he was 6 feet tall, has a size 10 shoe, a 6 and half inch dick, and before I let him take a seat back on the couch I had him show me his ass. When he turned back around I wanted just a quick peek at his limp dick, pulling the underwear down in the front he revealed his package to the camera. I asked Blake some of the similar questions so that people could get a better idea of his stats, he stands 5’8″, has a smaller shoe, a size 8, and said that his dick is 8 inches. To get a feel of how I might be able to use Blake in future shoots, I asked if he likes to top or bottom. He said that he can do either, but that he tends to bottom more. (MORE)


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  • drew-mike20

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought Michael (Mike) back for another shoot, because I wanted him to take things one step further than the last shoot he did. When Mike arrived at the studio I had him take a seat on the couch and figured we would talk until I confirmed that he would do what I had planned in the shoot. I asked Mike if he was ready for my surprise and he had no idea what I was going to ask him to do. Starting out I asked if he had been enjoying the money that he has been making and Mike responded that he has spent most of it on doctor bills and made a car payment. The last shoot he did was oral, and he admitted that giving head wasn’t that bad. I had him remind the members who he was, that he is 19, straight, and currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. Coming clean with Mike I wanted him to try anal sex, and when I told him I would pay him $1000 to have a dick up his ass he turned me down. Then, I offered for him to try doing the fucking and he still wasn’t all that excited about it. Going back and forth I could tell that he just really wasn’t sure about it. That’s when I decided to bring in Drew, and when I called out for him there was a knock at the door. (MORE)


    In walked Drew taking a seat on the couch and I explained all the different work that he has done since he started here with Broke Straight Boys. Introducing the two of them to each other, there was some awkwardness there, but the two of them shock hands. I explained to him what was planned for the shoot and Drew was down for doing anal. Knowing that this was going to be Mike’s first time fucking a dude, he did say that he would give it a shot. While I put on some new porn that I just got for them to watch, I asked them to get undressed down to their underwear. Both of them stood up and undressed at opposite ends so it was hard to get them both. Taking a seat on the couch they reached inside their underwear and started to play with themselves. As they worked on getting hard I noticed that Mike kept looking over to see how Drew was coming along. Last to come off was their underwear and when those came off Mike’s cock was pretty much a full boner. I asked Drew to go ahead and start sucking on it to get him as hard as possible. (MORE)


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  • aiden-torin-steve30-1

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I got a call from Torin and Steven saying that they wanted to move forward with shooting the anal scene if we could agree on the money they would make. We went back and forth about numbers and once we settled on $2500 a piece to have their first anal experience all that was left was to pick a day. The day of the shoot the straight boys showed up first and Aiden was only a few minutes behind them. I had the guys take a seat in the shoot room so that we could get started and hopefully get a lot of great fucking out of the shoot. When we started I mentioned that I was surprised that I heard from them, and that they would even consider doing anal. Torin has had a taste of the money that he can make for doing something outside his norm, and he would never want to admit that he might like some of what was going on. As for Steven he said that he likes the money as well, but he has started to open up to experiences. I was going to bring Steven in for work anyway just because I felt bad for his house burning down. (MORE)


    When I started to get into the plan for what was going to happen in the shoot, and that they were going to do fucking. I saw that our straight boys started to get a little nervous again. The price that we had settled on was $2500 a piece for the straight boys to have their first anal encounter on camera with a guy. Aiden was only going to make $500 for doing the scene, but he was going to get to enjoy most of the work as well. I knew this was going to be an interesting experience, and especially to see Torin open up more and not act like he had a dick up his ass. When I went through what each of them was going to do Aiden was obviously going to bottom, Steven was open to trying whatever, and Torin was only going to top. Once we had the fucking figured out I had the guys stand for me and start to get undressed. As they took off their shirts, Torin made the comment that if Steven started to get into guys that he had to leave. I was proud to see that Steven said that he wasn’t planning on staying there for long anyway, and I even made the comment thought I didn’t think he was gay. (MORE)


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  • aiden-torin-steve28

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought Torin and Steven back in for another shoot, because over the phone they wanted a chance at make more money. I had them arrive first and got them in front of the camera, and they wanted to see the blonde that I had in store for them. When I called blonde, there was a knock at the door and in walked Aiden. Right away, Torin and Steven started reacting and didn’t want Aiden to be there. I told them that I would pay the straight guys $500 to do the oral, and then Aiden was only going to make $300 for doing it. They told me no, but then Steven was the first to counter the offer and say that he would do it for $700. I told them yes, and then turned to Torin to see if I could get him in on the shoot as well. Torin was still upset that I said the shoot would be with a girl, and then Aiden took a seat on the couch. Aiden even put up some of his own money to say that if he is better than Torin’s girlfriend by the time they finish he would give Torin a hundred bucks. Starting to doubt the thought of the shoot being a threesome, Torin let out that he wanted a $1000 to do it. Once all three were on board we were good to get the shoot underway. (MORE)


    All three boys started to take off their shirts and two of them stood to strip them off, while Steven just remained on the couch to strip off his shirt. I told the guys that blonde’s name was Aiden, so that they would call him by name. Aiden dropped to his knees on the floor in front of Steven, who had his hands behind his head and claimed that he was going to keep his eyes closed throughout the oral. The gay boy pulled off Steven’s shorts and underwear exposing the straight boys cock. Steven jerked it a couple of times, but Aiden just took a hold of the dick and started to suck on it. I told Torin to look and watch what was going on that it wasn’t going to horrify him. Torin said that it was fantastic, and then I told him to take off his shorts as well. I noticed as the shorts came down that Torin was packing a hard on and that was my sign that he wasn’t all that effected by what was going on. Sitting down on the couch his dick was a lot more noticeable as it pointed to the side. I asked if Aiden could come over and suck on his dick, and Torin was a little testy. Especially, when Aiden tried to help with taking off the briefs, Torin wanted no help or extra contact. (MORE)


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