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Monthly Archives: April 2009

  • logan-david19



    Come with an open mind. That is what the photographer at Broke Straight Boys told Logan to do when coming back to the studio for another shoot. Logan is totally straight and has done two videos for Broke Straight Boys; one was a solo and the other was a jerk off video with another guy. So, what does “come with an open mind” really mean when you are dealing with straight boys?It means that a straight boy is going to get his straight boy cock sucked. That is what it means.

    Logan agreed to get his cock sucked; but only by a girl. When the time came in the shoot for him to get sucked in walked David, a gay guy that dreamed about being with a cute straight boy. Logan is broke and needs money, so what choice did he have? It wasn’t long before David’s mouth was all over Logan’s cock. Each motion was bringing Logan one step closer to a climax until his body began to tighten up and his straight boy cum started to shoot. Every straight boy does have his price.

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  • tyler-danny-austin-screens8



    It happens several times a month; the hot straight boys from Broke Straight Boys travel around the country to various night clubs and bars. There is a new video on Broke Straight Boys that captures it all in action. In this video the guys are on a stage and a drag queen makes them take their underwear off. Imagine what it would be like to see straight boys cocks covered only by a towel and how those tight virgin asses would look like. Yummy!

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  • tyler-danny68


    The party continues at Broke Straight Boys. The boys are drunk, have a camera, and are just going fucking wild in hopes that they will get paid some nice cash for all their hard work. Check out this scene as Nelson is in the background jerking his straight boy cock while the other boys are fucking and sucking on the bed. Would you like to watch?

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  • models



    So, the party continues with the straight boys at Broke Straight Boys. The photographer at Broke Straight Boys has this to say,

    The group of guys, (Tyler, Austin, Danny, and Nelson) decided to go hang out at Nelson’s hotel room for a while after the club party for Broke Straight Boys. After arriving in the room, Tyler turned the camera on. He told all of them that they should make some more money doing another video that they could sell to me. All of them were a little too drunk to really comprehend anything. So, Tyler just started directing them around into what he wanted them to do. First, he had Danny move off to the side where he was just going to remain out of the way for the time being. Austin and Nelson were going to be in the scene together. Austin who clearly had one too many shoots was being a pain, but Tyler was handling it well from what I watched. Getting undressed the guys were standing off to the side of the bed, and Austin fell as he was taking off his pants. After they were completely naked on and on the bed, Tyler told Nelson to give Austin a blow job. (MORE)

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  • tyler-danny-austin422

    Tyler, Danny, and Austin sure know how to have fun at a party. As mentioned before the guys at Broke Straight Boys were going to throw a party for some of the models and while they left to do errands, the boys grabbed one of the cameras, had some drinks, and had a good time. Eventually, the party ended up in the bed.


    It is probably best to let the photographer explain the action,

    Kind of forming a line, all three of them then got in on the action. Austin started giving head to Danny, who was hard and loving the blow job. Tyler was sucking on Austin’s dick, keeping him going. They went for a while before switching and going in the other direction, so that Tyler could get some action too. All three guys were close to getting off, so they laid on the bed next to each other just stroking their own cocks. It wasn’t long before Austin was the first one to shoot his load just at the base of his cock. He was a little out of breath after that orgasm. Tyler came next shooting his load up his chest in several squirts. Danny seemed to be too hammered to get off with them, so they mimic what I would have said and that was that Danny only made half for not getting off. They hurried and got cleaned up after that in the hopes that I wouldn’t have found out what they did right away. Going to the party that night all the boys were center attention up on the stage, and did a little strip show for the members of the audience. The best part was when they had to loose their underwear and just hold a towel over their cocks for everyone to imagine their sizes. They had a great time afterwards and they wanted to go over to one of the other model’s place to hang out. I told them to take a camera or two with them when they went, and it was fine. (MORE)


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