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Monthly Archives: February 2009

  • Alex and his friend Shane needed some quick cash and decided to jerk their straight boy cocks for the cameras at Broke Straight Boys. Both were scared as fuck as they had never seen each other naked before and surely had never jerked off with each other before.

    Both soon got naked for some cash and sat down on the couch to get down to business. Some cash was offered and soon they were jerking each other off. More cash was offered and they were sucking each other’s straight boy cocks. Finally, $100 was offered to who could cum the soonest. It wasn’t long before one of these straight boys was shooting a hot load of cum from his straight boy cock. And the winner is…

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  • The newest straight boy at Broke Straight Boys is hot as fuck. He’s 19, a surfer, wears a 13 shoe, and packs a nice nine inch straight boy cock. He’s also broke and jerking off on camera for the very first time. This cute straight boy wanted to have some fun while making cash. First, he puts a lube bottle next to his cock, just to “compare” size. Yes, he either does have nine inches or lube bottles have gotten smaller. Then he tries to suck his own cock. It should be easy, right? He’s over six feet tall and has a cock longer than a lube bottle. Maybe. Maybe not. One way to find out is to download his video and 100’s of other straight boy videos at Broke Straight Boys.

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  • Alex is 22, straight, and broke. He recently got laid off from his construction job and is in need of money to bring his girlfriend down from New York City. This is where Broke Straight Boys comes in. They offered him enough cash for a solo jerk off scene to allow him to bring her down from NYC.

    One thing about Alex that you just can’t overlook is that he has a lot of tattoos on his straight boy body. He also likes to trim his pubic hair, as he says he just does not like the look of body hair. Since this was a casting couch video, Alex only did a solo jerk off video. Soon after he dropped his pants, he was jerking his straight boy cock with intensity to reveal all eight hot inches. At one point he used both both hands to pump his dick. Next came the pre cum, then finally he shot a nice load of cum all over his chest. Another day. Another straight boy. It all happens at Broke Straight Boys, where every straight boy has his price.

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  • Straight Boy Kyle Jerks OffFebruary 12th, 2009

    Kyle is 19, straight, and very broke. He is also the newest straight boy to jerk his straight boy cock in front of the cameras at Broke Straight Boys. Just like the 100’s of other hot straight boys before him, Kyle got offered some nice cash to jerk off on camera for the very first time. He admits that he has gay friends, but says he has never fooled around with any guys before, but he does seem open to the idea if the cash right.

    The video that Kyle did was a “casting couch” video to see how he felt in front of the cameras, and hopefully come back for more work. Remember he did seem open to the idea of fooling around with other guys. Kyle took his clothes off to reveal a nice toned straight boy body with some hot tattoos. Once on the couch, he started to jerk off his cock and it was rock hard hard in no time at all. In no time at all he was stroking his cock with intensity, his breathing changed, his muscle tightened up, until he let out a huge moan and cum started to… You know what happened next. It is true, every straight boy does have his price. It will be interesting to see what “price” this cute straight boy has to do some hot man on man sex.

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys writes,

    Troubling times are hitting everyone and it’s clear that people are searching out ways to make extra money. My phone rings off the hook from people that are interested in seeing what they have to do to make some money doing porn. A lot of times people apply with us, answering a bunch of questions, and then send us some pictures of themselves. After that, we contact the ones that seem like they would work out and see if we can setup some kind of casting couch shoot. Well, Shane was one of the guys that called me last week. (MORE)

    I made sure to tell Shane that he was just going to do a casting couch shoot where he would jerk off for us and make $200. Than, if he was comfortable we would look to have him come back to do a shoot where he would get his cock sucked. He seemed like he was ready to get started, so I told him to take off his shirt. Peeling it off, he threw it on the floor, and waited for my next order. I told him to stand up, and looking over his body he had a good tan, and seemed pretty tall. Shane said that he was 5’11”, and had on a pair of nice shoes. I asked if he had any tattoos, and he had a couple on his body. (MORE)


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