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Monthly Archives: October 2008

  • There is nothing better than having a “bi-curious” boy fool around with his straight classmate. It’s a fantasy that we have all had at one time. How big is his cock? Does he moan when he shoots? What does his ass look like? Does he like to have his nipples touched? Does he tense up when he gets ready to shoot a hot creamy load of cum? Broke Straight Boys finds out the answers to this fantasy almost every day.

    Dexter, a bi-curious cutie, got to find out the answers when he and his friend did a porn shoot for the guys at Broke Straight Boys. Both him and his buddy Malachi needed some extra cash and were pushed to the limits for $500 in cold hard cash. Of course his buddy was nervous about doing much. But after Dexter sucked his buddy’s cock for the first time, Malachi seemed to get into it and actually seemed to enjoy sucking Dexter’s cock. It’s obvious that Dexter is bi-curious as he kept looking at his buddy while jerking off. They were small glances at first, until his buddy released his hot load of cum. This is one straight boy that really knows how to shoot as cum was flying above his shoulder and all over his chest. One hot load after another.

    See just how far this straight by really shoots by watching the video here.

  • Have you ever fooled around with your cousin? If you answered yes, then you know how these two straight boys feel. Anthony and Mike are cousins and had messed around once before by jerking off together on a hiking trip and did a little oral. The guys at Broke Straight Boys paid then some cash to see how far they would go together in front of the cameras.

    Both have very big cocks (it must run in the family). It didn’t take long for them both to get down to their underwear with raging hard ons. They took turns sucking each others cock and finally got in a hot 69 position. Did they do more or was this as far as they would go?

    Watch the full length video at Broke Straight Boys and see how far these cousins were willing to push the limit.

  • There is nothing hotter than watching two guys take turns jerking each other off until the other guy cums without touching his own cock. That is unless they are both straight, then it is hot as hell. That is the case with Alden and Robert, two straight roommates, that got talked into fooling around at Broke Straight Boys for some quick cash.

    Don’t expect any amazing blowjobs here. Both gave it the “straight boy” try, but you know how that always seems to turn out. What you can expect are some real tense moments as these two hung straight boys try and overcome the nervousness with fooling around with a guy for the first time and having the cameras capture every moment. Watching each of these boys tighten up as the cums starts to shoot while the other is jerking him off is just priceless.

    Download The Full Length Video – Click Here!

  • Ace learned one lesson real fast; don’t swear at your boss or you may find yourself short of cash and posing for a gay porn site. The guys at Broke Straight Boys offred this cute “straight-curious” guy with a hot bubble butt some cash to get naked and jerk off for the camera for the very first time. Once he started jerking his cock to the porn playing, it became obvious that his eyes were wandering to the “guys” on the video. He swears he has never been with another guy, but it looks like that may change real soon. Stay tuned…

    Watch straight boy Ace shoot his load at Broke Straight Boys.

  • Cute Boy AldenWe added an extra update for all you Broke Straight Boys lovers! Alden was added as a bonus update today from our normal weekly update every Friday. Let me tell you a little about Alden. He is 21 years old, straight as has a dorm mate which he invited to make some extra money. The economy has been a bit slow from his normal job, which he would not tell us… But he needed some extra money to pay for his school. Both of them filled out the paperwork pretty fast and moved on to the couch. His friend was very outgoing just turned 18 and has a girlfriend; let’s hope she does not see this website

    Stay turned for more, I just have a feeling that next month Alden might be back. I won’t give you all the details of the video but someone enjoyed it a little too much!

    Check out Broke Straight Boys today!

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