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Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • Straight Boy Cum ContestJanuary 31st, 2009

    The guys at Broke Straight Boys recently took some hot straight boys on a camping trip; and what a trip it was. They pitched their tent, drank some beer, talked about all the hot girls they had sex with, and just did what a bunch of straight boy normally do in the outdoors. Of course the guys at Broke Straight Boys paid them some good cash to suck, fuck, and jerk off. What really made this video hot was the ending. They just had to make it fun by having a contest to see who could shoot their hot straight boy cum on a beer bottle. Cum was flying everywhere as the boys were trying as hard as they could to get their hot straight boy cum on the bottle.


  • Two Straight Boys FuckJanuary 29th, 2009

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys writes,

    I decided to bring back Drew to do a shoot with us. When he arrived I started out with him on the couch, and had him remind the viewers a little bit about himself. Drew is 19 years old, bi-sexual, and happened to be on his third shoot with us. He has done a solo scene, and then an oral scene. At the time of the oral shoot he didn’t want to go as far as doing anal, however for the shoot that I brought him in on doing I wanted him to go that far for us. When we talked on the phone to setup the shoot and I told him that I really needed something more to happen or I just wouldn’t be able to give him more work. His response was that if he got to pick the person than that would seal the deal. I asked him if he had someone in mind to pair him up with and he said Corey. (MORE)

    Calling Corey into the room he took a seat on the couch next to Drew and confirmed everything. I ask Drew if he ever had girls play with his ass before, and he said yes. However, this was going to be the first time for a dick to actually go into his ass. As soon as we got pay out of the way, the two boys were ready to get started. I had them start with taking off their shirts. Drew was the first one to get down to his underwear, and Corey was soon to follow. Both reached inside their underwear to play with their dicks to get them hard. After a few minutes I asked Corey if he would give head to Drew, and he didn’t put up a fight. Leaning over he took Drew’s cock in his mouth, and got the cock rock hard from the oral. In switching, Drew seemed to be a little better at giving the head, and was deep-throating most of the time. Corey seemed to be watching Drew give him head most of the time, and when Drew’s head would get in the way Corey would tilt his head in the other directions. The two seemed to be hitting it off really well, and so when I asked if they were ready to start fucking I got a… (MORE)

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys writes,

    I knew just how broke Sebastian was after our first solo shoot with him. I told him we are always willing to pay more if they are willing to give more. He became even more desperate for money after having his new bike stolen (a Honda CBR600RR – let me tell you, he looked fucking hot riding it after we were done with his first shoot). He had no insurance on it and is left with the payments and nothing to show for it. On top of that, I told him we pay for referrals so in the end, this was the perfect situation – for everyone.

    So in comes Alex – one of Sebastian’s friends who was in need of some cash as well. And so began the wonderful test – just how desperate were these boys? You know the drill (and the boys should too!), one small step at a time… and after every step dangle that extra $100 dollar bill in front of them to take it just a little further. (MORE)

    Like I said – what a perfect situation: The first step was getting them to jack off while next to each other. Next was getting them to jack-off each other- That alone was almost too hot to handle (seeing Sebastian stroke another guys cock – yeah, very nice). Baby steps now…. baby steps. After the promise of more money did we convince them to give each other head. Both Alex and Sebastian have such nice dicks and seeing those hard cocks pleasured from each other, I almost came just filming it. After that?? Well – I won’t spoil too much for you but I guarantee you it’s fucking hot. (MORE)

    So in the end, money well spent. Sebastian didn’t seem too thrilled with the situation he found himself in, but he was grateful for the chance to make some much needed money. Hope you enjoy the shoot… I know that after writing this I’m feeling the need to jack off to these boys once more. (MORE)

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  • Jason, who has done several videos, is back at Broke Straight Boys. This time he was teamed up with members favorite Dustin. The plan was for Jason to bottom and get paid more for it than Dustin. Dustin wanted nothing to do of someone else getting paid more, so after some negotiations, the price was agreed and the action began. Straight boys drive a hard bargain when it comes to having sex with other hot straight boys, but the guys at Broke Straight Boys don’t seem to have a problem paying top dollar for hot straight boy sex.

    Both the boys began the shoot by talking on the couch about things that interest straight boys; mainly having sex with girls. It wasn’t long before these two straight boys were naked with rock hard straight boy cocks. Eventually Jason started sucking Dustin’s cock with nice smooth motions. A condom goes on Dustin’s cock and Jason just stares at it wondering what it is going to feel like going in his tight straight boy ass. It didn’t take him long to find out what a dick felt like in his ass. Does every straight boy have his price? After watching this video, that question is answered. Every straight boy does have his price. Enjoy!

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  • I can’t think of a better way to start a weekend than watching some free videos of the hot straight boys at Broke Straight Boys. Every day they find hot boys in need of cash and film them sucking, fucking, and jerking off for the first time on camera.



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