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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • Broke Straight Boys – JordanSeptember 30th, 2009


    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Jordan has been in a bunch of shoots for us on broke straight boys, but now I am going to take you back to the first time he set foot in our office. He came in for an interview appointment, and when he arrived he had to fill out all of our standard paperwork all the models go through. I took Jordan back into my office and turned on my camera to start getting him used to being in front of a camera. Jordan is from New Jersey, but was down in South Florida going to school working on getting a business degree. He shared that he hopes to one day open his own restaurant, but until then he has to work and finish school. Looking over the app some more, he mentioned that he’s straight, but said a little curious. When I had him tell me more of what he meant, he used an example of him walking down the beach he would admire guys and their bodies. As far as working out goes, Jordan said that he likes to go running every morning. I explained to Jordan that we do the shoots at our studio not too far away from the office. (MORE)


    We got into what kind of girls Jordan likes and he seemed to bring up MILFs, and his biggest turn on was their well developed boobs. Since he has been going to school down here he said that he likes the women. Jordan recently got fired from his job and hasn’t been able to find other work, so I told him how much he could make per scene and how we would start him out. He was excited to hear about the money, because he needed to come up with rent money or he was going to get kicked out. I asked Jordan to stand for me and I had him start by taking off his shirt. As he was peeling off his wife-beater his nice 6-pack abs showed for the first time. He showed them off to me, and then pointed out his biceps as well. Finishing stripping out of the rest of his clothes, it made me interested in seeing how big his dick was going to be. Right at first glance, his dick was uncut, hung, and he was ready to start getting it hard. I put on some straight porn for Jordan to watch and flipped the monitor around for him to see. (MORE)


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  • logan-fernando28

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    There happens to be an interesting story of how the shoot of Fernando and Logan came to be, and it all began with Fernando. He was a fan of the site following it on x-tube and one day while he was at school there was a familiar face in walking around campus. Later that night Fernando confirmed that it was Logan from Broke Straight Boys on campus. Watching most of Logan’s scenes, he became an instant fan and was curious if everything was true. Both of them were in the cafeteria one day, and Fernando followed him when he left. Cornering Logan, Fernando confronted him about the work, and found out that it really was him. They started talking about it, and that was when they called me up and Logan said that Fernando was interested in a shoot. Both of them came in and we started the scene telling that story. It was clear that Logan was freaked out by Fernando’s approach at first, just like he was a stalker. However, after they talked for a little while Logan was at ease being around him. (MORE)


    I knew that Fernando was at least bi or gay, so I had planned for them to do an anal scene. When I went over it with both of them, Fernando confirmed that he was bi, but never experienced anything with a guy before. Slowing things down so that Fernando didn’t get crept out, I told them that we would just do oral. I confirmed with Fernando that Logan is only with woman around campus, and he said yes. When I asked Logan if he considered himself a jock, he said no that he was just into soccer, but he was keeping in very good shape. Moving things along I told them to go ahead and stand for me to take off their shirts and pants. Both guys did and I tried to watch both, but I kept my camera on Fernando more with him being new. Bringing up the topic of pay I said that they wouldn’t make as much as we talked before because that was for anal, but then I had to go back and forth with Logan to set the price. I had both guys show their asses to the camera to get the party started, and then they took a seat on the couch to watch some porn. (MORE)


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  • jacob-jeremy55

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I decided to pair up Jacob and Jeremy together, just because they seemed to have a couple of things in common. In Jeremy’s solo shoot he told me that back in his home town he has been known as the converter. He got that name, because after the guys would have sex with him, they would come back for more and supposable they were straight. Jacob raised one eyebrow when he heard this and then we told Jeremy his story. About how Jacob happens to be engaged to a girl, and will do shoots with guys for pay. Jacob even said that he has been recognized in public a few times, and people have offered him money if he would sleep with them. Jacob turns them down, because he only does work in the studio and that is it. We moved on in the shoot deciding what the guys were going to do as far as anal goes. No matter what I wanted them to fuck, but the high hopes was that they would flip flop with topping and bottoming. Both guys stood up to get undressed taking off their shirts first, and then going for their pants. (MORE)


    I had Jacob show his ass to the camera, just because he has such a nice bubble butt. We even had Jeremy spank him on the ass once for fun, and then we had Jeremy show his ass as well. The guys took a seat and the first thing we had them do was work on getting hard. When it appeared that Jacob was close I had Jeremy start to give Jacob head. This was always one of Jacob’s favorite parts, because one time after a shoot he said that he can’t get enough oral. At one point Jacob was either turned on or just wanting to move on, because he pushed Jeremy back and told him it was his turn. Jacob got up and positioned himself down on his knees in front of Jeremy to suck his dick. He put the soft dick in his mouth and started to suck on it. Using his mouth Jacob was able to get Jeremy hard and Jeremy liked it, because he kept moving around and moaning. I had the guys switch places, so that we could get Jacob as hard as possible so that he would be able to fuck. From the facial expressions on Jacob’s face he was ready to do more. When I asked if he wanted to fuck Jeremy, I got an immediate yes and he hopped up to grab a condom. His boner was jumping all around and it actually was funny to watch. (MORE)


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  • shane-gino131

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Let me introduce you to Gino our 21 year old, broke straight boy from Argentina who is visiting the US to go to school on a swimming scholarship. I brought him into our studio to see if he could start out with a casting couch shoot and then from there I thought that I would look at pairing him up with some other models. When he arrived for his shoot, we got all the paperwork out of the way and then I moved him right over to the couch so that I could get to know him for the first time on camera. He explained why he was in the US, and that he loves to swim, and pretty much does that every night. Besides that he has a girlfriend here in the US that is a little older than him. His English is a little off, so I just had to reword questions sometimes so that he would get what I was asking. She told Gino that she would love to see him have sex with another guy, and that actually was his reason for calling us up. Not just doing it for the money, but he has never been with a guy before so wanted to get some experience before doing anything in front of her since this was her fantasy. (MORE)


    I told Gino that to start he was just going to do a jerk off scene and then from there we would look at pairing him up with another model. That we wanted to see what he looked like first, and then from there we would get a good idea with whom to pair him up with. He was ready to get started, so I had Gino remove his shirt. Underneath he had golden skin color, smooth, and a tone chest. He stripped down, out of the rest of his clothing and was left there naked on the couch starting to play with himself. That’s where we discovered that Gino was uncut, and it’s very rare for us to get an uncut guy. Thinking about it, Gino just maybe our first and he had a good size cock on him. As he played with his cock, it grew in size and stood straight up, but after a while he started going limp. He asked if there was any way that he could get some help, either by a guy or if his girlfriend could come down. I asked him what was up, and why he couldn’t get off for us. Gino said that it was just being in front of the camera for the first time that was making it so difficult. (MORE)


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  • shane-nu-chasen16

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I talked to both Shane and Nu on the phone about doing a shoot and that I would have a surprise for them if they did it. Both guys seemed to be interested in getting some work to make some easy money. We setup a time for them to come into the studio the next day for a shoot. When they arrived I had them take a seat on the couch and then I told them that I had another model that I wanted to introduce them to and that my hopes were that they would do anal. I called for the model to come in and in walked Chasen our stallion with a giant cock. The other two models just looked up at him. Taking a seat on end of the couch, I brought up that Chasen was going to top both of them and that Shane was going to bottom for the first time. Of course, Shane was starting to slowly build up to freaking out about a cock coming anywhere close to his ass. (MORE)


    Nu has bottomed for us before, but even he was freaking out when he heard from Chasen that he had an 8 and half inch, very thick cock. To prove a point I had Chasen stand and pull out his dick soft to show them. I told them that we would do a circle jerk thing, with some oral, but that I wanted to see them fuck at some point soon. I made all three stand and strip down so that we could do the scene. All three of them were straight, and wanted to do some work with girls. I told each one of them that I would work on seeing what I could do to make that happen. When I got to Nu he said that he was trying to talk his girlfriend into doing some work with our other site, that we have. When he told me that she was interested in doing some work, I told him that I would see about pairing them up together to do a shoot. Moving back over to Chasen his cock was pretty close to being fully hard, and I had him pull it out to show us. (MORE)


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