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Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • caleb11

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Meet Caleb a 21 year old college student that is on his last year of school getting his major in Psychology. During his casting couch shoot he shared that he finds different ways to come up with money on the side in order to get by while going to school. That was how he found us, with a little word of mouth and our site. He told me that he is straight, and has a girlfriend, who doesn’t know what he was doing to make money. I explained that he was just doing a little jerk off session for us, and then from there we would look at pairing him up with another guy. Caleb didn’t seem too excited for that news and said that we could talk money afterward. I had him stand for me, and as he took off his shirt he revealed a very muscular chest. Caleb did have a hairy chest, but it was neatly trimmed as to not hide his dedication to the gym. His 4 to 5 days a week in the gym really showed, and he said that he likes to play soccer and basketball. When he said basketball I couldn’t help, but question his height. That was when he told me that he was 5’9″, and his nipples were pierced as well. (MORE)


    Keeping Caleb going, I had him take off his shorts, to show the pair of boxers that he had on underneath. Making him turn around I had him show his ass to the camera, because from what I could tell there was some bubble there. Pulling the waistband down in the back, his muscular ass looked to be very firm from all his working out. We went over the different exercises that he does to keep in shape, and then I explained what was going to happen next. Taking a seat on the couch Caleb started to play with his dick to get it hard, while I was busy getting the porn on for him to watch. Turning around I found that he was pulling and stroking his cock over his boxers. Then, after a bit he stood up and dropped the boxers to the floor. I do have to say that Caleb was very confident and that made him put on a good show for us. Lifting one leg up onto the couch it made for a great view of his balls and even a peak at his tight, virgin ass hole. (MORE)


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  • shane-cj-logan11

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Sitting in front of me for the shoot was Logan, Nathan, and CJ to do another shoot to make some money. When I asked them if they knew why they were at the studio, they all started to mention they knew that sex was going to happen. I asked if they had any idea of which one of them was going to be bottoming and the fingers pointed to CJ who looked over at the lamp. Come to find out his opinion was that it was much easier to bottom than top, because you didn’t have to worry about being hard, or doing any of the work. Even though the answer was always going to be no, Nathan had no plans on ever bottoming for me. Logan on the other hand tried bottoming for another shoot and after experiencing his first time, he wasn’t ready to try it again just yet. Although for the money he said it was worth it. (MORE)


    To get the guys moving I had them stand up to take off their shirts, and I wanted them to be next to one another arm to arm. This way I could see them all in the camera to compare to one another. Bare chests showing, it was kind of funny that they were lined up from tallest to shortest. Just like a famous cell phone commercial. All the guys stripped down to their boxers, and Logan had on a pair of shamrock boxers for Saint Patrick’s Day. Taking a seat on the couch, I put on the porn and by the time I turned around CJ was hard and ready to get started with the oral. He just said that the sooner they got everything going, the sooner the fucking would be over with. Doing the Broke Straight Boys wave the guys do oral in one direction on the couch and then after a while switch and go back in the other direction. Nathan was the only one that didn’t know what the wave was. The guys were laughing and having a good time as blow jobs were going around. The guys on the ends of the couch gave Nathan shit for having to give head twice, but I told them that he at least got head from the both of them. (MORE)


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  • cj-austin14

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Recently the members voted on the site and said that they wanted to see Austin and CJ in a scene together. Broke Straight Boys recently incorporated a forum on the site where members can talk with one another, they can talk with other models, and can talk with me. One of the things that we did was had a charity auction and what we did was auctioned off the sheet that Austin and CJ were going to fuck and cum on. The big pay off was that we were going to have them autograph their cum stains. Plus, we sold their underwear that they were wearing as well, which they just found out about. All the money raised was going to be donated to a local no kill animal shelter in the area, and because of that Mark the bidder offered to double his payment. I went over the scene with the two boys and what they would be doing. CJ was going to make more money for bottoming, and I made sure that he was ready to take one of the biggest cocks he ever has taken here on Broke Straight Boys. Austin on the other hand was going to be topping and that meant that he was going to be making less money for taking the easy way out. (MORE)


    Both started to strip out of their clothes, standing up they took off their shirts, and went straight for their pants next. I explained to them that they both have done oral together before, so doing this shoot should be a piece of cake for both of them. My last request for them before they really got started with any action was that I wanted to see some passion. Right away, Austin fired off what kind of passion and I told him that I wanted to see kissing. CJ said no, and I approached him to get him to change his mind. I wanted him to explain his reason why not, and CJ said that kissing was the one thing that truly makes him connect with girls. So, by doing that he would be crossing a line that was a no, no for him. I respect him for his beliefs and dropped the kissing. Moving on I had them drop their underwear, and both guys took a seat on the couch. I told them to do their own thing I didn’t care who gave oral first or what position they did things in. Austin leaned over and took CJ’s cock in his mouth, who was already almost hard. CJ reached over and started to jerk Austin off at the same time. (MORE)


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  • kaydin-tom05

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Kaydin and Tom have known each other for six years and to top that off both have been laid off from work. With no money coming in they were quickly getting behind on their bills and wanted to find a way to make some money. They gave me a call and we discussed what I would be able to use them for. Both agreed to giving oral a try when they would do the shoot. We setup a date for them to come up to the studio. When both guys arrived they seemed a little tired, so I actually gave them some downtime to just chill and relax before we were to start doing the shoot. Taking a seat on the bed, Kaydin sat on the left side of the bed and Tom on the right. Going over an introduction we talked for a bit about what they have been up do, and were going to be doing in the shoot. (MORE)


    As I started to give them both instructions to get undressed, I could sense that they both were getting nervous about doing the shoot. This was going to be the first time that either one would give oral to a guy before. Getting undressed both of them started to take off their shirts, and of course Kaydin didn’t have much to do with his shirt already being half unbuttoned. When his full chest was exposed, he was HOT! Tan skin, tone chest, nice 6pack abs, and smooth all over. Tom’s chest was tan and tone as well, and he too had a nice stomach. I didn’t have to tell Tom to keep going, he went for his pants next. Kaydin was being a little shyer about things, but he stripped out of those to get caught up. Both guys paused when they got to their underwear thinking that I was going to give them a minute to get their dicks hard. However, I didn’t want to give them much time to think about things, just to do what I said. Peeling off their tight boxer briefs that they had on; their bare naked bodies were exposed to the camera. (MORE)


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  • logan-nathan27

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Nathan had been trying to get some more shoots, so that he could pay tuition and other things. I thought of all the guys that I could pair him up with and started making phone calls. I talked to a couple of models and finally left it as the first one to make a decision and call me back would get the work. The winner was Logan, so we went over the shoot and what all I wanted to happen. A day later the guys showed up for the shoot and Nathan was at the studio first, and as soon as Logan got there we got started. Both guys took a seat on the couch and we got right into talking about what was going to happen. Nathan was going to bottom again, and Logan was going to top. Nathan said that the next time he was going to fuck Logan as a form of paybacks. Now, the shoot was the very last thing for me to do for the day, so I was getting a little tired. The plan was that I was just going to let them do things on their own and I would film. Both seemed to be fine with that. (MORE)


    Starting with taking off their shirts as they stripped them off right away I noticed that Logan had a sunburn on his chest and it added some color to his skin. However, I am sure that it hurt a little bit as well. Continuing on with getting undressed, Nathan was quick to undress out of all his clothes. Logan took off his shirts, and then I noticed that there was some print on his boxers. He told me that they were bananas, and he stood up to take them off. Once they were both naked I told them that I would put on a video and it would be great to see them kiss. Logan said no way, kissing happens to be too intimate and fucking was fine. To get them going, I had Logan start with getting Nathan hard by giving him a blow job. Logan leaned over and put the cock in his mouth. He started to suck and was able to get Nathan hard in a short time. I had them switch things up and had Nathan give some oral to Logan. Even though Nathan was still learning how to suck cock he was doing a good job, because Logan was rock hard. (MORE)


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