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Monthly Archives: November 2008

  • Scott may have fucked ass before, but never another guy’s ass. That is for damn sure. The guys at Broke Straight Boys asked him to name his price. They settled on $1200 for him to have sex with a guy. The only condition was that he had to have some hot anal sex this time. Meet Gavin, a “bi-curious” straight boy. Don’t we all love them? He agreed to get fucked both on his back and doggie-style.

    The action begins with some hot cock sucking as Scott rams his cock in and out of Gavin’s mouth. Gavin’s instant hard on is proof that he is enjoying this as much as Scott is. It didn’t take these straight boys long to get down to business and start fucking like crazy. True to the deal, Gavin got fucked pretty much every which way but loose. It wasn’t long before cum was flying out of both of these straight boys’ cocks. Straight boy cum. Beautiful.

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  • He’s got the straight boy looks. The straight boy attitude. The straight boy body. The straight boy tattoos. He’s even got a really nice straight cock. So, what the fuck is this straight boy doing on a gay for pay porn site? He was broke and needed some cash. How far will he go as he keeps getting offered more and more cash? Only one way to find out – Download the full length video of this hot, hung, and horny straight boy and find out for yourself.

  • Five Straight Boy OrgyNovember 17th, 2008

    Take five hot straight boys on a hiking trip and what do you get? A five man orgy done Broke Straight Boys style, that’s what! It didn’t take long for these five hot boys to get down to their underwear and start jerking their cocks to full erection. Soon, they all had raging hard-ons waiting to be sucked. What a great sight it is to see five hot straight boys sucking each other off at the same time. It only got better as the guys decided to get a little brave and do some hot man on man sex. You will love the finale of this one as they all played a game to see who could shoot their load in a beer bottle. And the winner was…

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  • Dustin is a straight boy with a semi-toned body, a nice tan, and a neatly trimmed happy trail that leads to his cock. But, he has one major problem; he needs cash and he needs it quick. The guys at Broke Straight Boys tried to convince him to get fucked by two other hot straight boys. Dustin wanted no part of that, he did agree to fuck them if the cash was right.

    After the straight boys got “relaxed” on the couch the action began. Dustin got his cock served by the two other straight boys. It wasn’t long before one of the boys had his virgin ass ready for Dustin to start fucking. After a nice slow fuck, Dustin was ready for his next victim’s ass. It wasn’t long before the deep moans began as Dustin entered his second virgin ass. What real straight boys do for cash can only be seen at Broke Straight Boys.

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  • A fleshlight saves the day. That is pretty much what happened with these two boys at Broke Straight Boys. Jeremy is gay. Joe is straight. The deal was to get Joe to fool around with Jeremy, but he didn’t want any part of it. Enter the fleshlight. After Joe tried using it, he felt really good. Eventually he let Jeremy jerk him off with it as well. After a little convincing, Jeremy was jerking him off with his hands and Joe was leaning back enjoying every minute of it.

    It didn’t take long for things to get a little out of hand. Both boys were jerking each other off and sucking like crazy. Amazingly, Joe was loving every minute of it. So, how does it all end? Let’s just say that both boys were competing for $100 to see who could should the soonest. Unfortunately, neither of them could use the fleshlight for that “helping hand”.

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