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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • kevin-ben13

    These two boys are really broke. When I say really broke, I mean really broke. Just how broke are they? It’s probably best to let the photographer at Broke Straight Boys tell you,

    Let me introduce you to two new guys that we paired up to start together here on Broke Straight Boys. Kevin, who is 19, straight, has a girlfriend, and very broke. Sitting next to him on the couch was Ben, who is 18, straight, single, and broke as well. Starting with telling Kevin’s story he worked for a medical supply company, and they did a round of layoffs, and he was let go. Instead of spending his money slowly, he kind of shot right through it, leaving him in the situation he happens to be in now. Him and his girlfriend both live at home with their parents, and they would like to move in together to get their relationship to jump to the next level. When I asked him how he came across our company he said that he got word through a friend of a friend who talked about the money. Moving over to Ben, he said that he was working two jobs, helping out with the mortgage payment, and paying his car payment. When he lost his jobs, he wasn’t able to help with the house payment, and he wrecked his car. Now, Ben was just trying to pull through everything in order to try and keep the house and car. (MORE)

    So now you know how broke they really are. But, what did they do for the guys at Broke Straight Boys? Since this was a casting couch video they just did a jerk off video, but I am sure this is not the last that we have seen of these two straight boys.

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  • models3

    There are two new straight boys at Broke Straight Boys. Josh is 19 and broke as fuck. He showed up to do a “casting couch” video at the Broke Straight Boys studio, which meant he was suppose to do a solo jerk off video to see how he felt about doing gay porn. Within minutes of taking off his clothes and revealing a smooth, tan, shiny chest there was a knock on the door. Enter Josh, a model that showed up early for his shoot. Money talks and straight boys fuck. It didn’t take long for the guys at Broke Straight Boys to start offering some serious money to get these straight boys to go gay for pay on camera for the very first time.

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  • ej-bobby58

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Bobby called me up and told me that he wanted to do some work. We decided on a time for him to come by the studio for a shoot, and we talked a little more on the phone about his experience. When he showed up at the studio for the shoot I had him take a seat on our casting couch, and I went ahead and started rolling the camera. Bobby is 25, straight, and recently broke from moving into a new place. He has a girlfriend, and when I asked him if she knew that he was doing porn. His response was that she knew he was making money and that was it. Recently, Bobby tried to do some work with a local company that wanted some shoots. While he thought he was setup to do a girl shoot, they had him blind folded. That was when they had a dude come out and start doing all this stuff with him. They then took the blind fold off, and went back and forth to get Bobby to fuck the guy. However, after the shoot was over with they didn’t pay for doing it. After that experience it left him he a little nervous to do any more work, but he needed the money.

    My plan was to repeat what Bobby went through with the other company, just not … (MORE)

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  • models



    Mike is 19, 6 feet tall, 145 lbs, and broke. He is the latest straight boy to do a “casting couch” video at Broke Straight Boys. Since he recently broke up with his girlfriend, it was a no brainer for him to jerk his straight boy cock for some cash. Being a straight boy, he went right to the “pocket pussy” for some fun and jerked his straight boy cock with this “pussy” until he was shooting a load of cum all over his chest. What a hard day’s work this straight boy went through for $200!


  • jeremy-joe-jacob26

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought Joe back for another shoot, because he has only just begun to break out of his shell and experiment on camera. Only because he gets paid for it of course, and wants to make some money to pay his bills. Joe’s girlfriend still has no idea that he has been doing porn to bring in his money, and I think that he wants to hold out in telling her not knowing how she would respond. As I thought about it I threw out that maybe the two of them could do a shoot for to see if it would be something she would try. Anyways there was no way that Joe would cheat on his girlfriend with another girl, so that was when I brought up that I had the perfect plan for a shoot. I wanted him to fuck a dude, and that he would make $1200 for doing it. Hearing the dollar amount settled that decision and he was up for doing the shoot. That was when I had Jeremy come into the room. He took a seat on the couch, and I tried to see if Joe would let Jeremy fuck him. There just was no way that he wanted to take a dick in his ass. (MORE)


    The shoot couldn’t be too easy for Joe to do, so I told him that I had one more surprise for him. I had a third model that I wanted to bring into the shoot, and that was Jacob. All three guys had names that started with the letter J. Putting more pressure on Joe, I told him that he had to decide if the shoot was going to happen and all the guys had to give me a hot show to make $1200 around. Joe had done his first oral scene with a guy earlier in the week and did fine. The other guys gave Joe a hard time that if he couldn’t do the fucking that they would fuck him. I told them to go ahead and strip down to their underwear. All three guys stood up and as they got undressed I talked to them. Joe was our straight boy, Jeremy was our gay boy, and Jacob was our gay for pay boy. Once they were down to their underwear I had them take a seat and start playing with themselves to get hard. I put on a bi porn so that all of them would have something to watch in the porn that would turn them on. (MORE)


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