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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • models2



    This sure is a blast from the past at Broke Straight Boys. It looks like the guys at Broke Straight Boys dug up a video that they filmed a while ago. Makes me wonder how many hot straight boy films they have just waiting to hit the site that they don’t even know abaout. It’s probably best to let the photographer explain the story behind this one,

    I tend to put random shoots to the side making it a goal of mine to go through them every so often, and when I do I usually find something that I missed. For example, I found this week’s Broke Straight Boys update when I went through the pile. The shoot just so happened to be only a couple of months after Dustin started shooting here. The shoot just so happened to put Dustin and Nelson together. It was also one of Nelson’s first shoots as well. Watching the shoot was like going down memory lane. Nelson was 19, gay, and had a fetish for doing things with straight boys, he said that he used to get them drunk, put on some porn, and things would just start to happen. Nelson told me that he was versatile, and so I said that in the shoot we could do some flip-flop fucking. Dustin right away caught my comment and said no way he was going to do it. I told them that I would pay them $1200 and I wanted to see it all, including kissing. Dustin said he would be fine with the kissing if I paid him a $100 more. (MORE)

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  • anthony-mike38



    The gay cousins, Anthony and Mike, are back at Broke Straight Boys and this time someone is gonna get fucked! That’s right, they called Broke Straight Boys to see if they had some more work for them as they needed cash and they needed it real quick. This time the guys at Broke Straight Boys drove a hard bargain; they wanted these two cousins to have some steamy hot anal gay sex. Check out the pics and there is no doubt that there was some serious fucking going on. Click the link below to watch the full length video of these two cousins fuck and suck at Broke Straight Boys.

    >>> Watch The Full Length Video @ Broke Straight Boys <<<

  • lane-jason19



    Lane is one of the models at Broke Straight Boys that has a “story” behind him. It is probably best to let the photographer tell the story,

    Lane happens to be one of the toughest models I have worked with in a long time and really it’s his attitude that plays the biggest part. The story behind him was that he came to south Florida for a job, but when he got down here the job didn’t pan out. He was stranded with no money, no place to stay, and no ticket back home. While he was sitting at the train station trying to figure out something to do, he came across our wanted ad in the newspaper that just so happens to be sold at the train station depot. After he gave me a call, told me his story I told him what we did as a gay owned and operated studio. In talking about shoots, money, and what he would possibly be willing to start with. We made arrangements for me to go pick him up from the train station. Lane did some work for us, and seemed to be okay with some guy/guy interaction. After he made some money and tried figuring out what to do, he spent a couple nights in a motel, and then called me to see if I would let him crash on a couch. Quickly he realized that he could make some easy money if he kept doing the shoots, and saved up his money.

    As you can see from this video Lane is broke and in need of some quick cash yet again. Straight boy cocks get sucked and tight straight boy asses get fucked. It’s all in a day’s work at Broke Straight Boys.

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  • models2

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought back Corey our designer/makeup artist from, because he wanted to do another shoot for us. He loves the straight boys and getting them to do things that they wouldn’t tell anyone else they tried. I decided to pair him up with Derek, who has been with us before. He has a girlfriend, who has not find out where all the extra money has been coming from. Now, Derek has done a solo shoot, his first oral experience with a guy, and looked at taking things a step further. We talked about him doing a strap on shoot with a girl. Corey said that he would line a girl up to do the shoot, but right before the shoot she bailed. In the hopes that we could still make something happened, I just figured that we would supplement the dildo for a real thing with some more money. When I brought up my proposal to Derek he was not having it, he even threatened to leave. I found it fascinating that he would let a girl bang him in the ass with a strap on, but that he wasn’t going for the real thing. (MORE)


    Derek was very strapped for money and I knew that he needed to get himself out of a crunch, so if I just hit the right dollar amount that he had in his had in his head. We settled on him topping a guy instead of taking it for now. Once we settled on an amount I figured that we could bring in Tyler to do the shoot. I asked Derek what he spent his money on that he has made, and he said that he paid for Lasik surgery. To get started I had Derek strip down out of his clothes, and he was left standing there naked. Taking a seat on the couch, I told him to play with himself for a minute to get hard. I noticed that Derek still shaves his pubs, and that he has a tone body. While he was stroking I asked Corey if he wouldn’t mind helping Derek out with some head. Corey was excited at the chance, and so he stripped off his shirt and got down on his knees. Using his tongue, he licked Derek’s balls to get him turned on. Then, he took over control, and started to give head. It took no time for Derek’s cock to get hard as a rock, and about that time there was a knock at the door. (MORE)


    >>> Watch The Full Length Video @ Broke Straight Boys <<<

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    The guys at Broke Straight Boys have done something that they do every once in a while; pair a hot straight boy with a cute gay boy for some hot cock sucking action. Both of these guys are broke and it’s obvious that Giovanni, the cute gay boy, is getting someĀ  extra enjoyment by sucking his first straight boy cock. To make the shoot even more interesting, it wasn’t enough for Jordon just to get his straight boy cock sucked, he actually had to suck his first cock to get the cash. It looks like the guys at Broke Straight Boys are pushing the limits of the straight boys a little more and more every day.

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